Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Nook

Today's 'Nook' is not the prettiest and not for the faint hearted..... I promise the pretties will resume after the school holidays.... but for the time being, it is 'Boy Central' around here. So... meet the corner of our garage.... downstairs on the lowest level of the house.

 Our holiday treat currently residing in our 'frog tank'!

I pay up pocket money ... for the whole term... (no-one ever reminds me).... so as a consequence, I was putty in my boys hands when we found these little critters, at the Pet Superstore, during my bloggy break. Don't ask the price. What?.. you say .... you paid money for them?... ah yes.....and as they are restricted wildlife, I am now the proud owner of a 'Qld Recreational Wildlife Licence'. So... by the time we purchased the little critters, the licence, the baby Bearded Dragon pet food, the calcium powder (to ward off osteoporosis and joint ailments.... don't you just love it!), the water dish, the fresh vege dish, and the 'How to Love Bearded Dragon's To Death' Book, we could have paid for a nice little holiday down the coast. I have never heard so many "thank you Mum, you're the best Mum in the whole wide world"s in my life.

So the little darlings (the lizards, not my boys) are living in the frog tank... minus the frogs....yes 'Bill' the sole froggy survivor passed away....we got 2 good years out of him (he joins 'Pocket and Rocket, Tex and Rex' in froggy heaven). The froggy tank of course has been adapted to more desert conditions..... bark and leaves, rocks and tree stumps. My boys are joyous and they are loving the little blighters to death. They have been hunting in the garden for live bugs (most desirable critter food) morning and night. Last count, there were 15 grasshoppers, 2 small lizards, 4 flies, 10 green ants, 2 cicadas and a shiny blue beetle living their short lives in the tank also. Our dinner time now involves preparing a little dish of vege offcuts for the critters. Oh their names? ... 'Nigel' and 'Brian'.... of course! "The things you do", she says... with a shudder. No ballet tu-tu's and pink things in this house! We're 'hard core' here!
Happy Monday!
A-M xx


  1. Geez you and I have the same households! Love it! Hard core and no tutu's hahaha!!! I am not showing my boys this post and am quickly typing before they spot it because they will be crying and complaining for these!! Awesome Mummy and your little fella's are just so lovely. Hope you are surviving the hols. Ours are just starting. Chat soon xx

  2. How exciting for the boys ! I wont let my husband or son see this post today otherwise we will be at pet store today too. Actually when I drove past their last week the sign out the front said "snakes just in ".
    I have to ask about yesterdays post what is a 'poo plant' ?
    Karyn x

  3. Have the boys seen Nigel and Brian play fight yet? It's very, very funny. Bearded Dragons are real characters, what a great choice of pet! Yay for you mum. I loved doing 'boy stuff' with my brothers, I must introduce my girls to some of it! Rachaelxx

  4. Nigel and Brian have not really fought with each other yet. They have been found on the big rock with their arms around each other, which resulted in a big "awwwwww" from all of us. I think they have so much food available to them, they have no reason to fight. A very charmed existence! A-M xx

  5. Love it all! Boys....YAY!
    (I grew up with 2 sisters and now have 2 young boys and teach in a boys school! )

  6. Oh my goodness, how exciting for your boys.

  7. I did laugh when I read this.. I have two young boys too and I think this will be me in a few years. Mine are just 5 and almost 2 so I am pet free for now...

    I've been a quiet follower for a few months and you've given me lots of lovely things to look at and a beautiful home to aspire to. When you know no one in a new city blogs like yours are the perfect escape. I now have my own blog - so thank you for the inspiration!

    Ann x

  8. Those names are inspired! Lucky Nigel and Brian for living in such a nice house.

  9. I love these guys, so cute and their names, serioulsy these last 2boys posts just have me in stitches. Like you we're hard core testosterone here, not a doll or pink in sight. Please share some more of these posts, I just love them.

  10. Ah what memories that brought back of assorted animal oddities over the years. It could only be funnier if you had an extra one called Bruce! Happy insect that easier than taking the dog for a walk I wonder??

  11. Happy Easter A-M
    Wishing you and your family a happy easter filled with wonderful surprises.. looks like you have a boys own adventure here.... have fun xx Julie

  12. These are the things little boys' memories are made of! What a good mom you are!

    Kat :)

  13. Hard-core is right! I'm impressed. It's more exotic wildlife than we ever had around the house. Good times for your boys.

  14. Nigel and Brian, love it!!

    Living with boys is certainly different than girls, and i'm secretly a little bit glad i got boys because i'm not sure i'd make the grade on girls stuff.

    Not showing my boys this page, EVER, or i will be in big trouble. But they've done OK i think, especially when i'm the one vaccuming up the border collie hair everyhwere!


  15. Wheww!!! goshbumps-- not fun with the creeps. But as long I am the viewer, k 4 me kiddos. Don't scare T-chie, k? You get what you want in the pet store, when am downunder, promise. §;-)

    A-M this time, a crock, maybe?

    Happy Monday to all and enjoy the break.


  16. This would explain the bedtime reading material!
    I thought that was a fishtank (must clean my glasses) so was eager to have a look as goldfish are the only pets we have in this household at the moment. Got a bit of a fright when I scrolled down,haha.

  17. hmmmmmmm hard core boys are in BIG trouble in my house - a few days ago I found a half filled drink bottle (with lid on) outside so popped it in the sink to wash up later.........that evening I emptyed the contents into the sink & was accosted with the most vile smell, 4 dead frogs lay rotting in my sink! God only knows how long those pooor little buggers had been in there - and I get shudders every time I ponder whether my 2yo may have taken a swig from that bottle - ewwwwwwwwww.

  18. Oh my, you really are the coolest mum in the world A-M (must not show this post to 11 year old boy) ;)

  19. So different from us (four girlie girl family)....having a smile to myself thinking about "how the other half lives"

    We are contemplating a small dog when we move...something small and cute (and that you can buy accessories for (tutu??)) ;-)

    Mrs C x


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