Friday, June 25, 2010

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 Holiday smiles

Ok, so we moved. Phew! Oh it was big... but as hubby kept saying, "it's only one day out of your life". He could see me 'wilting' at about midday and knew that we still had 6 or so hours to go. Did the double thing... a move into the apartment and then a move into storage. The apartment, even with very few things, was a challenge. We parked in a spare lot next door and had to weave our way through gardens and down corridors. At least we have a ground floor entrance. The piano came a few days later.. I have special guys to move that thing.. it has been moved about 7 times (and only tuned once I might add... needs a tune now!). I'm going through a 'simplify your life/anti-possession' stage I think. Seeing the removal truck full to the brim with all our stuff just disgusted me... and I am not a hoarder.... nor a shopper (I hate shopping)... and I seriously, seriously culled.... blog sale, Salvos 4 times, unpacked, culled, repacked, culled more at the apartment, another Salvos trip. To think 20 years ago, all I owned was what was in my backpack overseas (bar a few uni notes in a box stored somewhere back in Oz). Oh how a family accumulates!

The boys were great about everything... moving, simplifying, putting everything into storage. "If the house burned down today boys, what 5 things would you be most upset about losing? They're what you get to bring with you". Lizards, guitars, nerf guns, bionicles, nintendos. Easy. All they have done since we have settled in our apartment is play in the park anyway. There are wonderful scooter tracks everywhere and our daily soccer sessions are seriously exhausting (well for me anyway... but I have mastered the 'step over' and the 'roll move'... I might even finally budge those passionfruit cupcake kilos).

There were no moving tears. I went back to the empty house (once we had moved out and cleaned it to within an inch of it's life) to put out the terrace cushions and move the plants from the pool house out into the rain to get some water..... and to make sure all was perfect for the final inspection. It was very quiet and so beautiful... even when empty. I had a lump in my throat .....but it was a poignant (not sad) moment...and I thought to myself.... 'what a great journey'. I left a little bit of 'me' there, I can feel it missing already. I seriously loved that place. Hope they do too.

Right, so now we're camped out in the Snowy Mountains. It was such a relief to finally get here after the last few hectic months. Hubby and I cracked open the complimentary bottle of wine and downed it there and then... as soon as we had dropped our luggage....and seeing politics is rather topical at the moment, we cranked up the 'Environment Minister' (Midnight Oil) and gave our sons a lesson in how to dance Peter Garrett style. "He didn't really dance like that did he Mum?" Oh son, we have so much to teach you. The DVD and music collection in this little chalet takes up a whole wall.... the size of our old Great Room. The boys are currently watching 'Flying High' for the first time... I can hear chuckles coming from the other room.

I am going to make the most of the Broadband connection here at the snow (we're still on dial up back in the apartment - how hard is it to get a service connected these days!) so I will fill you in on all that we get up to and probably ponder as to what I am going to do next. I always get great ideas while on holiday. I can already see the 'I have a great business idea' glazed look in my hubby's eyes. Time to relax, refresh the mind and body. Ouch.. exercise... what a shock to the system. I have been skiing for 26 years and my boys are better than me....lucky little things. I tell them every day how lucky they are..... but so are we. Hubby looked at them, all joyous (and freezing!) in the snow today and then looked at me and said, "welcome to the best years of our lives".
Back soon!
A-M xx


  1. Oh sounds like you have been a real trooper my dear, very strong.

    Enjoy yourselves now, it's sounds just great!

  2. whooo you made it...such a poignant post though. Am glad you got to have a holiday, sort of a reward i think. I havent been skiing since my early 20's but they say you never forget..maybe your knees do though! Nothing happening wise that soon, Mel xx

  3. Well all done and dusted! Good job! Kick back and enjoy the holiday, have you built a snow man yet? Looking forward to the next venture... Have fun in the snow!

  4. Welcome back! You sound refreshed and rejuvinated! Enjoy the break with your boys (all 3 of them!) and take some time for yourself. You have been through so much. Hope your health has improved. Looking forward to the next chapter.
    X Briohny.

  5. Dear A-M, what a pleasure to hear from you again! I was gone for 3 weeks and missed a lot my blog world, too! I am glad you have closed that door and ready to plan the future that awaits you!

    I agree with your husband, this is the best time of our lives, when we still have our kids with us, when we are not too old to travel, and not too young to not appreciate what life has to offer. Enjoy the moment!!
    I want to thank you again for the magazine you sent me, which I only had a chance to read when I came back from vacation. I loved it!

    Please, stay in touch and stop by at my blog, too. I have a giveaway going on to celebrate my blog's first anniversary! Hope your friends and readers will stop by to participate.
    Take care!

  6. you are such an inspiration! i am in the mindset of simplifying and no clutter also, and am taking things out of the house by the carful. it feels so good. best to your family!

  7. Hope you are feeling better. Happy to hear you had a smooth move

  8. Best years indeed..sounds like you're in a great place in more ways than one..What a great idea to have a holiday after the move! The girls are getting an education in Midnight Oil's hubby's treadmill music..See you back here soon..Rachaelxx

  9. Great to hear the move is done and dusted. I think we leave a little bit of ourselves at each home we create. You guys certainly deserve this wonderful family holiday

  10. Yay to you guys, you have made it through a difficult few days. It is so lovely to see you back here A-M, you have been missed! Enjoy the rest of your time skiing lovely lady ~ Tina xx

  11. Happy to see you survived the move.
    What would we do without husbands to spur us on as we wither?
    Enjoy a true winter A-M and family!

  12. So pleased that you are all able to spend some quality family bonding time after all the turmoil of the last couple of months. I had a tear in my eye(and a lump in my throat) when I read your para about "your last look". However, you HAVE left your legacy in that beautiful home. I hope the new owners truly appreciate the fact that they have not just purchased a house but a much loved HOME. Enjoy your holidays!

  13. What a lovely post, a great summary of your recent move, the closing of a chapter and the emotions your shared at the time. Hope you enjoy a fabulous winter holiday.

  14. ya to have you back in blog land!!! your old place has given so much inspiration...i too have 2 chn and indeed it is the best years...

  15. It's great to read such a positive post. Good luck with the next chapter!

  16. Great to have you back. A relief for you that it is all over with now and, as you said "a great journey". When I moved into my current flat I was ashamed of all the stuff I had and felt sorry for the removalists who had to lug it up three flights of stairs. I have been slowly culling these excess belongings over 2.5 years. It's best to travel light in this life I say, although it took a few harsh lessons for me to get to this point.

  17. oh you just gave me shivers - beautiful.

  18. Great to hear from you again! I kept checking just in case:)
    Glad your move went so well. I got a lump in MY throat thinking about you walking through your beautiful empty house one last time. I would have had a hard time leaving that lovely place, especially that wonderful pool;)
    But hey, the next house you build will be even better I'm sure. Can't wait till you get to start on it!
    God Bless,

  19. Your boys are just too cute - I love that picture of them with the matching coats and scarves!

  20. Gorgeous post, it gave me shivers also. I'm glad you feel so positive about moving on from your old home. Moving gives such a mix of feelings, but the excitement of what is to come helps! Enjoy your holiday :)


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