Wednesday, April 28, 2010


What is it with rentals?... why are they all so filthy? It's not rocket science peoples... it's called housework... and respect for other peoples property. Now, I'm no Martha Stewart, but I run a house, a business, motherhood and study and I still manage to keep my home disease free and pleasant to live in. I am not a slave to housework but I do things as they need to be done. If something looks dirty, I clean it there and then. Clean as you go, I say. Not difficult.

Some of these places... gag, I can't even bear to lean forward and look closely at them on the internet, let alone in real life. I see whatever is growing on the bathroom walls from way back on my sofa thank-you very much.

Yeah, you can guess what I'm doing this week! I chickened out last time and rented a brand new house. I just didn't have the intestinal fortitude to clean someone elses hair out of the shower drains. Unfortunately 'new' means out of town.. and with 6am soccer trainings and 7am guitar ensemble at school, we cannot afford to risk distance and live out at 'Gumnut Valley' (my boys name for our last suburb) again.

So as our contract has been extended until the end of June, and as a result I had to say goodbye to the beautiful 'new' inner city, 'hair free' rental I had almost signed up for... I'm on the hunt again. Wish me luck... and stay tuned. Never. A. Dull. Moment :)
A-M xx

Oh and P.S. Nigel (lizard) has made a remarkable recovery, but not without some spectacular side effects. We think he has mild brain damage (a side effect from the worm he should not have ingested) as he keeps launching himself off the heat rock, from a great height, and landing smack bang on his head... which is probably aiding further brain damage... oh well, boys are happy and slightly amused... with an occasional tinge of concern.
'John Whitley' (locust) passed away last week and so did 'Mr Crab' from the Comslie Beach Park, collected on the weekend... apparently he did not like living in bark.. with no food, water and sand.... and 'loved ones' (as big brother added... he always plays the 'you took him away from his family' card).


  1. I totally agree - rentals can be aweful.

    We moved into a rental 8 years ago. The first thing I noticed was a strange smell... turned out to be about a kilo of cat food behind the fridge and a layer of old spice in the kitchen... Then I discovered black, curly hair everywhere - from a human, not a cat... The tub was grey, the stove greasy, the fridge not cleaned inside, dust everywhere...

    Called the rental company to complain and they had the former rentar to get back to me. "What do you want from me?" he said, "I HAVE vacuumed"..!

    Well mister - not where I can see and it takes a bit more than that, don´t you think..?!

    Got an huge reduction of first months rent since I had to clean everything... disgusting! :-(

    See - I still get going over this, I think I´m mentally scarred..! :-D

  2. Good for Nigel..I think..! We rented three different homes before buying this one. So many stories I could tell..good luck with your search, it's certainly not easy..Rxx

  3. "Clean, wax and polish as you dust with Mr Sheen", as the (old) jingle goes, is my motto too.

  4. Oh dear. When we moved to our house (which we bought), it was not left clean. I wouldn't say I was a neat freak either but flushing a toilet is not cleaning. Bad memory there. Good Luck!

  5. Good luck with your search, A-M, at least you have a little more time to look now your contract's been extended. But can't say I envy you with the move - yuk's right!
    Poor Nigel, maybe the warm weather will bring about a miraculous recovery?
    And my sister once managed to kill a tank full of tadpoles (that I'd spent hours collecting) by 'feeding' them a whole loaf of bread! K xx

  6. Glad to hear the lizard is doing better..sorry about the others. I wish you all the best with your search too!

  7. Ooooh good luck A-M, we've been in our rental for 3 years at the end of May!

    We were so fortunate to find a brand new house, as like you didn't have the stomach the alternative..well it was clean and tidy and looked great initially, but we have had leaks, damp & kitchen units falling apart, constant heating problems (I could go on!) during those years... so do be careful what you wish for!!

    New house should be ready in July..Can't wait! Think I may feel like you though and want to do it all over again (even with the tile trauma)xx

  8. Good luck in finding something! Our place goes on the market next week, as we are about to build, and we will be looking for a rental here in Adelaide... I've had a brief look online, and totally get where you're coming from. We have hardly anything to choose from, and nothing brand new and sparkling clean, either.... Like you, we have to stay in the same area.

    Could you get a cleaner in to scrub the place before you move in??

  9. It is so much easier to clean up after those we love - I remember the rentals of my early 20s and it still makes me shudder. I moved too many times to count for that very reason.

    Good luck finding a place. It will never measure up to the gorgeousness you are used to at home. Your home will always be the most beautiful.

  10. Renting sucks but is so necessary sometimes. I had to rent last year and was really glad to have my own home again. I'm sure you'll find something just right and you'll be able to give lots of great tips for decorating a there's a bonus! For us anyway :)

  11. Wow, feel for you - not a fun thing trying to whittle down the yucky rentals and finmd a good one. that's one big thing on the back of my mind with renovating this place - we'd have to move out, couldn't do my life and stay here.

    hope you find something great! julesx

  12. When we moved here (bought it, but it had been rented) the previous tenants had parked their motorbikes on the carpet... I love to think of their tender solicitude - even big guys can love their rides! But I ripped up that carpet so fast - and the two layers of lino underneath.

    Your move seems to be happening very quickly! Good luck!

  13. My stomach did a little flip when I read about someone elses hair in the sinks...

    We have rented a few times (while we have built etc). The first one was horrid and had no bath but I had a 10 month old and we bathed him in a shell pool thiny that I filled up EVERYDAY LOL. This was all we could afford at the time. The house has now been bulldozed haha.

    Then the last one we rented was 'ok', but I remember the day we moved in and the floors felt slimey... i won't forget the carrying on and tantrum throwing I did. But I survived it and hey I would do it again (wink).

  14. Hmmm, Nigel sounds worryingly suicidal! If you find a rental that has potential and is in the right location, use the condition to negotiate the rental price and then get a team of professional cleaners in to give it a good once over! I really hope you find something perfect though! x

  15. with all your wonderful knowledge..wuold you be able to help?? Building cubby/fort for children and need help with roof pitch - right up your alley!!! walls are 1800 wide and 1500 high...any advice??? surfing net has not helped.
    kind regards,Helen

  16. Oh A-M I feel your pain. Even when we moved into our semi-clean rental space in Airlie Beach you couldn't hide the greasy bathroom or the dead cockroaches under the stairs. We spent our first weekend scrubbing and bleaching until we were satisfied. We also go a huge reduction in our first week's rent for all the hard work we put in. I'm sure your perfect rental property is out there.....

    XO, Andrea

  17. Rentals? Hey, worse than that are some properties in multi-million inner northern suburb which are sold by some of the cities most respected business men and women and when you move in you have to clean grime from places you would be SHOCKED! It took me 6+ months to get the sink drain white again. GROSS! I feel your pain :)

  18. Sing it, sister! I have seen some down right disgusting places in my rental hunts. Our last rental was a 1960s unit and it killed me to think how many people had walked on the textured carpet, how many people had been in that shower. Ew, I shudder thinking about it now. We had slow drains in that house and I never fixed it because I just didn't want to know what crap was down there.

    First thing I always do in any rental? Buy a new toilet seat!

  19. I'd love you to be my tenants - you'd be PERFECTO!
    Millie ^_^

  20. All the best for the search A-M. I agree with Kerry, I look forward to seeing your tips for sprucing a rental without nails etc!

  21. Dear A-M, I can imagine what you are going through, right now. I wish I could help somehow! But I will be thinking of you and sending you my good vibrations hoping that you will find the right place sooner than later.

  22. We owned a rental a few years ago and in 7 years had only one houseproud tenant. The final straw came when one tenant broke a large bay window and didn't pay the repair bill. We got a phone call from the new tenant one wet cold July evening asking where the window had had been repossessed by the glazing company!

  23. Let me tell you A-M..we have had to be in a rental while we are living in Cayman for 6 months or so. While the apartment was rather nice, you had to look at it from a far. Since we moved in I did a complete clean of the place. Lucky owners I tell ya. Anyway, we are moving to my husbands parents house now as they are at their vaction home for the summer. Lucky us..on the beach with our own pool as well. good luck on your search. Just remember, you can clean it and you don't have to live in it forever.
    AK xx


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