Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Looking Forward

 Image Courtesy House and Garden

Hubby knows me too well. He found me sitting by my lonesome in the Great Room last night, plonked a wine in my hand and said, "keep looking forward, don't look back, think about your next kitchen, your next Great Room". He's trying to cut off the 'leaving the house gloom' at the pass.

So looking forward this morning.....a few ideas for my next place. Realistically, it's going to be a challenge to find an affordable block of land the size we have here so the back elevation will be quite different.... probably won't be able to have such a large lawn area separate to the pool area. Depending on the slope of the block, I quite like the idea of creating an 'L' shape at the back of the house, with a conservatory type room (used as a casual living area) in the tip of the 'L' (conservatory meaning, lots of window assemblies and French doors!), looking out onto the pool. Let's see which way the sun shines first before I start getting too excited about lots of windows. I like the idea of the kitchen looking out onto the outdoor eating area and pool as in the picture above (assuming their kitchen is where the photo was taken from). I would not build the top floor out over the porch area like they have done though... have to have a nice sloping roof line to look out to. I will always plan a smaller top floor area compared to lower floor area, to ensure a nice roof line and lots of eaves. That little elevation above looks perfect for an inner city block. Of course there would have to be a 'pool shack' (four posts and a roof) at the far end of the pool... that's a must.

There, that's my therapy this morning. I now have to tackle my inbox. If you have sent me an email, I promise I will reply as soon as I can. I'll start right now.
Have a great day.
A-M xx


  1. Oh, bless his heart for pointing you forward...what a great new adventure...I could enjoy living in the house you pictured!! Have fun dreaming, and do share your ideas!


  2. What a beautiful outdoor kitchen the one above. Nothing like living in a country where you have good weather all the time! Here in Ohio, only 3 months of Summer!
    I am asking my husband if he could be transferred to Australia... ha ha ha...

  3. A glass of wine and future plans will chase away your blues. You'll find a great block - something always crops up when you least expect it.

  4. Like Simony, I think that is an outdoor kitchen - but wouldn't it be fun just to have the disappearing glass door/wall from the real kitchen!

  5. Have just caught up on your updates...great to hear how everything is going and your mind is ticking to the next project. I'm a bit overwhelmed with the whole idea myself but am too busy to even think about it. Cant believe that real estate office! Mel xxx

  6. So wonderful to have a partner who is so in tune with you A-M! What a sweetie.

  7. I have seen this house in one of my many mags and it is lovely. Good luck with the land hunt!

  8. There you go! I bet that feels just a little bit better. Hats off to your man.

  9. That is one special man you have in your life. Definitely a 'keeper'
    Sounds like you are already looking forward. Blogland is just the place for 'therapy'
    Take care

  10. A-M Life is change. I know you love your house so much but next one will be even better.
    Good luck with land hunting.
    All the best

  11. What a sweet guy you have.
    Great photo.. I LOVE the idea of looking straight off into the pool area... so relaxing!
    have a sweet week!
    xx trina

  12. That was sweet of him to bring you the wine when you really needed it - I am certain wherever your next home may be and whatever it may look like you will use your magic on it and fall in love with it just as you did this one!

  13. love that image & i hope you don't feel too sad b/c the next one will be even more perfect than the one you have now. KK

  14. Can not wait to follow you through the building of your next house. As absolutely wonderful as this one is I know your next will be unbeatable!!! God Bless.

  15. What a sweet man. He is possibly feeling the loss already a bit himself. At least you will always have a certain glossy mag. to flick back over and remember it by.

  16. I know you will find something wonderful and use your talents to turn it into something spectacular!! Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  17. Lovely photo A-M - the perfect block is out there - I know from years of doing this myself that the next place always turns out better than the last - I am sure you know that and boy that means you have something fantastic to look forward to. Can't wait to see what the future brings. Leanne xx

  18. Hi I'm Rita from Italy.
    I'm following your blog since a while... I love your home and your style. But what's going on?
    I missed something...!!!!
    Are you going to move from home?

    I'm sure, wherever you will go, you will create a new place, better than this one!

    Sorry for my english, a big hug


  19. Hi A-M
    I would love your kitchen lights too - all I need is the awesome kitchen to put them in!! One day....

  20. Love the place, it was so relaxing.

    Deirdre G
    philippines homes

  21. Home is where the heart is and your heart is with all your gorgeous boys...

    Your next house will be sublime (I know, because this one has been divine!). It will be filled with all your wonderful treasures but most importantly it will be done with the help of your boys...it will soon become home just as this one has.

    Ingrid x


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