Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I have had so many emails regarding my slow cooker! Which one do I have? After perusing it closely, I found that it's not a Breville, it's a Sunbeam. The Breville is my rice cooker... appliance junkie I am. A  mum at my boys school put me onto it. Thanks Nicole!... you have changed my life.

It's the Sunbeam Slow Cooker HP 5520 5.5 litre (good family with guests size!). Don't think you can only do stews and casseroles..... bleahhh..... I have some serious latent childhood issues following on from being made to sit in front of cold stew (and peas... never eaten one again in my adult life) until I had finished it.......  I'm talking hours of sobbing and pleading to not have to eat the stuff (too much information?... not the 'choicest' childhood.... another time, I digress). No, these slow cookers are even great for those who have a total lifelong aversion to stews and casseroles... you can do roasts and risottos, compotes, puddings... everything in them, even creme caramel!

As for my Mild Chicken Curry Recipe.... I am not ashamed to admit to total cheating..... McCormick's Mild Chicken Curry Recipe Base with 50 million veges added to the mix (capsicum, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes... lots of colour). Idiot proof and the scent will carry you from the front to the back door.... and it is nut free!  Overdosing on 5 extra portions of rice to soak up all the yummy juices is the biggest problem with this meal.... extra half hour required with the trainer the next day.

Another great recipe. This is the original slow cooker recipe my friend hooked me with (no recipe base cheating here):

Lemongrass and ginger scented chicken

Preparation Time: 15 min
Cooking Time: 3-4 hours
Serves: 4-6

1 tablespoon olive oil
2 kg chicken thigh fillets, skin and fat removed
2 medium onions, sliced
3 cloves garlic, crushed
5cm piece ginger, peeled, sliced
2 large red chillies, seeded, sliced
2 stalks lemon grass, trimmed, bruised
½ cup chicken stock
¼ cup soy sauce
2 tablespoons oyster sauce
freshly ground black pepper
200g sugar snap peas

1. Heat oil in a large frypan until hot; seal sides of chicken in batches, then quickly remove from pan. Transfer to slow cooker
2. Reduce heat; add onions and garlic and cook for 1-2 minutes, place in slow cooker with remaining ingredients except sugar snap peas
3. Cover and cook on LOW 5-6 hours or HIGH 3-4 hours.
4. About 15 minutes before serving, add the sugar snap peas and gently stir through. Cover and cook until vegetables are just tender.
5. Garnish with remaining chilli and serve with steamed rice.

Verdict : TDF - to. die. for.

Still sort of in holiday mode here at The House, but have started off a little weekly project of mine over HERE, if you're interested and looking to put your two bobs worth in somewhere. I thought it might be fun. Tell me what you think.
A-M xx


  1. I’ve got one of those, they are great.
    Happy cooking everyone! :)

  2. I could never stand pea and ham soup until I cooked some in my slow cooker...really yummy. And there is absolutely no other way to cook lamb shanks either. My slow cooker is being rescued from the storage shed this weekend (nowhere near enough cupboard space in the kitchen..I'm sure the people who owned this place before me didn't eat!)

  3. Love my slow cooker! Its my BF in Winter, fill it up in the morning, ready by dinner and no fussing in between. Last night i made rice pudding in mine, so easy and the whole fam loved it. Womens Weekly has a new cook book out especially for slow cookers and i highly recommend it - i think i could cook everything in it. Happy slow cooking!!

  4. Love the slow cooker, and even though I never use a recipe base for anything else I also love the McCormack range - we had the beef curry last night. Perfect to throw together in the morning of a busy day.

  5. OK, i'm convinced. A girl at work raves about hers, and now with your rec's as well - time to get one me thinks! jxx

  6. I am going shopping to buy one tomorrow! Can't wait to try these recipes. x

  7. Yes, I'm going to get one as well plus that cookbook. I think I will justify it as a necessity purchase.
    I'm convinced.

  8. My lovely Dad bought me one for Christmas...I think it might be Christened with your delicious looking recipe this coming weekend!

    Thank you too, for your sweet comments on my little really is a wonderful adventure and I'm loving every second!

    Ingrid x

  9. I have the same one, albeit a little older with beautiful (insert sarcasm)70's floral design on it...but I LOVE IT! Have you tried Pataks Korma Curry paste in it, basically like the flavour base, but with more flavour. We do spag bol and everything in ours. It was the best money we have ever spent I think.

    I had to laugh at your stew story. I hate peas too, same reason. Dad worked hard for money back then and food never was wasted, even if you were balking at 9.30pm with cold lumpy mash, peas and stew. Took me a long time to like the others, but I cant do peas...EVER! Nice to know I am not a fruitcake!!
    Ness xx

  10. Oooh this sounds so good.. I so need some good recipes for my slow cooker.... just have to figure how to convert measurements now ;) Hope you had a beautiful Easter!!
    xx Trina

  11. So glad to hear that I am not the only one traumatised as a child by cold hard peas. I too cannot eat them today and feel like such a hypocrite making my kids eat them. At least we as adults today know how to now cook the living daylights out of them.

    PS I am new to your blog and I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi A-M, this recipe sounds gorgeous. I will put it on tomorrow nights menu. Here is a fun little blog I have been watching on and off for a while.

    In 2008, she posted a recipe a day made in her slow cooker. Some fabulous, some disasterous. She is still regularly doing this. Check out the blog here.

  13. as I moved to my new home 'Treetops' I purchased a Large slow cooker. I have had 1 or 2 before and loved them. I bought the large size to cope with catering for family gatherings etc and also so that I can freeze some of what I make. I have tried it out with a curry and when I unfroze remarkably the vegs (potato carrot etc ) did not turn to mush.
    Facebook has a great slowcooker page: recipes hints etc
    Jane of Janezworld

  14. loving the sound of that recipe!! and will be trying it tomorrow night for sure :)

  15. I have one too and love it. I did a roast lamb and veggies in it for Friday family easter feast and it was delish!!!
    Also whinged my heart out as a child over stew, I hear your pain :)

  16. Thanks A-M, guess what I bought today and tomorrow night's dinner is Lemongrass and ginger scented chicken - can't wait!!!
    Christine xo

  17. I use my slow cooker to make possibly the best pulled pork in the world (at least that's what my family says!)

  18. HI A-M!
    Now I'm back from my vacation and i can start follow your blog again! :-) And i got many post to read that i've missed... Yaay! ♥
    xoxo alice

  19. Glad to see I wasn't the only one gagging on peas in the 70's. How lovely that some of you have gone out to purchase a slow cooker! Tell me what you think of the Lemongrass and Ginger Chicken! A-M xx

  20. I think I definitely need to get myself a slow cooker - everyone who has one seems to love them. Recipe sounds delish!! x

  21. I loooove slow cookers!

    Psst...I am hosting a giveaway on my blog today, and I hope you'll come by and enter! xo

  22. I use my crock pot (..your slow cooker) quite a lot. And I really used it when I worked those 14 hr days. It was great to come home to a meal all cooked except for sides. I like to do country ribs in mine and sloppy joes. I couldn't believe it when I read about your having to sit at the supper table with cold food until you ate it as a child. I ate everything my Mom fixed except I hated peas. She worked and served peas from a can. I hated them. She would make me sit at the table until they were gone no matter how long it took. I ended up swallowing them whole so I wouldn't have to taste them. I don't know why she did that and I would never do that to a child. I don't remember her ever doing that to my brothers. To this day I will not eat canned peas or pea soap. I have had fresh peas and they don't taste anything like the horrible canned ones. But we never have peas at my house. Maybe our Moms were related. LOL! It's funny the childhood memories that stay with you.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  23. A-M! I am on a week's leave in between finishing my old job and starting my new one and thought it was the perfect time to dust off the slow cooker and try your lemongrass and ginger scented chicken. O. M. G. Ah-mazing! It was so flavoursome and fragrant - I had friends over and - I kid you not - Pete was drinking from the bowl (yes, I have to admit, so was I!). Thank you so much for kicking off the slow cooker season - I had lots of fun with it last winter but dishes like this are suitable for a range of weather conditions and I'm ready to jump on board right now! xo

  24. Girl friend! I am all over that recipe! Its going in the slow cook tomorrow. Sounds yum.

    We were debating here at the office (or as FF would say - coalface) about the success of slowcookers. The food that I pull out never tastes as good as my grandmothers did!

    I will keep on trying.



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