Friday, May 28, 2010

It Has Come To This...

.... lobbying for light fittings. I think we might need to girls. These are desperate times.

This is what all the fuss is about. These are my kitchen lights... that were photographed for Home Beautiful. At the end of yesterday, I had received a total of 167 emails/phonecalls re these lights. They are well and truly out of stock with my supplier, and not being imported any more. Now, I think we need to petition my supplier to let him know how serious we are about sourcing more of these lights. What do you reckon? 

Maybe if you leave me a comment on this post (especially those who have contacted me about them), I can forward a link to this post along to him. He has fabulous taste, has great quality stock at such reasonable prices, gives great service (hey Trish) and pretty much supplied all the light fixtures in 'The House'. I love doing business with him... so lets see if we can lobby for more of these lights and many more like this... in this here 'lighting wasteland' that is Australia.

Image Courtesy Home Beautiful (my kitchen... with lights in question )

I will leave you with this little task, while I crawl under a rock and sweat out a fever. I think it might be the one I nursed my little tacker through last week. Have a great weekend all..... and let's here it for blogger power. Bring back the lights. We want the lights.
A-M xx


  1. G´morn Lady A-M,

    I thank you for the response. I was so happy hearing from you & your life's project or hubby's.

    I will browse again you posts so I can see the products I would love to have.

    Take care as always and as I said, relax too.

    Huggies to all

  2. they are fab!!! i need a bigger house...

  3. Yes we desperately want the lights mr supplier and if you are the supplier of the lights on outside of front of the house we want those to lights lights lights please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Even my husband noticed your kitchen lights and said that's what we need! It is a lighting wasteland indeed..Rachaelxx

  5. Absolutely agree with you, we are in a 'lighting wasteland' I cannot finish my kitchen due to lack of lights I 'love' available here. I have carried around a picture in my wallet for the past 6 months & show every lighting shop or designer I come across what I am looking for , nothing even comes close or inspires me in another direction. Maybe tell your supplier to look at Restoration Hardware in America , that is where all the lights I want are located.
    I hope you will recover soon & feel on top of the world again !
    Take Care
    Karyn x

  6. From the very first time I found your blog - looking for kitchen cupboard ideas- i fell in love with those lights above said kitchen bench! HAppy to lend my voice to your petition as I'd LOVE a greater choice of stylish lighting.....hope ur feeling better soon A-M - the weekend beckons!Looking forward to your new store opening...going out to water the money tree now!

  7. I love the lights in A-M's house. The kitchen lights would be perfect in my informal dining room where I have a long American oak table. Please stock them! (And get well soon A-M!) Regards, Eleanor

  8. Let there be!

    Those are such perfect lights - why would the supplier NOT import them? doesn't make sense to me - these are definitive.

  9. Please, please, please re-stock the lights that A-M has in her kitchen. I really, really, really want them in my new kitchen :)

  10. I emailed about your kitchen lights about 7 months ago to be told that you could no longer get them in Australia and have been searching for alternative and affordable since....
    PS get well soon - hope it isn't passion cake overdose?? ;)

  11. There is absolutely no choice for lighting in Australia so please bring these lights back!

  12. I don't think those lights are very appealing. Your 167 emails of followers that were left must surely have bad taste.

  13. Janine MarshallFriday, May 28, 2010

    OMG A-M,
    When did you change the comments thingy so I can now leave comments on your blog. Thank you, thank you. Yes, I will get on the lighting bandwagon too and say c'mon we can do this....we have a local light shop here and in the past when I've seen a picture of a lamp that I love I would take it in and everytime they would say they couldn't get them in, probably wouldn't sell and would cost hundreds of dollars. Hence to say I don't believe them and found the interior shops here better for their diverisity of lamps etc., but I think baby steps, lights first then decorative trim second. Get rid of the blank walls with no personality.....well that's what I would like to do if we ever built. A girl can dream (sigh). Hope you are feeling better soon. My son is home from school with the early signs of the flu today.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  14. Yep, def need to encourage your supplier to bring these lights in. I agree with Karen, tell him to look at restoration hardware for products to bring into the country! And tell him he then needs to sell online so all of us can buy them not just lucky brisbane people!

  15. Thanks girls. That's ok 'Anon', I will not add you to the waiting list! Happy to take feedback on board but unfortunately your comment, that I have bad taste, is just highly critical and unconstructive. Would you mind refraining from ad hominem statements in the future. A-M xx

  16. Another anonymous - but not the same one who thinks the lights are in bad taste. I think not. Add me to the list of people who REALLY like these lights.
    One practical question I received from a lighting person was re:the effectiveness of the light as it has a metal top, rather than a glass one which would obviously let light through. Doubtless they are beautiful and full of character, but from the practical point of view, have you ever thought you needed more light?
    PS: When I first happened upon your blog, I thought all the beautiful images of your home on the right were from a magazine! That was well before they ended up being featured in a magazine.

  17. Hi Cherylle, Yes I can see your point wrt the metal top. I installed them with the specific purpose of task lighting for the island bench. You might be able to see the down lights I also installed near the stove and benchtops for more general lighting, ensuring plenty of light for 'kitchen work'. I also have downlights (or as they say in the US, 'canned' lights) in the open plan family area nearby, as well as ambient lighting with lamps and task pendant lighting in the dining and family area. I took my lighting lessons from, Brooke and Steve Giannetti, over at Velvet and Linen Blog...a mixture of task, ambient and functional lighting... although sorry Brooke, I did do the 'cans' as well as my pendants and my lamps! A-M xx

  18. I think Anon needs to get a life A-M, your lights are stunning, you can also ad me to the list of people who would love to have the lights bought back.
    Hope you are getting better.
    Take care xox

  19. The lights rock!!! I would love to grab a couple for my meals area. Please, please, please start up supplying again :) I am new to your blog A-M, but it is amazing and beautiful. Well done you!

  20. Hope you are feeling better A-M. As for the lights, I was not one of the original 167 emails, but I want two of them!!!! Please Mr. Supplier can you please bring back these lights!!!! Pretty, pretty please!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend A-M. ~ Tina xx

  21. A-M, big YES to the lights from me. I just want to say Oh. My. God. Your house is unreal! I love and religiously read Home Beautiful, but the one with your house in it has gone with me everywhere these past two weeks - bathroom, work, train, park...I go over and over the pictures! So I started scouring Perth for some similar furniture and homewares but it is pretty sad here in the West (fellow WA bloggers please prove me wrong). And yes, I LOVE the lights on the front porch too. Will you be stocking those?
    All the best.
    Maja, WA

  22. A-M, Love the pendants! No wonder everyone wants them too!

  23. Yes, yes , yes Mr light supplier I want the kitchen lights too. Actually I want all the lights in A-M's house. It is impossible to find anything here that even slightly resembles those beautiful US and UK glossy magazines. Bring back the lights. Please!

  24. Hope you are feeling better A-M, have been thinking of you, I hope you are having a relaxing restfull weekend.

  25. Hello A.M. My first comment ever! You have tremendous talent. Luv everything you achieved in your home..just wish we could find some of your decdor items in Melbourne too! Thanks for the awesome inspiration you so generusly share to all!

  26. They are a great light
    Hope you are soon feeling better

  27. I know that I am way late in the game but CONGRATS on your feature!!!! So happy for you!! xx

  28. I too love the lights- I need three of them! Hubby and I have been on the lookout for months for something that we both love and will look great in our new home. How sad I am to hear that these are no longer available. What is it with Australian lighting suppliers anyway?
    I love your blog and I must admit I have been "lurking" for over a year. You are such a talented and generous lady.

  29. Hi A-M
    I came across your blog after seeing your house in HB.I fell in love with your kitchen design so much. I gave the mag to my hubby and told him to have a good look, as I am planning on the same type of kitchen (and house) one day. Would you believe my sister had done the exact same thing with her husband the day before (we live in separate states). Love it!
    I too would like to help convince Mr Supplier to bring back your lights. Great choice.
    love your blog.
    kevina xx

  30. Hi A.M., have loved watching your house progress. It is Beautiful! Even before the magazine I was going to ask you about the bedside lamps in the master bedroom..I have been looking for the SAME thing here in Melbourne, cannot find them. Is it the same supplier as the famed kitchen lights? Thanks, Linda C.

  31. THey are indeed fabulous lights, I do hope this petition works!!
    ps. I'm having a little giveaway at my blog, do pop over for a peek wont you?

  32. They are so beautiful - what a tragic story! Hopefully one with a happy ending!!

  33. How mean spirited is that "Anon"?? Why bother leaving a comment that is rude, and also too cowardly to put their name to it. Feeling very indignant that someone could be horrible to "our A-M"!!! But back to business, yes, love all the lights too. Count me in for some if you can get them back! xx

  34. Hello again, I posted about lighting today, it may be helpful..Rachaelxx

  35. yes lets bring on the ligths and bring some style to oz.


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