Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Nook?

I don't think there is a photo-worthy nook left after my sale on the weekend! I think we might leave the 'Monday Nook's until I move into the MBR ('Mission Brown Rental'). I suppose a picture of my jewels could be considered a nook for now.

The sale!.. it was was so wonderful to meet you all! What a way to leave this place... to open it up to all my bloggies and sell everything. It's nice to know that everything went to nice homes and will be loved. I even received emails last night with photos of my things in their new homes! Isn't that lovely. I sold pretty much everything that wasn't tied down with a sold sticker (had to mark everything the new owner is keeping with a sold sticker)... even my music stand, in the Great Room .....which wasn't for sale... got me at a weak moment... violin will probably be in storage... so I won't really need one for a while.

All that was left were a few jewels... so you know what?... I went shopping! I never touch my jewels as they have always been 'stock' to me. Hubby said to me "it's over darling, Armchair Trader is over... keep some of your jewels for yourself.... AND, don't say I don't buy you anything". So I kept some.

Now the other wonderful experience was.... people bringing me cakes! That just doesn't happen in my life.
First, this spectacular one from 'Faux Fuchsia'. It was so delish that a gentleman at my sale, who had just lost 15kg, biggest loser style, gave up his diet and scoffed 3 pieces. I had some for morning tea and lunch .. so did my big boy. I was mortified to learn that my little one greeted FF at the gate and promptly said, "does it have nuts in it, 'cause if it does, I can't have it, 'cause I have a peanut allergy"... hmm... he needs tact lessons from his big brother. Big brother, even when he was tiny, if someone gave him a present he already had, he would never let on... built in tact. Little one?... another story.

'Mystery Giver' cake

Ok, now to the case of the unidentified cake giver - please let me know if it was you who gave me this beauty. I was so busy, the generous giver escaped me. I do remember seeing the glint of alfoil out of the corner of my eye.

Right, now that the sale is over, it's down to business. Gloves off, new jewellery on, boxes out... now to seriously pack. I have an appointment this morning to sign our lease. Oh how I hate how 'renters' are treated. Even the 15 year old 'gatekeeper' at the front counter treats you like dirt. I popped in the other day (as they did tell me to pop in) and I was greeted with this drawling, nasal "do you have an appointment, if you don't, you'll have to make an appointment, she doesn't see anyone without an appointment"... didn't even look up while she said it... kept typing. Sent me away. ... and I used be good with 'gatekeepers' from back in my pharmaceutical repping days. Lost my touch. So I have my 'appointment' this morning.
Wearing my new jewels.
A-M xx

P.S. Thank you Carmen ('Tarboon') and Suzanne for being the most sensational 'add-er uppers' and wrappers.... and again...thank you to my cake givers.

Hubby and me, having a coffee in the 'pool shack' after it was all over.
I think big son took this photo, I found it while downloading my cake photos.


  1. Morning A-M,

    I'm so glad the sale went so well and you were spoilt with cake and then jewellry! I hope your appointment re the MBR goes well today.
    Happy Monday,

  2. How wonderful to be 'done' with that part of the move, and that it was much more good than bad! Well done you! People are very generous aren't they and hats off to the hubby too. I rented for most of last year and swore that I would never do it again ...and I have no doubt you'll have more stories to tell before that's over too...sorry!

  3. Dear A-M,
    Glad the cake was a hit. Your boys were adorable and super cute and very confident and friendly.
    Your house really is divine-thanks for opening it up to us all. Everything in it is just so attractive. That pool area is my favourite.
    The other cake maker, like me must've remembered reading that you liked passionfruit icing on your blog!

  4. Sounds like a great success. How lovely
    to keep a little bling to go with the bubbles
    you received on Friday. Smart man your husband.
    I'm so glad you now have this fantastic
    memory to take with you.
    The cushions are on display at Daily Blog tab.
    I predict MBR will become stylish sought after
    look for winter 2010.
    Big hugs

  5. wow wow wow- just fabulous. Yesterday was the 'Sale that A-M had!!! well done you. Can feel some sushi coming on. Kx

  6. Thanks girls. So pleased you are loving your cushions Jane. I just got an email from my neighbour who proudly listed where my lamp, bookends and bell reside in her home! Oh and yes please Miss Kate.... some sushi is urgently needed to sustain life. My diet currently consists of passionfruit draped cake. Just had some for breakfast. I feel like that guy who only ate McDonalds for months... except substitute cake for Maccas in my case. A-M xx

  7. Congratulations on the sale, A-M. I would have loved to have popped along, but my travel allowance has been used up this year already!

    Best wishes for the 'next chapter'! I'm really looking forward to reading all about it...and the MBR! So long Armchair Trader!

  8. Sounds like I missed a great sale, wish I could have made it! Looking forward to seeing the online store! Best wishes.

  9. Congrats on what sounds like a great day A-M great way to finish up and keeping some jewels for yourself perfect.

  10. Hello A-M, I am happy for you!
    I didn't understand if you were selling items from your store or your furniture and decor?
    I am glad you are doing well and ready to move on to your next step in life. Wishing you the best!

  11. so glad it went well! looks like a blast of a day. jx

  12. Hi A-M, Thanks for a great sale yesterday, your gorgeous music stand is very happy in her new home.I did feel a bit guilty when I read that I caught you in a weak moment though, but I hope to make up for it by telling you that I brought the other cake! PS Your youngest was most polite when he greeted me - no mention of allergies. Adorable!

  13. so glad it all went well for you A-M..but of course it was going could anybody not one a piece of loveliness that you spent so long creating. x

  14. Hi A-M, I am sad that I have only just found your blog (via the Home Beautiful spread of your house, which I immediately fell in love with!!) I eagerly await your next project. I have so many questions, but will limit it to one - what colour white did you use throughout your house? It looks wonderful, and not stark. Best wishes for the next venture, and thank you for creating something so beautiful to admire! Eleanor

  15. Thanks for all the cake photo's. You are making me very hungry. Glad it all went well.

  16. So happy to hear your sale went so well A-M! Good luck with your appointment today!!~ Tina xx

  17. So glad to hear everything went well. Onwards and upwards now. Have a lovely week.

  18. Great to hear your sale was such a success.
    Enjoy your week

  19. Oh sounds like fun was had by all, those cakes do look mighty yummy.

    Good luck with the meeting, it's sad when offices have bad customer service.

  20. We had lots of fun admiring your gorgeous house 'in the flesh' and not just through photos - don't know how you are going to leave that butler's pantry and those tiles in the bathroom!. I could have bought lots more but on strict allowance from hubby due to wretched pool pipes having three leaks in as many days - there goes my new kitchen for a little while! Thanks for letting us in.
    Clare x

  21. So sad to have missed the shopping and get together soiree - I thought it was best not to spread my flu to you and your beautiful boys.

    Hope they enjoyed the meet and greet (and yummy cake) as much as everyone else did!


  22. Wish I could of come, it looks like everyone had a fabulous time. So glad it was a success!


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