Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Little Bit Kindred


Wow, not only do we drool over the same interior/design posts but we parent the same! Of all the little bloggy niches out there in bloggy blog land, I feel so privileged to be part of this one.... ours... yours. Reading your wonderful comments, opinions, advice, I feel like I have 'come home'. Thank you.

I sat my 12 year old down in front of all your comments last night. He read every one and then turned to me and said, "I agree Mum, you're doing the right thing". Doesn't get any better than that. Yes, yes, I hear you muttering, "wait 'til the teens". But you'll help me right?
A-M xx


  1. Hi A-M, i agree its great to hear that others feel the same way. Even for me i kind of feel backed up in doing what i am doing as far as saying no. Mel xxx

  2. What a mature young man you have there A-M! You must be very proud of him. And never fear, help is only a blog post away!
    Kerri x

  3. It's our pleasure, you've certainly given a lot of yourself..Rx

  4. Hello ((:
    Photo boys touched me
    Good night

  5. that's great - reading the comments was good for me too - helped me realise i'm not the wicked witch from the West! :)

  6. What a cute photo! Your son is the most gorgeous 12 year old boy with such a mature attitude. So lovely that he sees you have his best interests at heart, especially in today's world of peer pressure. I love the blogging community too - it's so lovely to meet so many like-minded souls. Enjoy your day x

  7. Isn't he gorgeous, sitting down and reading all the post's? Precious kid. You should be so proud!

  8. I missed your last post, but I'm up to speed now, so I have to say you are right too, my bubs under 3 still, but won't be too long and wanting to have own pc etc... def putting parental control on "socialising" pages, in fact, everything not "school" necessary. If my kids want to socialise, they can do it the old fashioned way until they can afford their own pc!

  9. A-M
    Im so glad you posted that blog topic yesterday & I have had a chance to read all the comments now. I always think or should I say made to feel like Im so 'OLD FASHIONED' . Last year it all started at school with my 7 year old. Mum whats a DS , can I have one so & so has one with Hannah Montanna on it ? Every one in my class has one & a ipod.
    Of course the answer is no. But one has to explain in a way that they dont go back to school & say "my mum said...........". As you do not want to appear you are criticising someone elses parenting skills.
    And this year already its "my friend ****** has her own mobile phone & laptop " thats nice for her" is what I said but in my head " WHAT THE ! Arrrrggggg
    I now have more strength knowing there are many more like minded souls at there. Thankyou

  10. ahhh teens, gotta love 'em. Mind you, so far so good with our 16 yo son. He's in a great church youth group where he has a heap of fun and he's not the slightest bit interested in parties, drinking or any of that stuff, phew.
    Just keep doing what you're doing A-M, which is a fantastic job raising your boys.

  11. I would firstly like to know where you found such a sweet natured, reasonable child! I agree that the support is so valuable, just knowing others have been through similar situations and can share their advice.. love it!

  12. I've been sick so missed reading your last post until today... there is no way my sons are getting phones or Facebook accounts either. Our eldest boys are almost the same age and I too want to keep mine as protected, as free to enjoy childhood for as long as possible.
    Clare x

  13. I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and your home and have nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award over on my blog.


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