Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Nook

Scraping the barrel for the 'Monday Nooks' these days. No I jest.. this is a little nook in one of the bookcases in my Great Room. I had to post it as it was our 13th wedding anniversary last week. Our anniversary always gets lost amongst the February birthday celebrations in this house. I marvel at this photo as my hubby looks no different to the man I married 13 years ago... except for millions of grey hairs! "Look what she did to him", his parents would say..... if they had any contact with us... but they don't.... but that's another longgggg story... religion... don't you love it! Anyway we had a fantastic wedding... we were poorer than poor and managed to scrape up $5000.... that was it. I can break it down for you: $1100 marquee, for beside the dam at my Mum's place, (a beautiful setting, just after the rain, drowned out by the sound of croaking frogs!) $1800 catering, $500 suits, $1100 frock and bridal stuff, $180 iron candelabras for tables, the rest  - hotel room hire at the Stamford Plaza for girlie prep, invites free (done by my brother on the computer).

It was back in the days of Riverdance so our Bridal Dance was ... you guessed it!.... complete with hubby doing an 'arm by sides Michael Flatley dance' all through the reception. It is a legendary video amongst our friends now and always good for a laugh. We had no entertainment so we made our own... tablegrams... each table of guests had to go away and prepare a presentation/show based on the bride and groom. I had no idea this was the case. Guests even secretly brought along their musical instruments! We had limericks, a fantastic rendition of 'Master of the House' from Les Miserables, taking the mickey out of my new Master of the House, and this wonderful poem set to the rhythms of 'The Man From Snowy River', from my Aunts and Uncles:

There was movement among the 'Rellies'
Word had got around
A good reason for the gathering
A-M and Luke were alter bound.

The cathedral was the setting
The day was hot and fine
Escorted by both brothers
A-M arrived on time

In a service of great beauty
They sincerely pledged their troth
Then we all travelled down the highway
To wine and dine them both

So we ate and drank and drank and ate
To while away the hours
While the bride and groom were posing
We relaxed amongst the flowers

So we wish you both God's blessing
And this we truly say
From Sam and David, Jim and Pat, Kath and Jill, Don and Ellen
On this your wedding day.

Such happy memories and they continue to be made 13 years later. Happy belated anniversary my love. I'll force you to read my bloggy blog this morning.... for this trip down memory lane with me!
A-M xx


  1. Happy Belated Anniversary to you both! Your wedding sounds like what every wedding "should" be. A day filled with family and friends where laughter and love are way more important than the price tag!

    Kat :)

  2. Ha ha, another great post! You'll be courted by a magazine or newspaper soon for the Column That A-M wrote...Rachaelx

  3. A-M I love how you deliver your little story telling..always so much fun..beautiful photo too..It looks like its out of some bridal least thats what I thought first up..and love your little birdie candle...precious..thanks for sharing and have a fab and COOLER week x

  4. Oh A-M I love it:) Happy Anniversary to you both! Your wedding day sounds awesome and such a fun and happy day ~ as it should be! Love your wedding pic! My hubby and I got married in Vegas and I didn't get a wedding gown, so I always LOVE looking at people's wedding pics:) Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a lovely day ~ Tina x

  5. Happy Belated Anniversary to you both!
    I wish you many more happy years to come.

  6. Happy Anniversay A-M. Love your beautiful story and that stunning gown, I can't believe you got it for just over $1,000, it looks couture.

  7. Hi A-M, yes it is finally me your Instant New Best Friend Next Door. I love your wedding photo. You make such a gorgeous couple. I know we only got to spend 7 months together but i feel i have known you both for ever (thats a BIG statement!). Despite the fact that we did a runner to the other side of the country
    (don't take it personally), we became Best Friends Instantly. We really miss you and your gorgeous boys.
    Luv ya, mean it, miss ya already (have i covered all of our favourite sayings!).
    D xx

  8. Hey..6 months of reading all caught up! Your house is looking BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL! :D

  9. Oh, and, Happy Anniversary!! :D

  10. Happy anniversary!! Gorgeous photo and beautifully framed. Loved hearing about all your little wedding details and the poem is gorgeous! x

  11. A very happy anniversary to you.

  12. Happy Anniversary and what a fun wedding.

  13. Hello A-M,
    Warm congratulations to you and your husband on your wedding anniversary - and continued joy to you both and the obviously lovely life you are building together.
    My hubby and I will celebrate 18 years this July and I just can't believe it. One minute I'm a new bride at 25 and then I'm suddenly 43 !
    How lucky to be just as happy as the day we said
    " I do" though.

  14. Reading Tina's comment reminded me of MOTH's worst nightmare. A renewal of vows conducted by an Elvis look-alike at the Chapel of Lurve in Vegas! I must get onto planning that for our 15th anniversary next month. It would be worth all the effort just to see the look of absolute horror on his face!!!
    Millie ^_^

  15. What a beautiful tribute A-M.
    I hope you had a wonderful Anni.
    We will be celebrating our 23rd in August.
    Time does fly....


  16. Belated Happy Anniversary. Sounds like your wedding day was fantastic!


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