Monday, April 26, 2010

Reliving Our Youth

On the weekend, hubby and I were casually discussing how music invokes such vivid memories. Every time my hubby hears Roger Whittaker, he goes back to his childhood in New Guinea and vividly remembers reading Phantom comics, while listening to his Dad's music. I said that whenever I hear Suzi Quatro, 'Devil Gate Drive', I think of going roller skating in the 70's, when I was a little girl.

As I said it, we both looked at each other.... OMG our boys have never been roller skating! ... we forgot.....quick.... so off to the nearest rink we went....which wasn't so near and was a bit of a road trip!

There were a few tears of frustration at first  (they thought it would be easy, as they can both ski!) but once they got the hang of it,  I have never seen them so joyous. I have never felt so joyous watching them being joyous!

We stopped off at our favourite restaurant for dinner afterwards and spent the rest of the evening talking about how "that was the best day ever".
It's the ANZAC day public holiday here today... so I am going to spend the day sorting, culling and packing! Is it wrong to say "love it" I mad?
Have a great Monday!
A-M xx


  1. Oh its has been a long time for me as well, biys still too young I think, but will file this away in my memory for the near future. Happy holiday Monday

  2. oh my back & knees ache just watching them!! think my DH can introduce them to that hobby!!!

  3. Oh that brings back memories...sounds like you guys really had the best day!

    Happy Monday honey,

  4. I wore skates more than shoes when I was young. We're lucky enough to have a rink about 300m down the road and I'm about to buy skates for my 4 year old. The boys look so cute going around, what a great idea to take them. Enjoy your sorting, it is fun! Rxx

  5. How much fun is that ! I was a roller skating fan in my early teens , still have my skates stashed away. In the holidays I took my 7 year old daughter ice skating (which I have only done 3 times in my life) She took one step on the ice & paniced "is this real ice !". I thought to myself , as apposed to what , the marshmallow ice you thought it would be. On the outside I was displaying a calm demenor , inside I was how am I going to stand up & protect her as well. She was in sheer terror hanging onto the wall all the way around , had wet sleeves from the wall but by the end of the session she was off the wall , attempting to walk by herself & was asking to my surprise when can we come again.
    Why are roller skating rinks so few & far between. Such great exercise & fun , in a safe enviroment off the streets & away from the TV. Bring back the skating rinks I say !
    Karyn x

    Sorry A-M I got carried away , my comment just about turned into a post. Just get so excited sometimes in sharing my thoughts.

  6. What a fun family outing!! I remember when I was a little girl, birthday parties at 'Rollaways' were the 'in thing'. Your boys look like they had a wonderful time. Enjoy your day of sorting and culling - I admit I get great satisfaction out of doing this too!! x

  7. Well, variety is certainly the spice of your life. Never a dull moment. Just Do It... and you do! Yay.

  8. What fun! Where are the pics of you and hubby on skates! My strap on skates had a blue rubber stopper on the end. I used to spend hours making long blue skid marks up and down mum and dad's drive - bliss!

  9. omg suzie quattro and roller disco - man THOSE were the days!!! wow, cool day. you've inspired me.


  10. Your munchkins look like they had a great day. I went ten-pin bowling for the first time in a gazillion years over New Years...great to try something again...I was still really bad though! Enjoy the packing, sorting and culling...not at all wrong to love that...means something new and exciting is happening!

  11. Looks like the boys had agreat time.
    I am using the public holiday to catch up on reading blogs.
    Yesterday we went to melbourne to watch the Anzac day Mrch as my son was marching and then off to the MCG for the football.

  12. Hey A-M
    Congrats on the sale of your house - can't wait to see what you do next. I loved the roller skating rink in the 70s and often did Roller Boogie on a Saturday morning - very tragic. I too grew up in Papua New Guines in Pt Moresby and went to Gordon International Primary School - my dad ran Johnstons Pharmacies. It was a wonderful life up there.

  13. Looks like a fun day!

    OMG A_M where have I been, you sold your house? Lucky people who got to buy such a beautiful place!
    I look forward to reading what's next in your exciting life.
    All the best lovely :)

  14. These are the days, where memories are made!
    Great story! 'And I think it's great that you embrace the future and your moving on, despite how much you put into this house, you take it as it comes!


  15. Fun times A-M...I bet they loved the roller skates and as for Suzie Q...that sure jogged some memories! xv

  16. HI A-M!
    What a cute post! Really cute pictures!
    xoxo alice

  17. What a fun, family-friendly day you all had. Ah rollerskating, something everyone should do at least ONCE in their lives!

    Enjoy the packing A-M. Its the beginning of a new adventure remember. So much fun.

    Oh and yes, show your hubby the Over Canada clip...guaranteed you'll love it. Should get a copy to you somehow...will make you cry!

    XO, Andrea

  18. Dear AM
    This is a lovely post- I alwys used to go skating with my sisters in the early 1980s.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    The level of bitterness in comments can be both boring and upsetting.
    I agree that if you don't like a blog perhaps the easiest thing to do is stop reading it.
    I love your house. It looks so peaceful and chic.
    Keep blogging.

  19. Ah, nothing like some 70s and 80s pop and some twirly disco lights to bring back the memories!

    PS - I totally missed that you sold your beautiful house. I can hardly believe it, it seems you were barely moved in. Can't wait to see what the next House project brings!

  20. I soooo remember rollerskating at our local skating rink/waterslide as well as all the songs from Midnight Oil to Toto to even a Cliff Richard OMG OMG!
    No rollerskating rink close by here - it's ice skating but exactly the same typa stuff. COOOL post ;-)


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