Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Family Stuff

Well, there has been much excitement in 'the house' over the past 2 days as our big boy participated in the Brisbane Metropolitan East Soccer Championships. He was selected to play for the school district under 12 soccer team, over a month ago - the only one from his school and his club to be selected - bursting with pride we are. Hubby has been camped out at the championships, in the grandstand, heart in his mouth, for the past 2 days.... sending me text messages every 5 secs..... while I have been at home nursing little one through a fever, which I have now taken off his hands... ache, sniff. For the first time in the history of the championships, my son's district team won. He scored some spectacular goals too! Hubby said he could not fault him. It was like watching the European Soccer League, they were all so good.  My boy has so revelled in playing at this level and has been heard saying, "oh it is so good to be playing real soccer". Well done son.
Mum xx
P.S. Little one would like me to bring to your attention that he is now playing piano with 2 hands - due to all the extra piano lessons he's had over the past month or so ... having to take over big brother's piano lessons, in addition to his own, while big brother has been training for the districts. Two champions - it's all too much!


  1. Thats fantastic A-M. give him a hug for me! Beautiful photos of the proud boy and his brother!

  2. fantastic effort boys!! im sitting here reading with my son (2.5yrs) and he loves the soccer boots your big boy is wearing!!! "mine now please"

  3. Such incredible characters your boys! High fives to both of them, and mum and dad as well!

  4. How lovely, what wonderful boys they are! They must feel so proud of themselves - soccer and piano both require such skill..Rachaelxx

  5. Congrats to big boy on your soccer achievement! (I know what you guys will be doing during the world cup)
    And congrats too to little one - it takes lots of practice and co-ordination to start playing piano with both hands! Well done!

  6. Oh A-M what a huge win for your big boy (and two hands on the piano for little one is a big accomplishment as well). You must be fairly ready to explode with parental pride.

    I have to tell you A-M, I got my magazine in the mail today (in perfect condition too). I'm about to curl up and read and admire before bed. Thank you so much for shipping to me ~ what a cost. Dinner is on me when you come to Canada!

    XO, Andrea

  7. Big congratulations to your two superstars! And so lovely of your little one to keep is in the loop - two hands no less! Legendary effort by both your gorgeous boys. K xx

  8. TWO hands? My goodness! What a little superstar. And congrats to your big boy on playing such an integral role in achieving champion status. What angels.

  9. Your boys were so friendly and confident and adorable on Sunday. Nice work with the parenting x

  10. Congrats to both boys! I love that the little one wanted his accomplishment cataloged!

  11. HI A-M!
    Cute pics...
    Have a great day!!
    xoxo alice

  12. 2 handed piano, he is a legend in my books. As for the dirty knees. I reckon they are the best sight a mother can see. Good on you boys!

  13. Oh what clever boys.
    Congrats to Big Boy and his great goal scoring. Fabulous medal.
    Way to go 'Little One' - 2 hands, you really are amazing.

  14. Congratulations and big hugs to your two talented boys (and their proud Mum!!) xx

  15. Congratulations to your boys! Although I loved hearing all about big brother's soccer win (bravo!!) I was particularly thrilled to hear younger brother's two hand progress on the piano - well done!!
    AM - I'm just catching up on your posts and news now (and just spotted the little pic of home beautiful on your side-bar, wow wow!! I am bummed I won't see it!! Perhaps you've show and telled below, I'll find out in a minute). A big hello from Amsterdam to you and your fam. px


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