Sunday, March 7, 2010

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Just cleaning out some files yesterday when I came across these little stories my youngest composed in his first year at prep school, when he was learning to read and write. There are hundreds of them! .... all these little files on every topic imaginable. He would sit at the computer for hours, slowly typing out each little story... one finger at a time (we have TV and computer game bans during the school week so with no set homework, at 5 years of age, he had to do something!... this was his 'homework'!). He never asked us for help, never asked us how to spell anything.... he is so fiercely independent.... ..and even now, he knows so much more than both his parent's Science Degrees put together. We can't tell/advise/correct him on anything! You'll be pleased to know that he can spell 'medical surgery' now that he is in Grade 2!

I have selected a few of my favourites, just cut and pasted as they are. Keep in mind this was all one finger stuff. Enjoy!

Crocodiles   have   68    teeth.  They  Chomp    their    teeth    allot.    They have    sharp  kloose   .    they swim    in water   they  crep  up   to  you  and       eat    bats.   Never  go neyu    a   crocodile     .    

Dogs  are big  animal. They  do dog  patl  .     they also   jump all over   you .     they are playful   here  comes    the   dogs   lets   pat   them  we did  how  many   did you catch     0  well  cache sum  I    carnt     why  they are  to  fast   I   cot   one    how   meny  I  don’t   no  lets    count      them   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16  17 18 19 20.     We got   20 we     did                ,it

Frogs    are     delercat  crechers    there    are   all   kinds    of    frogs    like    the    green     tree    frog     we    should    all   care     for   frogs.    All    frogs     leap    not    hop    you     find        frogs     around     water     not     in      water      you      fed     frogs     crickets    and     ants.      Yes,  yes     all   the    chooljrern      shout           here     comes     the     frogs    lets        go       cache     them    yes       they    said.      And     put      them      in   the     frog     tank     go     and    look     go     and     look     go    and      look      we      found     100    frogs        yes     yes     yes           yes         yes        we      did                 it

Snakes are deadly crechers. They kill if you get bitten by a snake  you have  to receive medikl serjryey.  Snakes   live   under leaves.   Snakes   eat frogs   and toads  and   rats  and birds.  Yes   yes     yes    all   the snakes  are  coming out. We  want  the pythons.  lets  get them we got  them snakes  live  all around the  world  lets go all around the world and get them all right this  instance  we got them all we got 100 pythons. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes . 

Blood is a very specel   part  of the  body.   It travels  thro  your hart  and
Out your hart.
There are some  pipes in your body there names  are vanes and
Arderese  and copileres  
There are some things in  your body there names are blood sels.

They make me tear up. Oh how I love him.
Happy Sunday!
A-M xx


  1. Oh A-M, they're just too cute! I particularly love the 'delercat crechers' line!
    My daughter has kept little diaries since she was tiny and I love to read through the entries. They're really quite hilarious and it's nice to go back and re-visit them every now and then, although she likes I'm quite mad when I get all teary!
    Have a great Sunday
    Kerri x

  2. A-M how gorgeous is that. It is interesting how different all children are. My oldest is 7 & she has never used a computer at home for typing.I know am asking myself should she be ? When I look back at her prep year , it was all about drawing , reading drawing & more drawing.
    We also have a school week TV ban , love it !
    The way you write about your boys is beautiful, I can only hope that one day my daughter meets a young man brought up that way (not too soon though).

  3. Preciousness~ treasures! You wouldn't believe the little drawings and stories I have tucked away in a special wooden box.

  4. They are wonderful! I just love the Arderese and copileres bit - how on earth did he know all that?! My little girls surprise me all the time with the things they have taken in and repeat back. It's a beautiful time of life..Rx

  5. Adorable! :D I don't know if you notice it, from your side of the pond, but Australian phonetic spelling cracks me up, lol! All those "r"s added where none exists, or deleted, as the case may be! :p

  6. How cute A-M
    Frogs and Snakes are favourites I see!! hehe xx Julie

  7. There is nothing better then to kep those lines and many years from now you all will delight in it again!
    So precious!
    Love the creative spelling, one can see how many possibilities are there!


  8. So gorgeous - i love going back through things the boys did at school too.


  9. I'd like to give him 10/10 and a big gold star for effort! This little sweetheart shows tremendous knowledge at such a young age. He's obviously going to go places.

    As for 'arderse'? - That is just *so* sweet! :)

  10. How sweet! I laughed when I read the 'delercat crechers' part :) x

  11. It crack me UP reading those cuties spellings. Cracking doesn't meant making fun of him. He just so adorable struggling those words to spell.

    I heart him too, inspite of our distance & relationship in bloggielandia.

    Hugs to him...

  12. lol..A-M thats was so such an enjoyable read...through his eyes..just gorgeous!! loved it x

  13. Merci for sharing, they really made me smile.

    Leeann x

  14. That is precious! What a great idea for a little one to work on. I think you should consider binding them into a book. You could use or even a Mac computer, if you can get your hands on one.

  15. How gorgeous! I love the way they see things at that age, and how they explain them as well! The 'Blood' one was so clever!


    i think i just burst with love for that little thing!

    chooljrern?! oh man...he is killing me.

    but delercat crechers. makes me want to move to australia. seriously.

  17. oh so cute. I love how he spells "crechers" and "medikl serjryey" uses his phonics very well!

    You need to print these off and keep them safe for 16 years :)


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