Thursday, May 20, 2010


We kept busy while big brother was away. 
I packed and culled and sorted. 
He looked for locusts... as you do... when you're 7.

Big son is back from camp. He looked like a mangey dog. He hadn't bathed since Sunday. There was no hot water at the camp site. They also weren't allowed to take pillows. Hmmm, how does that 'make him a man'? Anyway, I did the fussy Mother thing and ran a 150% dettol bath and made him soak for hours. His clothes were loaded into the Napisan bucket with tongs. And his socks? ... straight in the bin... beyond help. Little one is beside himself with excitement to have his big brother back and is permanently draped all over him.

My boys are excited about my sale. They wish to greet everyone at the door. They have even been practising their greetings. I drew the line at Jim Carrey impersonations... which they have gotten down pat by the way... better than Jim Carrey himself. I wonder what Jim Carrey would think? I bet he would be impressed. Anyway their 'greeting enthusiasm' will last 10 minutes max... let's see.

Not much else to report.. just stripping the house of all signs of life... I exaggerate... it's not that bad yet... but I do cry... on a daily's all looking so bare.... what a sook. I'll get over it.

Email me for details, if you wish to come to my sale: I'll have an urn and 'floor sweepings' (office coffee)... I'm going all out.... getting the paper cups today.
A-M xx


  1. Glad to hear big brother is back safe and sound. Wish I was in Brissy, I would come to the sale even just for the Jim carey impersonations!

  2. Brings back memories A-M. I recollect picking up son and a mate after year 8 camp, placed them in the back seat with firm instructions to leave all the windows down, I didn't care if it was winter, I needed to breathe...too funny! (At least my girl attempted the body wipes their school recommended, so must be a boy thing to return as revolting as possible). x

  3. Funny, funny..those school camps always sound so awful! My stepdaughters and nieces have told me some horror stories..Our school camps were spent going crocodile spotting at night and hiking through benefit of going to school in Darwin.. I think you'll always miss this beautiful house, it's been such a great experience - the build, the blog, the magazine and now..the sale! Just watch people don't break pieces off when you're not looking to take home as souvenirs....Rxx

  4. What's with the brunette thing. is it 'cause blondes are dumb? I'm blonde by the way. A-M xx

  5. Good grief, the size of those bugs, ugh (shudder).
    You have a lot going on A-M. Hope the sale goes "off" for you.
    It usually takes my kids a day or two to get back into the family rhythm after a camp. Tiredness = grumps.

  6. ooh, that locust sent shivers down my spine..! I was just saying to a girlfriend yesterday that I'm going to have to get used to dirt, smells, insects and general grot with two boys and a husband who's really just a big kid himself. xx

  7. How wonderful to have your big boy home. I always missed my kids when they went on camp - with 4 you would have thought i'd be happy to see them go, but I never was.
    Hope the sale goes well for you.

  8. hehe, the camp 'makeovers' are great aren't they?! mine came back exactly the same.

    now we're planning for the year 7 trip to singapore - wonder what delights that will bring!!


  9. I want to come to your sale and play with all your things :(

  10. How funny and lovely...
    And selling must be hard when you put your heart into your house as you did!

    Great boy picture...

  11. A-M, I wish I was in Qland so I could attend your sale....I agree with might need to look out for those souvenir hunters..I'm sure they will want a piece of it. Glad your boys are back together again... take care Kym X

  12. Ooooh, I used to ove camping....

    Let yourself cry, it doesn't make you a sook. Then just think of the money.. In a little while you'll be planning the next one.

  13. I'm so sad that you're so sad. I know you're next house will make you just as happy and fill you with even more wonderful memories. And just think of all the design fun you will have - maybe a new magazine cover?!

  14. Wait until they're big teenagers A-M - urgh! I send the most manky clothes I can, because they're good for absolutely nothing after a five day camp. By the way, the Jim Carey impersonations sound awesome - what a way to get the sale off to a flying start! K xx

  15. These camps make such a lot of work for us Mums.. as if we didn't already have enough washing to do. My Miss H came back from her camp last week with a bag full of wet smell clothes (they were capsizing in the lake just for fun!) and a tick that had to be cut out by the gp after a local as it had such a firm grip on her. Lovely!
    Clare x

  16. I can't believe I am considering going on grade 8 camp later this year!! Maybe I'll reconsider :)

    Finally had a chance to find a newsagent and see the photos of your beautiful house A-M. It was stunning. What a treat to have a professional shoot as a keepsake. x

  17. The locust!!! I drove through a locust infestation a few weeks, and those suckers were the size of small birds hitting my windshield. Wish I was in QLD to attend the sale. Looks fab!


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