Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stone Stuff

This post is for Karyn! Karyn writes: 

Hi A-M,
I've been a follower of your blog for a while now. If you dont mind me asking what is the name of the random stone paving you  have out the back ? We are currently renovating & I would like that like in my new courtyard. Have been everywhere on the Gold Coast but cant manage to find anything remotely like yours.
I love the colours in them.

Karyn, my stone is the 'Tuscan Beige' under 'Random Stone', on the 'Slate and Stone' website HERE. You can see the beautiful greys in it, despite it's 'beigy' name. Oh how I love it.... so much so that I used it absolutely everywhere......

We used the 600 x 600 square paver for the front courtyard.

Around the pool, for the coping, we used the 400x400 with 400 x 300 and 300 x 300 to fill in the gaps and even it all out.

This was the test patch my landscaper did up behind the pool house (the area behind which we keep all the pool equipment). As you can see, the grouting is quite chunky... still gorgeous ..  but I was aiming for something a little more like this:


Voila! ... just outside my kitchen French doors.. can't you tell this bit was created by a woman! 'Mel's Masterpiece' we called it when Mel was doing this bit. All hand cut. We had 6 people working on the stone out the back at times.... a beautiful, beautiful job guys... still can't get over it...mwah, mwah.
Here is Mel's creation in progress:

Looking back, one forgets the love put into this place! ... it's such a gradual, emotional process... you forget all the little bits, over time. These pictures are tugging at my heartstrings all over again.

I will use this stone over and over again. The colours pop near greenery and white picket fencing and seem to complement any exterior house colour scheme.

I'm off to watch my little tacker in his Cross Country Carnival this morning. He reckons he going to win. He's the smallest in his class. I think there might be some tears.
Have a great day!
A-M xx


  1. I'm loving the visit down memory lane with The House A-M. You're so right, you forget all of the little things along the way that went into your now gorgeous home. I hope your little one had a good showing today!

    XO, Andrea

  2. I love that stone as well. I've spent hours in my yard and after being much annoyed, realized I hate my porch.... Thanks for the info.
    Lila Ferraro
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  3. So beautiful!! Looove it, A-M!


  4. Hey A-M, what did you seal it with?

    Go little one, go!!! :)


  5. Jules, Pristine.
    Cross Country results - tears. He came second. A-M xx

  6. Oh, bless, poor little guy! Don't you hate to see them so disappointed, it breaks your heart.

    I've had pics of your stonework in my inspiration folder since you first posted about it. It's such a great choice, natural and earthy but still light and bright. Love it.
    K xx

  7. I found your blog, quite by accident, a couple of months ago, and I've peeked in a few times since then. I love it. I love your photography; I love your house; your boys are adorable! Good job. We just recently built a house, too, and I'm always looking for decorating ideas. I think I'm a wee bit jealous of your kitchen, though! Wow. What a nice, homey room! Keep up the good work.

  8. So pretty.... you do have the best taste, if I do say so! Hope your little guy does well!!! xx

  9. oh I love the work outside your kitchen doors.
    Sorry to hear your little one was sad with the result.

  10. classic and timeless love it too x

  11. Thankyou so much for the information. Funny they were the first stone supplier I went to last year to ask.
    Maybe it was the way I described it 'ramdon stone that is kind of bluey , beige & greyish ' , they didnt comprehend (they were lovely though). Next time I will ask you straight up.

  12. I love your stone work. Would love to do something like that here sometime. Wonder if I can get my hands on any of the stuff here in the states?!


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