Saturday, May 1, 2010


..... the 'sold sign'. I couldn't resist taking a photo as I drove out of the drive yesterday morning.
Happy Saturday - we're off to the four corners of Brisbane, for all our soccer matches. Meet you back here tomorrow. I'm having a sale of all my remaining 'Armchair Trader' store stock.... bye-bye pink lady. Will load it all up tomorrow.
A-M xx


  1. Are you giving up your store also? Did I miss something?

  2. It is moving along so fast - all the feelings can come to the surface. Soccer matches might be downright soothing!

    I have just had good close look at your front door, with a U.S. Marines door knocker!? I have one on my front door too, I bought it on eBay on the theory no-one would burgle a Marine.

    I love the imagery, the anchor, the eagle, the world, the proud banner. It's going with me if I ever move...

  3. Just selling off the remaining girlie stuff from my old 'Armchair Trader' store before I open my Cape Cod online store later on in the year. A-M xx

  4. I am really chocked when I saw "FOR SALE" then "SOLD".

    That's a quick one living in a dreamhouse.

    Hear you soonest...


  5. Onwards and upwards AM !! What a great achievement for you all. I hope you have found a decent rental and am looking forward to seeing the sold sign on the next house you take on. best wishes Sheila

  6. Wow it is all happening in your household....hang on girl!

    Just being having a catch up on posts, thanks for the update on the health of the ummm pets! Gosh that cat looks gorgeous, wandering the nature strip by the looks, your boys are so lovely.

    Good luck with everything,
    xxx DJ

  7. I'm spending the weekend getting ready for a monster garage sale that I'm having in a few weeks, our garage is still full of so much stock,furniture and fabrics, not to mention inside the I know what you mean time to clean up otherwise we have to move it all. Let the packing begin!

  8. Trying to post you a comment, is it working?

  9. wow, that makes it real huh?! we're off to football this weekend - and i thought winter was for laying low, drinking tea and reading books under blankets, not likely!

    have a great weekend xxx

  10. Dear A-M
    I'm such a bad blogger.. been missing a lot of everyone's posts and now see here that you have sold this lovely home.. you know your blog and your adventures with this build kept me amused long before I started blogging... did you tell the new owner they must blog as well????? hahahaha... well congrats on the sale.. [unless of course I'm confusing things??]

    and have a lovely weekend.. xxx Julie

  11. Oh AM how my heart aches for you!
    Think you deserve some big hugs XOXO Kym

  12. Obviously I am going to find more time to read EVERYTHING as little things like houses for sale are slipping by me!!!!! Well done and lucky new owners.

  13. Wow! That is one big sign A-M. What a relief to have sold quickly. At least you don't have to keep everything looking magazine perfect in case of potential inspections. ( Unless of course you really always do have your house looking very very tidy).
    We have just come home from the footy, netball run and I am rewarding myself with some blogland time.

  14. wow, didn't even know you were selling!

  15. Oh you are such a star dear A-M, I cried buckets when the Real Estate agent gleefully stuck his SOLD sticker on our old house. It was a wrench after 16 years, & while my head told me it was time to downsize & look for a new adventure, my heart couldn't quite reconcile that fact. I'm so excited to see where your new adventures take you (& us!!).
    Millie ^_^

  16. Lucky new owners ... I hope you find a new dream project soon, my friend:)


  17. What?? How could I have missed this?? What happened?

    Hope everything's ok with you and the family..

    Scandinavian Chic (Beautiful Living) is being relaunched on Sunday, and I would really love for you to come visit. If you have the time. What happened???

    Am thinking of you. Lots of hugs!!!


  18. Good Grief! I thought I had been reading your blog closely - obviously I missed something - or a criptic clue along the way maybe? What next??

  19. Such a beautiful home, I can't wait to see your next project!

  20. I was surprised to hear you sold. I missed that somewhere. I can't wait to see what your new adventures are! All the best.

  21. A-M...
    I've been out of the blog loop...working and needed a new computer! (which I have semi-set up.) And I find you've sold your beautiful house!! Yikes...I'm shell shocked. I love your kitchen and envy the pool. Your boys' room is perfect (and they seem like the best of brothers and do many of the things we do here in N., swim, bugs...boy stuff. I hope you blog your new adventure.


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