Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Nook and Winners

 Oh how I love this room... love, love, love.... I live in it.
I'm staying right here until we move.

Well, this is where I spent most of my weekend........feet up... computer on lap.... swatting up on timber. At least it's more interesting than concrete and screws. I am also working my way through the Australian 'Standard AS1684 - Residential Timber Framed Construction' Manual... I really want to know this stuff. I remember one of our carpenters waving one under my nose on site during our build. Now I'm far enough into my study to actually really need it. It's all pretty much 'another language' to me at present so I am wading through it bit by bit. Oh, I do love timber though. I'm heading off this morning, to pester the lovely builders on a building site at the end of my street and then to pester the lads at Finlaysons Timber I need photos of timber, beams and stuff for my assignment and they don't know it yet but they're in for some 'blonde questions'... best way to learn... lots of questions.

My 'barrel boys' drew 5 names out of the slow cooker (our barrel this time) last night, for the winners of the overseas magazine draw. They are:

Trina from LaLaLovely
Simony from Art and Life
Kat from Low Tide High Style
Grace from Sense and Simplicity
Kelly from Design Ties (the boys said any puppy will do). What a fluke. When they drew your name out Kelly, I said, "that's the lady who said she would buy you a puppy if you drew her name out". Their eyes widened as if it would all come true. Ha!

Girls, I will post them out this week. Please email me your postal address to:

Well, big one is off on school camp for the week. Little one is just 'broken', in mourning, and will be fragile the whole time he is gone. Here we go again. What's the bet everything will remind him of his brother and there will tears all week.... just like last time. I'll have to keep him really busy...... come here son and pack this box.
Have a great Monday.
A-M xx


  1. A-M, this was such a lovely surprise to find out that I won your great giveaway!!! I will be drooling over the issue when it arrives!

    Best wishes for your "timber" studies and I hope both of your boys have a good week!

    Kat :)

  2. Morning A-M! I know we Southern Highlands folk are some times a little bit behind the times but I got one! Finally I've been able to see your fabulous magazine spread - just gorgeous. I can see why you're absolutely thrilled - every photo is bliss. Well done you for creating this amazing house. Can't wait to get started on the next one. Leigh

  3. Oh how sweet that he loves his brother so much! Claire does that when James goes away, but not James! He jumps up and down! Meany!

  4. I am hanging out for my next installment of Aus HB. It is my latest magazine fix. I will probably have to wait a week to get it in NZ though...but rest assured I will have it!

    I know what you mean about a gap in the house when a child goes away. It seems to make the remainder listless...or it does in my house! You would think they had lost a limb!

  5. Hi A-M, Haven't seen the HB yet - can you believe my newsagent doesn't stock it? going further afield today so wil hopefully find one! have a good day - sounds like another busy week inyour house! KG

  6. I have just start to publish some pictures of my sister building project in sweden.. I think you will enyoy ..

  7. Well done for knocking the assignements on the head! Oz standards are your friend, one day you'll know them by heart! (well, for two weeks at least, until they supersede them or sections of them!}

    have a great propductive week! jx

  8. I don't normally buy HB but I have, just to view the masterpiece and show hubby the house with the exterior paint colour I covert. Well done A-M!
    Poor little one. Gets hard for the younger sibling when big one is 18 and allowed into 'grown-up' venues with his mates while littley is waiting on the sidelines to catch up... :(

  9. Looks like the cosiest, comfiest spot ever to be studying. Hope big boy has a wonderful time at camp and younger son isn't too lonely xx

  10. Oh poor little one..he is just so lost without his big brother...adorable. I noticed you got tufted!! Not Fair! ; ) x

  11. I love how he loves his big brother. It must be a pain though at times. I would love to see the looks on the builders faces when you start with the knowledgeable questions!

  12. WOW!!! I am doing the happy dance right now! Thank you boys!!! I am really going to enjoy this present!
    Lots of love to you guys!
    Thank you, thank you!

  13. HI A-M
    Well.. congratulations to all the winners.. I STILL haven't picked up a copy.. keep looking for it .. will have to go out on a mission today!! Love your sofa.. and the ottoman.. have always admired both.... and I don't blame you for wanting to just setup camp in that room..

    Poor little one.. so sweet.. bittersweet... maybe you should give him an assignment that is for his brother.. something to make .. a suprise.. so he will enjoy the time.. good luck with it!! xxx Julie

  14. Yeah!!! Can't believe it.. what a wonderful way to end my weekend! Can't wait to see your gorgeous home in glossy print! Thank you!!!
    Enjoy some alone time with your little one!
    xx Trina

  15. OMG, are you kidding me?!?!??!?! Yahoooooo!!!! I can't wait to see your beautiful home in Home Beautiful!!!

    Oh crap, I better get on that puppy thing!! ;-)

    Thank you so much, A-M. And thanks to your boys for drawing my name!!!


  16. "BANG".... that was me shooting myself for being MIA in bloggyland and missing a chance to win YOUR house in a magazine!
    I am so happy and thrilled for you A-M. What a wonderful, well-deserved honor!! Can you or did you post a link to photos from the magazine shoot for us "loosers"?!!
    Congrats to the winners!


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