Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Coffee Break

Image Courtesy Kitchen Bath Ideas

I'm not one for too many overhead kitchen cupboards but, as a separate coffee prep nook, I think this is as pretty as a picture and works perfectly. Straight to the 'Next Kitchen Inspiration Folder'. I love how they have tied the stools in with the wall colour too.... oh and all the joinery and moulding (deep, deep sigh).... and the dark counter tops....... and floors.....and handles. Yep, all good.

Still pouring with rain here. A good day for some serious paper work and some serious coffee.
Have a great day!
A-M xx


  1. What a great idea... i have an area like this, kind of hutch like and I never quite know what to do with it... this might be a very good idea?!

  2. I like this, the white wood and the black top and handles, very nice.

    I loved that post by your son, what a lovely boy.

  3. That really is lovely, all the detail works beautifully together. And I just adore the 'coffee prep nook' in your kitchen. Speaking of overhead cabinets, I took the doors off mine the other day and I think they look much better..Rx

  4. Hello!
    I love your house is really beautiful everything is developed with attention to detail
    I admire, I admire ...
    beautiful corner lot
    I greet you a warm welcome ((:

  5. I love this, we hope to build a wet bar area off of our kitchen one day and this is going straight into my inspiration folder for that project! Thank you!

    Kat :)

  6. What a wonderful space. We have a small coffee station, but not like this! In the morning, it's the most important area in our home. We need everything within easy reach... and quickly! I am thinking another fabulous home design in your future.

  7. This is so pretty that I may have to start drinking coffee! Steve would love a dedicated coffee area. I always hide his coffee pot in the cupboard. It drives him crazy!

    Hope the rain stops soon A-M.


  8. Oh the joinery, the stuff of obsessions. Just gorgeous.


  9. I like the idea of having a little nook for tea and coffee making. What a lovely example :) Enjoy your day A-M x

  10. Hi A-M,
    I am not a lover of overhead cupboards either but do love the all in one coffee nook pic. Beautiful moulding and dark bits too- floors and counters.
    Thanks, enjoy the rain today, I am!

  11. Oh you must send some of that rain over to Perth and north, I hear there are forest fires. I love the idea of the cupboards, dark countertops and handles for a 'next kitchen'. I'll send you a picture of my parents kitchen sometime!

    Olympics are over and I'm sad but our athletes are returning home to a rockstar welcome! I'm glad you could catch as much of it as you could. I'm anxiously awaiting your visit!

    XO, Andrea

  12. What a lovely idea - I am having a small kitchenette upstairs and this is a much better idea than just having the bench with everything on show! Definately one for the keep for later folder!

  13. That's a perfect little nook!

  14. Thanks so much for the lovely comments. I'd love a purpose built coffee nook - maybe next house. Cheers Anita

  15. Hi A-M!
    Ooh, beautiful picture!
    I love that style, and i love your blog... It's amazing!
    Have a lovely day dear!
    xoxo alice ♥

  16. I love this as well. I have a thing for glass-fronted cabinets so this little coffee prep area definetly gets my vote.

  17. How funny, I was just feeling like a coffee, and looking at that nook, I can almost smell it brewing! It really is a lovely design, and I agree on the floors, tops and handles... All good!

  18. I love this photo, love everything about it, the colours, the stools, the cupboards and handles. I think we need to move to the US......


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