Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Extreme Parenting

I picked up my boys from school yesterday and 'youngest' looked like he had had a tub of yoghurt (Aussie spelling for you US folks) thrown at him. There were yoghurt stains on his hat, shirt, shorts... even his little socks. "How did this happen? Why is your whole uniform absolutely filthy? I asked. Standard boy answer.... "I don't know" (actually it was quite an emphatic "I have absolutely no idea Mum"). Hmmm, I knew he was lying.

After a severe session of 'motherly threats', turns out that he has been eating his yoghurt at lunch WITH HIS FINGERS (NO SPOON)... HE DIDN'T EVEN DO THAT AS A BABY!!!!. Being of scientific persuasion, knowing the actual bugs that inhabit his fingers (personally... on a first name basis), I was beyond mortified, and as no horrific 'E.Coli death stories' seemed to fluster him........ I made him eat his dinner with his fingers..... all of it....... no cutlery. Roast Chicken. Veges. Gravy.

Oh he was stoic! Still non flustered, the only thing that struck fear and panic in his little heart was a 'straight to the blog' threat... so here it is... our dirty family secret. My sweet, little angel-faced boy is not so sweet and angelic. Where is this in the 'How To Bring Up Little Gentlemen Manual'?
Beyond mortified I am... still.
A-M xx

P.S. See Katrina you are not alone in your boy challenges!


  1. Little sweetheart. He's trying something new. And why not? Therein lies an enquiring mind - ready to look at life laterally and all the many things it has to throw at him. Cut him some slack. He's a scientist in the making. :)

  2. Hello!
    So this is really the chłopcami.Ja about it only convinces (;
    Because my son is only three and a half years
    The daughter was quite different quiet calm and polite always clean about anything I did not have to worry about ((;
    And Boris constantly invent something (;
    I greet you cordially and wish you all the way parents and patience to their beloved children

  3. sittng here in the blazing easterly sunshine (it's just after 7am) I can just make out the screen to read your post.

    broke out laughing over the 'straight to the blog' threat...
    (my son is like your #1, and there were no blogs then)

    but A-M I have to tell you, mama you aint seen nuthin' yet.
    cause Boys will be Boys. and if #1 son is not the ice breaker then #2 is going to be.
    On a serious note: the 'thrills' of parenting are about us growing as people, while they grow up.
    I predict some fascinating Parenting Posts.
    but oh you have to laugh....
    Jane of


    blog as weapon. i LOVE it! xoxo.

  5. My almost 3 son eats yoghurt with his fingers. He has just started doing it. He gets so messy and laughs and laughs so I laugh too.

    And then I get slightly angry whilst I am cleaning up the mess. Must be a phase they go through. It will be interesting to see if your son now stops doing it!!

  6. As the mum of a quite-a-bit-older son, all I can say is hold on to your hat! And I would say that his yoghurt antics would make him quite the man at school.
    Gotta laugh though (just not when they can hear you!)
    Kerri x

  7. A-M if it's any consolation in Grade 1 & 2 I seemed to be going through pants like crazy and when my mom found out I was doing "bum-breakers" (hanging my butt over the edge of the merry-go-round and stopping it with said body part) she was fit to be tied and said it wasn't something a young lady does. We have all been there before, girls and boys. Thank heavens for the patience of parents ;)!

    XXOO, Andrea

  8. You might be on to something here...the straight to the blog threat just might work with my two boys.

    Thanks for the tip, tee-hee.

  9. Haha, too funny...sorry A-M for laughing. I do, in fact, feel your pain. My son still has his yoghurt sans spoon, he just drinks it down, it's faster that way. Eating is necessary for survival and that's about it. At 16, his table manners could use some brushing up but his character is intact. Hope that's some encouragment for you:o)

  10. I love it!

    Gosh! I wish that was the worst thing my boys had done in the past.

    Along the same lines, but worse.... my little masters 3 and 4 (at the time) thought it would be funny to ride their trikes through the dog poo (after I had told them to stay away from it while I could clean it up).

    When hubby got home turned the car into the drive just as it happened and I was crying (I was about 10 months pregnant at the time) he said quote "you want to play in the dog poo, you can play in the dog poo" end quote.

    Then he made them sit there for 5 mins in the dog poo mess.

    Well they have NEVER attempted anything like that again but when ever either of them see dog poo I think I see them start to twitch.

    I'm with you, better to teach them a lesson than rant on telling them not to do it again. It stays with them longer!

    Thanks for sharing!


  11. Oh good for you - a Mom that isn't the least bit afraid of being the disciplinarian and leader of the household. But oh my-that sweet face.

  12. LOL A-M, 'blog as a threat'I love it!! Hope it worked and he comes home with a nice clean uniform today!! Just remember to take 3 deep breaths:)~ Tina xx

  13. That face! As strict as I am, I have trouble keeping a straight face when they look so cute being naughty! Rachaelx

  14. If this is the worst of his naughtiness, you are so lucky! He is still seriously adorable. My mum used to use the, "I will put it in the Christmas letter!" threat.

  15. hahhha, thanks for the chuckle. He must have thought you were totally awesome letting him eat his Roast Dinner with his fingers. He'll be boasting about you at school today.

    Boys.......I just don't know what to say, I have two and am pleased that I also have two girls.

    So did he take a spoon today or leave the yoghurt at home?

  16. I loved this post. These boys need to build up their natural immunities to all things yukky & unwashed fingers are the perfect vehicle!
    Millie ^_

  17. I'm laughing!! And kind of happy to see my boys aren't the only ones who engage in silly nonsense. Is there really a book titled 'How To Bring Up Little Gentlemen' or is that a joke?

  18. Oh I just made that book title up Gina! I wish there was one in circulation! A-M xx

  19. Look at that sweet little face - how could you be upset with him. All I can say is - he won't be doing that when he's 22, so enjoy the moment.

  20. I read this early early this morning & then I went out of town for work, so I just had time to come back now! Oh A-M, sooo funny and very much inline with my parenting skills hahaha. I laughed for ages. Then it got me thinking about some hard lessons I have taught my boys recently and think it deserves a blog post too soon. Hope he learnt his lesson and is back to himself. Funny though what little boys think to themselves sometimes - makes you wonder!!!!

  21. Oh A-M, how could you be angry at a face like that?


  22. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I love it! Did you steel him from my house because this is the exact same dining method that my 5yo son regularly employs whilst consuming any kind of sloppy substance - and between you and me, I think he does it just to horrify his mother - hence no comment from me any more. Shall see how long I last.....

    Love Katie

  23. Your 'blog threat' made me laugh - hilarious! x

  24. It must be some weird moon phase or something - because the boys in my life are going part feral too!!

    They're really testing my patience - thank god for gin!!! chin chin A-M! xxx

  25. My boys purposely leave the spoons for their yoghurts at home so they can 'drink' them. I have given up fighting that battle!
    Clare x

  26. As a mom to an almost 18 year old "boy" I used to cringe every time it was my day to eat lunch in the lunchroom with my son's class. I had done this for years when our daughter was in elementary school (grades kindergarten through 5th) and it was always delightful, lots of friendly polite chatter about ponies and everything pink all with utensils and napkins being used.

    So imagine my shock, surprise, and utter horror when I was eating with a table of 7 or 8 boys just a few years later! The concoctions they made with their food and the way they ate them was disheartening at best and down right gross at its worse! And if that weren't bad enough, the conversation was equally unsavory!

    So take heart, today my son is the picture of a polite gentleman who we get compliments about all the time. He holds doors for his dates, chews with his mouth shut, and even helps the elderly with their groceries. Just stay the course and he'll come back around to the sweet gem that you know and love!

    Kat :)

  27. Too funny! Love your kid stories, the little essays are priceless. I have one (age 8) who takes handfuls of spaghetti, pasta with sauce, as he goes out the door to get in the car! Icky. Manners class has done down the drain.


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