Thursday, April 8, 2010

Love This.....

Image Courtesy Kitchen Bath Ideas

..... BUT... I think I'd be tripping over it all the time... especially it being near the sink... and I would definitely be rescuing acrobatic boys from the top rung, on a daily basis.

Last few days of school holidays. Things are hectic. We are cramming in as many 'play dates' as we can. My boys are going in opposite directions today. Little one had a wonderful day at a friend's place yesterday searching and stripping their garden of all bugs (critter food). He came home with a full 'bug hut'... note to self... must vacuum out car.
Have a great day.
A-M xx


  1. I love the ladder idea but I too would be afraid the monkeys would want to play and then the other monkeys from the neighborhood would find a place to eat their bananas. Then I think I would go bananas!

  2. Ha ha, Nigel and Brian won Bearded Dragon lotto when your boys bought them! I love the kitchen, the colour and the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Oh, and I'm going to try your Lemongrass & Ginger recipe tonight..Rachaelxx

  3. Ohh another idea along the back wall I could have done in our kitchen renovation ( second idea Ive seen this week , no regrets , no regrets).
    As for the ladder great if you need to reach something in those impossibly high cupboards. But there is no doubt in my mind my children would not be able to stop themselves climbing up to the top. We have a ladder on our boston library cupboard & I will admit I told a little white lie to my 3 & 7 year old " its not a real ladder its a pretend one & if you climb on it it will collapse". Only problem when mummy needs a cookbook sometimes , I cant use the ladder to reach them.
    Theres a lesson children in telling little white lies !

  4. Good morning early Riser?

    How's Dowunder? Now, we have 8 hrs diff. Am going to bed soon and trying to snooze off. I guess or am I waiting for my debutant to come home? Ahhh...

    I will trip with that ladder in the kitchen too. I use a stool or my chair to climb up if I need to dig in my cupboards §:-)

    I see you're busy as a bee nowadays. Just chill out, one thing at a time, k? Relax!!!

    Have a great mid-week, opps! Thursday now there.

    xoxo as always to all...

  5. I guess it solves the problem of reaching those pesky top cupboards! But I'm like you..I'd be bruised from head to toe trying to navigate. Imagine it in a library room though..that would be fantastic...wouldn't care if I was injured then...would just plonk myself down and read a book! Enjoy the rest of the hols.

  6. I dream of this for our formal lounge when we put in the bookshelf, but I always do worry about the boys, I can't get them off the sofa at the moment always climbing every inch which is why I have held off on artwork above the sofa too scared they will bring it all down. Ah boys, they are the best aren't the?

  7. Love that ladder too! Not too practical either, I can't imagine how safe it would be to be getting things out of the top cupboard and then trying to get back down the ladder!

    Looks good but!


  8. It's gorgeous.. but your right.. my girls would be up there in a second and my youngest is a clutz ;)

  9. I love hearing about your boys adventures with their bearded dragons etc. It gets me excited about my future with my little one - who can't walk yet but tries to climb our step ladder!

    So I don't think I'll be getting one of those ladders in my kitchen even though it does look very cool!!

  10. This kitchen is gorgeous! I agree about the ladder though...we have enough injuries around here with the 3 boys without adding this into the mix! Tracey xx

  11. have you gone mad! imagine having to climb a ladder in your kitchen, argh, stairs are bad enough!! tho I see you have a 2 storey home, so maybe your your queenslanders!!!

  12. That is a great idea, on paper.

    But can you really see someone with a Mix Master in one arm and holding the ladder with the other?

    Or how about that precious family antique you want to put out of reach?

    I think I'll stay with my one step ladder in the closet. :)

    Hope you are well.
    Will Hosier

  13. Love the ladder idea A-M, but I think I would prefer it next to a wall lined with bookshelves. Glad to hear you have had a good school break with your boys, hope the study is going well ~ Tina x

  14. Hey Will, great to hear from you! Have friends from Calgary staying with me now! They're enticing us with offers to stay in their ski cabin in British Columbia at Christmas time. Hope all is good for you too! A-M xx

  15. I had to laugh as I live with a tall man who puts everything up high so I have a wee step ladder inorder to reach those high up places :-)

    The one in your photo looks a little steep and I have been known to climb a ladder in 3 inch heels...

    Leeann x

  16. Although I love the ladder look, it would be a broken ankle waiting to happen for me. I think I'll let others navigate around it. :)

  17. MOTH would have that ladder commandeered pronto for outside work. Nothing is safe around here, he wrecks everything nice I buy in the name of renovations! That kitchen has just gone to my Top 10 Kitchen file sans ladder.
    Millie ^_^

  18. Dear A-M i am a newcomer to your site and love it. I have justed received my copy of Home Beautiful June 2010 and there within are the answers to most of my renovating questions thankyou for creating such a beautiful home and sharing your wonderful ideas on your site and the mag leannex


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