Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guess What......

A trip down memory lane. This was my big boy back in 2005.

......I just realised that I'm what you would call a 'Soccer Mom'.. to my lads!

soccer mom  
n.  An American mother living in the suburbs whose time is often spent transporting her children from one athletic activity or event to another.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Well here in Australia I suppose they would say 'Soccer Mum' or as the little ones say, 'Mummy'.

It's Saturday... and that means soccer...... soccer, soccer, soccer.... three matches today... school and club.

Actually it all starts on Friday nights, with hubby's match, in the over 35's 'old cronies league'.....even though after 7 knee reconstructions... he should not be playing... at all. What were his surgeon's exact words?.... "and definitely no more soccer". Hmmm, 10 weeks after that conversation (and latest whopping operation... and just off the crutches) he strapped on a knee brace (that cost more than all our airfares combined) and skiied his heart out. I am bracing myself for the phone call that will come on a Friday night.... when my babies are tucked up in bed..... and I am required at a hospital somewhere. Why did we move back to Australia in 2000, with such haste, from living in Vanuatu?.... soccer injury...medical treatment....... he played in the 'Old Hebs' (Hebrides) team. Yep, I got the phone call on a Friday night in Vanuatu. And what could I do with one sleeping baby.... sort of living in a jungle... in the middle of nowhere.... with no car? He's foolish?.... yes... but it's his passion.... his joy... and his only real indulgence...I just grit my teeth every Friday night when he joyously skips out the door.

So I'm off to barrack for the next generation of knee surgeries... deck chair, insect repellant, sunscreen, hat - check.
Have a great Saturday!
A-M xx
Little tacker, before he was old enough to play. He must have been only 2 here... boy time flies. I remember that day vividly!


  1. Oh dear I guess once it's in the blood.... Hope it's a lovely day for teh game and they both have wins.

    I too am a soccer Mum. First match of the season today. A mere 45 kms or so to drive to the game. My youngest had a rather nasty fall at school yesterday and has a huge mucky looking scrape on his knee and leg. It's all bandaged up. Hopefully when he wakes he'll be ok to play.

  2. What a trip down memory lane ~ your boys have grown so much. I can sympathise with your hubby...after numerous surgeries/physiotherapist appointments for my knees I'm still doing what I shouldn't be but it brings me joy!
    Have a great weekend A-M.


  3. Me too. It does fit well with me at all...yet. I just keep thinking of Harry Kewell.

  4. I meant to write it DOESN'T fit with me at all. See there is an internal wrangle going on here! Here's to yelling from the sidelines!

  5. Ha, yes I find myself spending more time on cancelling comments and redoing them, without my myriad of mistakes, than making comments! A-M xx

  6. Yep!!
    Off to Auskick this morning too :)
    Irene x

  7. I know what you mean A-M, I too am a 'soccer mum', except my kids play rugby union, netball and volleyball. And as for your hubby, I ruptured a disk in my back playing netball (my head thought I was still 18, but my much older body disagreed). I haven't played since, I just can't afford another twelve months out of action, but it is hard to give up something you enjoy. Maybe your hubby should take up blogging instead - much less chance of injury, maybe just some RSI! K xx

  8. I'm almost at that stage A-M, next year L will be playing soccer or rugby and cricket, J the year after that. Today though we have 2 b'day parties on at the same time in different parts of Sydney. First time this has happened will be interesting and then were off for the long weekend to the beach, yeah.
    Happy long weekend

  9. Just got back from our first ever soccer match and we came home with the player of the day trophy! The look on my five year old's face when he scored his first goal was priceless! Lots more to look forward to..... !

  10. Can totally relate to the soccer mom thing! Having two girls I thought I would miss out on the dirt,rough and tumble stuff....wrong...teenage daughter loves soccer. Plays every Sunday.No need for insect repellant here in Vic..winter coats and rugs..Mmmmm. Don't you love equal opportunity. Kym X

  11. Oh what sweet pictures. Good luck with it...hoping there are no injuries.

    That's a bit epic about your husband..heck!
    xxx DJ

  12. You are so good trekking to all those soccer matches - hope you bring a big thermos of coffee with you to enjoy whilst watching :) Thanks for your lovely words on my post about Grace being unwell - I can tell you are such a kind, caring mum to your boys, especially the type of mum I hope I can be to my little Grace. Have a wonderful weekend A-M x

  13. I said to the hubby the other day that we only have one day during the work week that is free, without any kind of activity planned.

    The other days are filled with soccer, floorball, gymnastics and piano lessons... And soon the only free day will be filled with swim school for my youngest..! :-D

    Oh well. I prefer that anyway if the option is lazy kids who have no interests at all. I´ll try to remember that the next time I´m super stressed! :-D

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Hi A-M can totally relate. I play squash, why am not sure at my advanced age!! My daughter had her first modified netball game and big boy had first under 12s Aussie rules match this morning at some ungodly hour. Despite the drizzle, I was THE proudest mum, watching two of my babies who really had no idea what they were doing, try their best for their teams. There is really nothing like that lump you get in your throat when you are bursting with their joy.

  15. Your soccer slip, slop, slap experience is somewhat different to what mine was in NZ- in place of insect repellent, sun hat and sunscreen it was woollen scarf and gloves, chapstick to avoid frostbitten lips, and gumboots, (the brollie was a given... Can't believe I actually miss it all).
    Love the cute pics.

  16. Hi A-M!
    What a cute picture! U r such a good writer :-) I love reading your posts!
    Have a beautiful weekend!
    xoxo alice

  17. Love the photos of your "little" men.

    Hope you are having a great weekend,

    Leeann x

  18. Yes, Im with you there. I have a one sport per child per season rule in our house. With Scouts / Cubs / Brownies / Girl Guides allowed throughout the year. That is enough to keep me TOTALLY busy. But how great is it! Thermos packed and normally some homemade baked good, some chairs, hats and we are off! We are making memories for the future and how good is that feeling!


  19. Well on the other side of the world I spent my Saturday doing just that!

  20. After a gorgeous Friday in of 27deg, predictably Saturday, sports day, dawned damp and cold. Cheering on small and not so small people in the rain shows real dedication. Today, Sunday dawns, well....warm and sunny....go figure! So it seems that autumn in NZ is not all hats and coats, just on soccer/rugby days!


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