Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Holiday List

7am - The House - on my return from my morning walk....such a gorgeous time of the day... and there, on that porch, is where I have my morning coffee.
Look how much our green stuff has grown following all our rain. Dams are now 97%.

Things I have revelled in, over this Easter break:

  • The cool change in the mornings - makes my morning walk ever so much more pleasant - no more soupy, oppressive, humid mornings.
  • The fact that everyone is away on holidays in my street - it is sooooo quiet. My front porch is bliss... deck chair, pot of tea, books to read.
  • Foxtel's Air Active 'Special Events' music channel... such a secret they have been hiding under that title: an eclectic mix of Eric Clapton, Beyonce, The Choir Boys, Whitney Houston, Billy Joel, Tina Arena, a little bit of Creedence and goodness even some Devo....whip it good. Might have to pack away the Crooners channel for a while... seeing I can whistle every one of their programmed tracks... even backwards.
  •  The last summer days in our pool. The swims are getting shorter but we are cherishing them as we know the cooler days are coming.  
  • "Recycled friends"... as we have called the whole experience!  - a visit from 'The Boy Next Door' (from my childhood), his wife and little son.... all the way from Canada. Have not seen him since we were sweet sixteen, living next door to each other in the early 80's. People don't change!!!! 27 years just melted away and we were reminiscing over 80's music, the '82 Commonwealth Games, old friends and broken hearts!
  • My Breville Slow Cooker - am in love - makes me a better mother - beautiful, fragrant meals... my boys just die when I do my 'Mild Chicken Curry'. I am not a cook by any stretch of the imagination. Baking?... hopeless... maybe that's why I have such skinny boys and a skinny husband..... but that slow cooker... puts rose coloured glasses on the boys in my life... they think I am fabulous!
And last but not least.. my happy, carefree, bug hunting boys.... they have not a care in the world and it is my mission to keep it that way at least until Term 2.  One more week. :)
What have you revelled in over the break?
A-M xx


  1. Hi AM we have had our last trip to my husbands family beach house that has now been sold. Lot of blood, sweat, tears and memories in that lovely place. Spent time on a glorious beach, and spent yesterday in the bush drinking billie tea and eating sausages in bread. We revelled in cuddling a friends precious new baby. I truely treasure things like the 5 of us watching better homes and gardens on a 3 seater couch under a rug and days like today where I know we will be in our PJ's till at least midday. I love the school holidays!

  2. Wow, i nearly bought a slow cooker the other day, but didn't at the last minute because i wondered if i'd use it that much.

    So they're a good thing?! I thought it might make the long days at work easier to have something fabulous already cooked for dinner when we get in.

    So glad you're having a nice break!


  3. What a lovely list, thank you for the reminder to appreciate the little things today...

  4. What have I revelled in over the break? Well for one coming back and catching up on your lovely blog. So fantastic that you got to sit down and visit with your friends from Calgary. So have they convinced you to visit yet?

    The joys of going home, visiting my family, spending time with a dear friend and her children and my biggest wonder......getting a violin and starting to teach myself how to play. It was a busy holiday!

    XO, Andrea

  5. A truly lovely post which has made me remember to stop and appreciate all the little things in our busy lives. We are heading off tomorrow for to the beach for a few days of relaxation and fun.

    I too love my slow cooker. It is without a doubt one of the best things about winter, all those yummy soups & casseroles. I would love your mild chicken curry recipe please. :)

  6. My boys are busy bug hunting too. I am going to have to get myself a slow cooker, they sound like an essential kitchen appliance! Emma

  7. Woman after my own heart....I have just gone and turned that Foxtel channel on, thanks for the tip! And the slow cooker is on as I type - Mc Cormicks Lamb roast with Rosemary gravy, and you put the potatoes right in the pot with everything else - my favourite part is the clean plates at the end of the meal!


  8. I can smell 'sweet and sour pork' cooking away in mine now. The kids love it. I don't know what I would do without mine, especially in term time when I am playing taxi for the never ending list of extra curricular activities my kids like to indulge in.

    There are 4 skinny cooks in this house. Miss 13 and master 11 all love to bake and I do as well. I don't like packaged foods in my kids lunches so try to fill with homemade muffins and museli bars. The current craze in this house is cupcakes...so good but sooo bad!

  9. I revelled in finally seeing some major action in the BFH - yay!!! Please can we do a swappsie - you do all my calls & I'll sit on your verandah relaxing, fair swap I reckon!
    Millie ^_^

  10. Glad you had a lovely Easter with your gorgeous family. I too am enjoying the cooler weather autumn is bringing :) Enjoy that last week of holidays x

  11. That looks like the best spot to sit and have a cuppa.
    Mu hubby is a much better cook than me and loves to have his turn in the kitchen, which could be why I could stand to lose a couple of kilos.
    Hubby and daughter(12) left today for a week in Kuala Lumpur. I shall revell in stretching out in bed tonight:o)

  12. Did you know that Air active also plays Christmas music in November and December!

    Best wishes,


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