Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bloggy Design Help Please

Well good morning all. This Sunday's broadcast is coming from one of my reader's homes. 

Michelle has asked if you would all be able to help her make some decisions regarding the renovation/rejuvenation of her home, here in Brisbane. Oh it's got character... VJ's, mouldings, pretty window, French doors... deep sigh.

Lets start with the kitchen:

Michelle's first question is: "Do you think I should paint the doors in the kitchen white? Change the splashback"? Michelle is on a tight budget so she is not planning to replace her floor tiles or benchtops for the time being. So any changes she makes really have to work in with what she is not changing! Look at those cupboard door profiles! Do you agree they are screaming out to be highlighted in white. I did refer Michelle over to Kerri at Driftwood Interiors for some heart stopping, white kitchen reno inspiration! What do you think she should do with the splashback?.. if anything. You know me... my answer most likely will always be - white subway... sigh!

Moving on to the main bathroom. The floor and wall tiles have been removed since these photos have been taken.. so you're getting the real 'before photos' folks. Michelle has already laid the floor and wall tiles you see below in the renovated bathroom/laundry downstairs. She is wondering whether she should use the same tiles, you see below, in this bathroom. Now I'm a sucker for consistency, I don't know about you. I used the same floor and wall tile right throughout all my bathrooms and laundry... and just made each room unique with different fixtures and fittings. Michelle is not sure whether to paint the dark window frames/door/vanity white in bathroom. She notes that the other windows in the rest of house are timber on the inside so this may mean needing to paint everything else to be consistent. Yep, I say paint it all. Your thoughts?

Michelle also is thinking about about changing the vanity top to stone (maybe snow) and changing the handles. Not to sway you Michelle.. but I have 'snow'... LOVE it... easy to clean...even with 2 boys and their grotty bug hunting hands.

Michelle has used 600 x 300 (gloss white on walls) & 600 x 300 (limestone / beige colour in honed finish on floor) in the downstairs bathroom. The wall tiles have been laid vertically. Yay!.. complements the age and character of the home.

The rest of the bathroom in question. She's keeping the bath - yay! ... and there's the window trim in question. Remember all these current tiles have gone.....bye-bye diamond pattern.

... and last but not least, Michelle requests - "any tips on what to do with our attractive fire place and dining room would be appreciated.  Have not had any luck finding a dining table/sideboard to suit this room, hence the lack of furniture present!!" Side track - love the floors, room arch, cornices, vj's... isn't it great to work with good bones!

Well thank you in advance, for helping out Michelle with advice on her kitchen, bathroom and fireplace. It will be great for her to receive opinions other than mine! I told her... you put it out there in blog land, you'll have your reno done in no time. I mean you all helped me build my house from the ground up... and that was no mean feat.....oh it makes me tired just thinking of it all again!
Thanks girls.
Have a great day.
A-M xx

Friday, May 28, 2010

It Has Come To This...

.... lobbying for light fittings. I think we might need to girls. These are desperate times.

This is what all the fuss is about. These are my kitchen lights... that were photographed for Home Beautiful. At the end of yesterday, I had received a total of 167 emails/phonecalls re these lights. They are well and truly out of stock with my supplier, and not being imported any more. Now, I think we need to petition my supplier to let him know how serious we are about sourcing more of these lights. What do you reckon? 

Maybe if you leave me a comment on this post (especially those who have contacted me about them), I can forward a link to this post along to him. He has fabulous taste, has great quality stock at such reasonable prices, gives great service (hey Trish) and pretty much supplied all the light fixtures in 'The House'. I love doing business with him... so lets see if we can lobby for more of these lights and many more like this... in this here 'lighting wasteland' that is Australia.

Image Courtesy Home Beautiful (my kitchen... with lights in question )

I will leave you with this little task, while I crawl under a rock and sweat out a fever. I think it might be the one I nursed my little tacker through last week. Have a great weekend all..... and let's here it for blogger power. Bring back the lights. We want the lights.
A-M xx

Thursday, May 27, 2010


... is just magical. Look what was sitting on my doorstep when I got home yesterday. The most beautiful bunch of flowers from a reader, who knows I have been feeling poorly with my chronically, tragic lungs, and who just wanted to cheer me up. Lorraine... thank you sweet bloggy made my day!! Every time I walk past them I scream, "look at my flowers"... scares everyone to death! I have never met Lorraine but I have gotten to know her through my blog and my previous online store.

Look how they brighten up my kitchen area... you'd never know the rest of the house has been packed up. A semblance of normality amongst the chaos.

Isn't this blog place wonderful. I received an email from another blogger, who I met last week for the first time - she says now that she has met me, when she reads my posts she can 'hear' them...I did have to ask her "is that good or bad"!!! I received a phone call yesterday from a country lady who just wanted to let me know I inspired her... no she didn't want to order my kitchen lights, like the 472 previous phone calls I received, she just wanted to say nice things. People are kind and good and generous and real here. I love how we support each other and share our joys and our not so nice things. You are a humorous, fun loving bunch too. It's truly 'addictive for the soul' stuff, this blogging. That's why I'm still here, every day... over two years later... for all those reasons listed above. I get so much out of this, out of my friendships with you and I just wanted to say thank you.

See Lorraine, your flowers have now brightened everyone's day!
A-M xx

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Family Stuff

Well, there has been much excitement in 'the house' over the past 2 days as our big boy participated in the Brisbane Metropolitan East Soccer Championships. He was selected to play for the school district under 12 soccer team, over a month ago - the only one from his school and his club to be selected - bursting with pride we are. Hubby has been camped out at the championships, in the grandstand, heart in his mouth, for the past 2 days.... sending me text messages every 5 secs..... while I have been at home nursing little one through a fever, which I have now taken off his hands... ache, sniff. For the first time in the history of the championships, my son's district team won. He scored some spectacular goals too! Hubby said he could not fault him. It was like watching the European Soccer League, they were all so good.  My boy has so revelled in playing at this level and has been heard saying, "oh it is so good to be playing real soccer". Well done son.
Mum xx
P.S. Little one would like me to bring to your attention that he is now playing piano with 2 hands - due to all the extra piano lessons he's had over the past month or so ... having to take over big brother's piano lessons, in addition to his own, while big brother has been training for the districts. Two champions - it's all too much!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Looking Forward

 Image Courtesy House and Garden

Hubby knows me too well. He found me sitting by my lonesome in the Great Room last night, plonked a wine in my hand and said, "keep looking forward, don't look back, think about your next kitchen, your next Great Room". He's trying to cut off the 'leaving the house gloom' at the pass.

So looking forward this morning.....a few ideas for my next place. Realistically, it's going to be a challenge to find an affordable block of land the size we have here so the back elevation will be quite different.... probably won't be able to have such a large lawn area separate to the pool area. Depending on the slope of the block, I quite like the idea of creating an 'L' shape at the back of the house, with a conservatory type room (used as a casual living area) in the tip of the 'L' (conservatory meaning, lots of window assemblies and French doors!), looking out onto the pool. Let's see which way the sun shines first before I start getting too excited about lots of windows. I like the idea of the kitchen looking out onto the outdoor eating area and pool as in the picture above (assuming their kitchen is where the photo was taken from). I would not build the top floor out over the porch area like they have done though... have to have a nice sloping roof line to look out to. I will always plan a smaller top floor area compared to lower floor area, to ensure a nice roof line and lots of eaves. That little elevation above looks perfect for an inner city block. Of course there would have to be a 'pool shack' (four posts and a roof) at the far end of the pool... that's a must.

There, that's my therapy this morning. I now have to tackle my inbox. If you have sent me an email, I promise I will reply as soon as I can. I'll start right now.
Have a great day.
A-M xx

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Nook?

I don't think there is a photo-worthy nook left after my sale on the weekend! I think we might leave the 'Monday Nook's until I move into the MBR ('Mission Brown Rental'). I suppose a picture of my jewels could be considered a nook for now.

The sale!.. it was was so wonderful to meet you all! What a way to leave this place... to open it up to all my bloggies and sell everything. It's nice to know that everything went to nice homes and will be loved. I even received emails last night with photos of my things in their new homes! Isn't that lovely. I sold pretty much everything that wasn't tied down with a sold sticker (had to mark everything the new owner is keeping with a sold sticker)... even my music stand, in the Great Room .....which wasn't for sale... got me at a weak moment... violin will probably be in storage... so I won't really need one for a while.

All that was left were a few jewels... so you know what?... I went shopping! I never touch my jewels as they have always been 'stock' to me. Hubby said to me "it's over darling, Armchair Trader is over... keep some of your jewels for yourself.... AND, don't say I don't buy you anything". So I kept some.

Now the other wonderful experience was.... people bringing me cakes! That just doesn't happen in my life.
First, this spectacular one from 'Faux Fuchsia'. It was so delish that a gentleman at my sale, who had just lost 15kg, biggest loser style, gave up his diet and scoffed 3 pieces. I had some for morning tea and lunch .. so did my big boy. I was mortified to learn that my little one greeted FF at the gate and promptly said, "does it have nuts in it, 'cause if it does, I can't have it, 'cause I have a peanut allergy"... hmm... he needs tact lessons from his big brother. Big brother, even when he was tiny, if someone gave him a present he already had, he would never let on... built in tact. Little one?... another story.

'Mystery Giver' cake

Ok, now to the case of the unidentified cake giver - please let me know if it was you who gave me this beauty. I was so busy, the generous giver escaped me. I do remember seeing the glint of alfoil out of the corner of my eye.

Right, now that the sale is over, it's down to business. Gloves off, new jewellery on, boxes out... now to seriously pack. I have an appointment this morning to sign our lease. Oh how I hate how 'renters' are treated. Even the 15 year old 'gatekeeper' at the front counter treats you like dirt. I popped in the other day (as they did tell me to pop in) and I was greeted with this drawling, nasal "do you have an appointment, if you don't, you'll have to make an appointment, she doesn't see anyone without an appointment"... didn't even look up while she said it... kept typing. Sent me away. ... and I used be good with 'gatekeepers' from back in my pharmaceutical repping days. Lost my touch. So I have my 'appointment' this morning.
Wearing my new jewels.
A-M xx

P.S. Thank you Carmen ('Tarboon') and Suzanne for being the most sensational 'add-er uppers' and wrappers.... and again...thank you to my cake givers.

Hubby and me, having a coffee in the 'pool shack' after it was all over.
I think big son took this photo, I found it while downloading my cake photos.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sale Full

It's going to be busy at my sale so I think I might have to close the 'ticket office' now. Thanks for all your emails. To those who are coming, I hope it isn't all sold out by the time you get here. If it is... I'll make you a coffee.
See ....worrying already. Husband has requested that I do not sell shirt off his back.... and his desk!
A-M xx

Getting Organised....

I've set up my jewels here, for my sale - looks good!

.. ha!... famous last words when one is moving house. No.... sorting, packing and culling is good for the soul I reckon. What does Faux Fuchsia say?.... " Clutter and mess is the devil's work".... I love it! We really don't need much stuff to live comfortably do we. I live by that quote by William Morris, "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful".... although at the rate I am going with my sale stuff, there won't be anything beautiful left.. just useful.... beds, clothes and cutlery! 

Katrina has a great post on getting organised, HERE. I like Katrina's advice... it's real. She has 3 boys and her household sounds very similar to mine... noisy for a start! I think the most important thing with being organised, is having a place for everything .....and tidying as you go. 'If you got it out, put it back'.... my mantra in this house. Check out Katrina's other blog 'A Very Fine House'... it's fabulous.... lots of real homes and real advice.

Still time to book in for my sale. Lots of 'bloggies' are coming..... so should be a very social occasion as well as a great shopping experience. Email me at:, for all the details.
Have a great day. I'm having a few girlies around for morning tea, going all out and driving to the bakery. Yes, I am not a baker.
A-M xx


Thursday, May 20, 2010


We kept busy while big brother was away. 
I packed and culled and sorted. 
He looked for locusts... as you do... when you're 7.

Big son is back from camp. He looked like a mangey dog. He hadn't bathed since Sunday. There was no hot water at the camp site. They also weren't allowed to take pillows. Hmmm, how does that 'make him a man'? Anyway, I did the fussy Mother thing and ran a 150% dettol bath and made him soak for hours. His clothes were loaded into the Napisan bucket with tongs. And his socks? ... straight in the bin... beyond help. Little one is beside himself with excitement to have his big brother back and is permanently draped all over him.

My boys are excited about my sale. They wish to greet everyone at the door. They have even been practising their greetings. I drew the line at Jim Carrey impersonations... which they have gotten down pat by the way... better than Jim Carrey himself. I wonder what Jim Carrey would think? I bet he would be impressed. Anyway their 'greeting enthusiasm' will last 10 minutes max... let's see.

Not much else to report.. just stripping the house of all signs of life... I exaggerate... it's not that bad yet... but I do cry... on a daily's all looking so bare.... what a sook. I'll get over it.

Email me for details, if you wish to come to my sale: I'll have an urn and 'floor sweepings' (office coffee)... I'm going all out.... getting the paper cups today.
A-M xx

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spontaneous Self Portrait And Other Stuff

Inspired by last weeks 'Bloggers Without Makeup', I did a self portrait in my jammies yesterday while setting up my sale. That's as good as it gets I'm afraid... despite the pleading emails from people for me to reveal myself.

I'm also getting lots of emails from my overseas readers requesting that I post the full Home Beautiful article on my house (as I do have the whole article scanned due to my spectacular scanning committee!). Now, this is what I think. I think that if I wait  for the current June issue  to obviously sell out due to unprecedented demand and popularity,  to disappear from the shelves and be replaced by the July issue, I will not be upsetting anyone by posting the full article then. What do you think.. that's good etiquette, isn't it? So as soon as 'July' is out and 'June' is gone. I'll post it. And winners of my mag draw, your parcels are on their way. Don't you love how the magazine costs $7 and the postage $27.... hence the reason I only sent five.... school fees to pay!

House update - it's looking empty and it is starting to echo. My sale is set up already. I like to set up early and then 'swan'. I used a lot of my new stock to pad out the shelves when we moved in.... had to... when we moved here from our previous shoebox, we a lounge suite and our beds. We gave all our pre-marriage furniture away to the young girl who used to serve us coffee at our favourite local coffee shop (the one who had a crush on my husband)... I think I wrote a post on her a year ago!

The jewels have been set up under the chandelier.. it looks so posh.....just need a bit of crooners music and we're ready to go. It's just a house, it's just a house. See I am coping. Oh, here's my coffee.. isn't he well trained. He knows the bloggers come first so he brings me my coffee.

Ok, so if you are near Brisbane and want to come to 'the house' for a day of shopping - jewellery, pretties, homewares, ra, ra.... just email me and I will send you all the details:
Have a great day.
A-M xx

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sale At The House

Hey, Brisbanites or 'near enoughers'.... I have heaps of jewellery, trinkets, scarves, wallets, bath products, stationery and homewares, ra, ra.... remaining from my old 'Armchair Trader' business..... back in the days of my 'Bubbles and Bling Nights'.... so I am opening my doors, for one day, to those who wish to purchase any of my remaining bling stock, etc and even my jewellery stands!.... all below cost. If you wish to come by, please email me with your details and the number in your party and I will email you back with the details - day, time, address. I'll have my scary bouncer (hubby.... grrrr) at the gate checking off the invitee list.... as you can understand, it will be invite only. Please no children.... too hard with breakables....oh and I have EFTPOS facilities available too. Email me at:
A-M xx

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Nook and Winners

 Oh how I love this room... love, love, love.... I live in it.
I'm staying right here until we move.

Well, this is where I spent most of my weekend........feet up... computer on lap.... swatting up on timber. At least it's more interesting than concrete and screws. I am also working my way through the Australian 'Standard AS1684 - Residential Timber Framed Construction' Manual... I really want to know this stuff. I remember one of our carpenters waving one under my nose on site during our build. Now I'm far enough into my study to actually really need it. It's all pretty much 'another language' to me at present so I am wading through it bit by bit. Oh, I do love timber though. I'm heading off this morning, to pester the lovely builders on a building site at the end of my street and then to pester the lads at Finlaysons Timber I need photos of timber, beams and stuff for my assignment and they don't know it yet but they're in for some 'blonde questions'... best way to learn... lots of questions.

My 'barrel boys' drew 5 names out of the slow cooker (our barrel this time) last night, for the winners of the overseas magazine draw. They are:

Trina from LaLaLovely
Simony from Art and Life
Kat from Low Tide High Style
Grace from Sense and Simplicity
Kelly from Design Ties (the boys said any puppy will do). What a fluke. When they drew your name out Kelly, I said, "that's the lady who said she would buy you a puppy if you drew her name out". Their eyes widened as if it would all come true. Ha!

Girls, I will post them out this week. Please email me your postal address to:

Well, big one is off on school camp for the week. Little one is just 'broken', in mourning, and will be fragile the whole time he is gone. Here we go again. What's the bet everything will remind him of his brother and there will tears all week.... just like last time. I'll have to keep him really busy...... come here son and pack this box.
Have a great Monday.
A-M xx

Friday, May 14, 2010

This Made Me Smile

Look what my local newsagent has been up to this week. "Skillage".... as my almost teenage son would say! I stood there, admiring it, partying on the inside.... and then reality struck.... and I headed off to Woolies to do the grocery shopping.

I am going to put my head down for the next few days and knock over 2 assignments by Monday...out, out damned subject... c'mon A-M, just do it.

Have a great weekend. Miss you already.
Back Monday.
A-M xx

Thursday, May 13, 2010

House Update

I should be on commission!

Had Amanda over for morning tea the other day. Pulled out all stops, got in the car and drove to Bulimba Bakery to buy our favourite passionfruit cupcakes (totally melt in your mouth, one cake per bite heaven). Got some carrot cake as well for hubby. He got in touch with his feminine side and sipped tea with us until his morning appointment arrived.

Found a rental... mission brown... it's not forever.... character building. I promise I will share every 'brown' bit of it with you. Is it possible to be packing 'only on the inside'? I'm packing... but just stuff that you don't notice... like the insides of cupboards. We have a bit of time before we move and when the time comes, I want it to be swift. Like 'The House' one day and then gone the next. If I pack everything up now and boxes are everywhere... well that's just depressing. I find myself lingering in rooms now and 'swanning'...playing music... sipping wine in solitude .....and don't tell hubby..... but when he takes the boys out somewhere, I cry. I mourn for my lovely house and then quickly get over it. I want to look really strong and stoic for him!... and you guys. Anyway, I am detaching... slowly. I think the key is to look forward... a change in circumstance is a wonderful opportunity for's exciting... the unknown... life has to be exciting, doesn't it. The key is to be 'scheming' all the time.. right?

Never a dull moment here at 'The House'.....roller coaster of emotions this week...... sniff... thank you for all your lovely comments and emails... they make me cry... but hey everything is making me cry at present... snnnifffff.
A-M xx

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My stuff but image courtesy of Home Beautiful. 
... I have a scanning committe and a stalking committee'll never guess of what! Now, I have a swag of these magazines sitting in a neat little pile in my laundry... as hubby went a bit overboard.

Can I digress for a millisecond and tell you that I received a phone call from our accountant (Hi Matt!) the other day, "Hi A-M, I just wanted to tell you that Luke (hubby) is so proud of you... he has been bouncing all over the office this morning singing your praises, handing out magazines and saying, 'it wasn't me, none of it was me, it was all my wife'... just thought you might like to know". I sat with my head in my hands and cried (bit fragile at present). I love his guts.

Ok, yes digression over.... Home Beautiful magazines - I have 5 that I am prepared to part with, for overseas readers who can't get their hands on a copy. Leave a comment here and I will get the 'barrel boys' to draw out 5 readers on the weekend and I will post the winners on Monday, next week. And you're not counted in this Miss Andrea as yours is already on it's way... but you can still comment pet!....and so can you Aussie lovelies! .... and thank you for all your beautiful emails and texts... I am working my way through my inbox so I will reply... eventually. Oh how do I get back on the study wagon!?
Have a great day. 
A-M xx

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Out Loud

He wanted to read it - he's proud of me - this is the one who loves the sound of my walking.

We did some reading out loud to Mum last night. Learnt some great new words: traipsed, vignette, architect, dilemma and synchronise, just to name a few. It's going to take us a while to get to the end..... AND before you start sending me in the 'cruelty to children' emails (...believe it!....can't please anyone these days).... no children were harmed in the process or in the preparation of this post. 
A-M xx

P.S. Oh and sorry about the ironing board.

P.P.S. Love him.

P.P.P.S. I won a 6 month subscription to Home Beautiful over at Jennifer's Blog: Inside Out Colour And Design. Hilarious! Have never won a thing in my life... oh I lie... a gorgeous lamp from Buyster, but it was so recent that I still think that I have never won a thing in my life. I can't really say that anymore, can I! I  hadn't sent in my subscription cheque to HB... so PERFECT timing! Thank you so much Jennifer!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Got One....

 ... or fifty.
A-M xx

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Update

Well, I bypassed the hospital (I've been sicker) and scooted off to the markets... so highly medicated I was shaking like a leaf.

Ran into the lovely Rachael (chief market co-ordinator extraordinaire, fellow blogger: La Maison Sur La Colline and house renovator/builder), who had a real life copy of 'THE MAG'..... behold A-M's first sighting of the mag in real life... it was a momentous occasion, which I also shared with Clare, from Mondo Cherry. That's her market stand, where I propped up 'The Mag' to photograph it. Mondo Cherry got a mention in the article.... yay! ... their little paper birdies were dangling from my outdoor chandelier. I also took the most gorgeous photo of Clare's baby girl Tily, but for privacy reasons, I just could not cross that line and publish it... maybe she will.... if we lobby her! I draw the line at plastering my boys faces all over the internet (bad mother)... and speaking of which, we were stopped at the markets, as someone recognised my boys from my blog!!... oh dear... see why I will never show my face.... have to be able to pig out at sushi anonymously.... note to self... don't eat sushi in public place with sons.

Well, I hope you all had a fabulous day. My hubby is just heading out to pick up our takeaway Thai.... (milking this lung failure as much as I can)... I have an appointment with my local newsagent at 6am... then it's off to share the joy with my Woolies girlfriends during my weekly grocery shop, stopping off at the butchers and the fruit shop along the way. Honestly, this is more exciting than graduating from 5 years at Uni... why?.... because I am doing what I absolutely, passionately love. Will share photos of my day!
A-M xx

Mother's Day At The House

Straight to the blog.... these gorgeous gifts from my boys.... enjoy!

...from youngest...interesting comment about my feet... he always says to me "I love the sound of your walking Mum".

...and this beautifully wrapped present, from youngest, revealed another hand-made card, as my instructions were: 'no purchased presents allowed - only hand-made'.


That's me, cheering him on at school sports day.

Like something out of 'Little House On The Prairie'...
"your loving son", where does he get his vocabulary from?


Hubby got in on the act too! His comment about hospital refers to the difficult decision I have to make this morning - 'do I go to hospital (I am so crook with this damn cough that I can hardly breathe) or do I go to the 'Boutique Markets' with my lads and meet up with all the girls there? I'm leaning towards the markets...I'm rather stoic when it comes to my chronically tragic lungs. 
Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely Mums out there.
A-M xx

Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Goss

A few of my own snaps of the 'pool shack', on photo shoot day.

Now, before you start emailing me 'get over it emails', in my defense, I am going to say that these images are for my overseas readers! I'll think of another reasonable excuse for my behaviour next week.

A juicy, behind the scenes, photographer's tip - see that wine glass?....water with a few drops of coke in it.

... and here's the pool shot they used in the mag...scanned copy courtesy of my 'scanning committee' (they've been looking after me, haven't you girls). I also received a scanned copy of the address slip that subscribers got, that also has this pool shot on it. I would have loaded up a copy for you to see but it had the bloggy subscriber's address on it and PDF files and me don't work too well together. My IT skills remain on a 'need to know' level..... hence my instant new best friend IT man... sorry 'D' ('instant new best friend next door, who abandoned me and moved to Perth')... oh and excuse me 'D', where are you love? Out yourself.

Busy Saturday today. Big son is sitting the scholarship exam again today.... all morning. I'm bribing him with a sushi session soon after... actually didn't need to bribe him.. he is a willing victim....I keep threatening him with the high school I went to. Little one is off to his soccer game too and I'm stalking rentals for the rest of the day... oh so character building.... clean your toilets peoples!....blah!
A-M xx

Friday, May 7, 2010

Breathe Out

OK... so the subscribers have got their hands on the mag... oh yes and I have feasted my eyes on a mangy scanned copy (no offense to my scanning committee)....but for the rest of us common folk, we are going to have to wait until next week to purchase it - May 10th? Does Home Beautiful come out on a Monday or Tuesday?... keep your eyes peeled people. I'll be stalkin' the girls at Woolies, come Monday morning.... let me tell you .... and then going up to complete strangers to tell them "this is my home... on the cover"... well not strangers... I'm just going to do the rounds of all my shop friends... butcher, local coffee shop, chemist, fruit shop girls... hey they told me to tell them! So bear with me people... I will have to sing and dance for a bit longer when it's actually for sale in the shops..., I thought it would be nice to share one of my own dinky shots, that I took on the day of the photo shoot.

This little romantic trilogy, on the wall next to my bed, is mentioned in the treasured prints from the 'The Truffle Girls', framed up in (faint hearted, interior designers look away now).... ikea frames. Karey and Mary, the frames had to be 'dramatically insignificant' to showcase your lovelies. Oh and seriously fantastic news... they are now available in Australia, through Ms Kimberlee's shop, Brown Button Trading. Quick, scoot on over there, to get a bit of your own 'Truffle Love'!

"I could stare at you all day"
"They always looked like they were holding hands... even when they weren't"
"All that love... in just one little you"

Yes, I know I was a right royal pain, on the day of the photo shoot... setting off the photographer's flash every time I used my pathetic little 'handbag/building site' camera.... and just when I could see him starting to grit his teeth.... I would offer him a passionfruit cupcake... worked a I got lots of amateur shots (with a great professional photographers flash!) that I have been hiding under a bushel since the shoot. Will share some more tomorrow.
Have a great day.
A-M xx

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mission Update

I got my hands on a scanned copy. Thank you bloggy friends for sending your 'creative' scanning efforts through to me.

Many tears. A lovely article. Thank you Rosanne Peach, you sweetheart, for your beautiful story... you summed us (me and hubby) up to a T!... what a scream!..... literally! Thank you Wendy, Rosanne and everyone else down in 'Home Beautiful land' who worked on the article and super cyber hugs to whoever lobbied to have it on the cover!!! Scream!

Lots of my bloggy friends and suppliers got a mention and I will share these details closer to the news stand launch. What a team effort this has been. Thank you my friends for helping me build my house, for your support and encouragement, advice and friendship. What a wonderful finale. This is your article too.
A-M xx

The Cover

Home Beautiful June 2010 Via IPhone

In true 'Spy Kids' style, Bonnie from Amour, Amour has emailed me a picture of the cover that she took with her I-Phone! Yay... OMG, isn't it exciting.....that's my porch! Now I just have to get hold of the contents....

...and look, there's Amanda's gorgeous cushions, sprawled on the chair and the floor. Can you breathe Miss A?
....and my plans to meet for coffee have been thwarted as my website tech guy is due any minute to do some tech-ish sort of stuff with me.... sooo if anyone would like to send me a copy of the contents... I am willing to resort to bribes.... name your price.
A-M xx