Monday, March 1, 2010

Congratulations Canada

Hubby and I could not start work this morning until we had watched every second of the men's ice hockey final. Woah, what a nail biting finish... in extra time. I had my hands over my face the whole time... peeking through my fingers! I have never heard my hubby scream so much during a sports match.... and he is a soccer fanatic. Congratulations Canada!
A-M xx


  1. You should see us (hear us) watching semifinals Canada and Slovakia!
    Neighbors were pretty confused what’s going on in our normal and quiet household.
    Well... Well Done Canada!

  2. Thank you on behalf of all Canadians! (I hope my fellow countrymen don't mind me making a collective acceptance!)

    We are PUMPED, THRILLED, and ECSTATIC!!!! Thanks to you and your husband for your support! :)

    Go World! :)

  3. Wasn't that something? I think it is the way it should be- such a good ending to a fabulous two week adventure. Congratulations Canada.

  4. Great game...and of course Canada owes much of it to Steve Yzerman (former Detroit Red Wings captain extraordinaire :)

  5. My team was USA so I am a little disappointed but silver is nothing to be upset about. xo, MB

  6. Always fantastic when the host nation wins a gold in the favoured, shall I say obsessed sport. Well done to Canada on the win and a great Olympics, I just loved watching.

  7. Thank you! It was nail biting wasn't it! We were jumping up & down. I got so distracted I forgot to put dinner in the oven. btw... love your blog!

  8. HI A-M,
    We Canadians are over the moon. I could barely watch the game.

    Thanks for the kind words !

  9. Ha, sounds just like our household last night, hubby is Canadian, kids are American and I am German, lot's of shouting, yelling and me blogging..... LOL!

    Love your little entry, a typical morning here as well!

    Wish we had it a bit warmer though!


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