Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Rainy days

Well, all this rain we are having is positively 'delicious', despite being unseasonal. I'm a sucker for stats and a stalker of weather sites (love this one... my screen saver... pathetic really... get a life A-M ) and apparently this has been the wettest, hottest and most humid February (ok, well now it is March) in ages.

 We have 'growth'

Our plants are loving the rain and are thriving (unheard of in my gardening history... never one for keeping plants alive). Our tanks are full (albeit with rather yellow water....... given up on 'white whites' with tank water in this house) and so are our dams, so we will head into Autumn in a good 'aqueous state'! If you could call our Autumn, 'Autumn'. I would love to experience real seasons.... after being glued to the Olympics over these past few weeks.... I rather fancy Canada... one can dream. Living in a colder climate is one of our long term family plans. Well we have one deciduous tree in our garden that just can't work out what to do.... "it's stinkin' hot but theoretically Autumn... do I drop my leaves? or do I just look dead for a few more months and then it will be hot again and I won't have to drop a thing"? Roll on colder weather. I might even get to use my fireplace for more than 2 days this year! I'm rambling... just made this all up on the spot just now..... a bit distracted.....

........I have been sitting here this morning, with my little one, blogging, rambling, sipping coffee, watching the rain and listening to him read Andy Griffith's 'Just Disgusting', out loud to me.... it's disgusting.... boy heaven!
Now it's time for school. Have a happy day!
A-M xx


  1. I adore these 'ramblings'. We enjoy the four seasons here- but right now I could really use some warmth. It's just damp and cold here today. Your day sounds perfect for that wonderful windowseat with a little one nearby.

  2. I know rain is such a welcome relief from all the humid and hot weather. it has turned quite cold here all of a sudden, although the afternoons are beautiful and full of sunshine. Evenings are back to being chilly and we are already lighting the fires! have a good day! KG

  3. As you head in to Autumn we are gearing up for Spring! Glad you've had lots of rain, it does keep the plants happy, and it just makes the sunny days that much more special! I'm also glad you were able to sit, ramble, blog, and listen to your little one this morning before school, those are special times!

    Kat :)

  4. Isn't it great when you know your plants are being looked after by nature!
    The 4 distinct seasons are what I miss most about New Zealand (and the absence of large bugs) and I feel a bit sad that my kids won't remember the trees getting naked or being able to tell them they'll get piles if they sit on the cold concrete.

  5. I think we need you to send some of that glorious rain over this way - don't know how many days we've gone without barely a drop and this heat over 35 degrees is starting to bother me!! Your plants are looking great, so lush and green and you can see they've really taken off. Great job! Love that little window seat. I'd love to sit there and blog away watching the rain. Kids love Andy Griffiths - I used to read his stories aloud to my class when I was teaching and have to admit, found myself laughing out loud at his stories too - my fave was always Just Annoying and the stories 'The Jaffa' and 'Singing In The Shower With Andy' were hilarious - have your little one read those aloud - I guarantee you'll find it hard not to laugh!! x

  6. I reckon Quebec would be up your alley, A-M ... cool climate, seasons & all things French. Otherwise try, just a little closer to home, the New England area in NSW or the best city of all, Melbourne!

  7. Hi A-M, so glad someone is getting the rain. Amanda mentioned our dry spell, and at last count, I think it was over 3 months without a drop of rain, and the gardens and dams need it for sure!
    My oldest has been entertaining us also, following me around the house, reading her new books out loud... I love it, it's like I'm reading while I work!!

  8. Your plants are looking fantastic. You can send some rain our way. From what I have heard you have a lot more rain on the way. We have the colder weather at the moment but no rain!
    Nellie xx

  9. Hi A-M
    Well I could really do with summer lasting a bit longer.. it has actually been cold.. or cooler.. these last few days.. March 1st and they turn off the heat!!! Was thinking of heading up QLD for a vacation but keep hearing about all the rain.. nice.. but not beach weather... enjoy your moments!! xx Julie

  10. Well A-M the chill we had in the air this morning, gone within an hour and the remainder of the day, warm and humid. Not much difference in Sydney, with Summer/Autumn you may need to try Melbourne or Tasmania.
    Your garden looks beautiful.Cheers

  11. The grass is always greener. Try visiting NZ in June especially the south island that will certainly give you a cold fix. As for me, I could do summer all year. I dread the 3 months, June, July, August when the grass is so sodden and muddy and nothing grows and my washing machine and dryer go into overdrive trying to clean muddy soccer and rugby uniforms and don't even get me started about watching sport at 9am on a frosty morning when the temperature is still in single digits!

  12. It is getting cold ~ I went looking for my slippers today, I found 1 then gave up I am now wearing my husband's ha ha !I think the damp & my cold is making my brain a little soggy...Cate
    p.s love the garden

  13. Sounds like a lovely morning. And your front garden - talk about curb appeal.. Thanks too for your ongoing encouragement! Rachaelx

  14. Send some rain over here A-M, still stinking hot and driving me nuts! As an ex- farmer's wife i share your love of weather info, hehe. I'm always the one in the office who checks the radar images during winter before heading to site!

    i was thinking that after doing a summer OS trip last year we might do a winter one this year - feels like ages since we've been skiing and the olympics are really making me itchy to go again.

    hope you're feeling a bit better! julesxx

  15. Those plants do look super healthy A-M....nothing like a bit of rain, xv.

  16. Your front entrance turned out beautifully! I remember the post when you got the pots. It is so pretty.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  17. A-M they are all growing so beautifully..I cant believe they are the same plants you potted..good skills! Your little men are just adorable...and sound like they are great company...a nice little comfy spot to read too :) x

  18. hehehhe, my hubby keeps a record of the daily high and low temps. We then enters them onto a graph. Weatherzone and BOM are always open when he is home. Radar is good for knowing when I need to get my washing in.

    Good that you've had some rain, we desperatly need some down here. Flooding is not good though, my Mum works at Woollongabba and her car got flooded a few weeks ago :(


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