Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Musings

Well, I've taken down my blog header. My little one suggested it. He looked over my shoulder, at my blog (after having a giggle at 'Blighty's latest racoon/possum picture') and referring to my header, said, "you'll have to take that down now Mum 'cause it's all over". Well I can't argue with that. Stay tuned for some magnificent future blog header creation. I think I might talk Katrina into designing me one for the next stage in my journey.

Well, our Peter Garrett style snow dance worked! It rained all night and then magically yesterday, as soon as it became light.... beautiful soft snow flakes. As my little one said, "look what they left outside our house this morning Mum - snow!". We are pretty much the first on the slopes in the morning... making the most of the hung over snow boarders sleeping in! These photos pretty much sum it all up.

My boys are positively joyous. I think one of the secrets to keeping them close to us through the encroaching teenage years will be to plan, active, exciting holidays that they love doing with us. I'm a strict parent, I'm not afraid to confess, but I think there is room to also be a 'cool parent' as well.... doing things with your children, that they love to do, says "I love you, you matter to me". Time with them and sometimes totally undivided attention is all that they really need to feel safe and loved. Speaking of strict, it's funny... the boys have turned to me with smiles on their faces when people have commented on their nice manners as if to say "yeah Mum, it's working"... as when I do my 'manners nagging' (firm handshake, maintain eye contact, be engaging), I always say to them "people notice, you'll see". I think they're finally 'getting it'. Manners are not the norm these days.... makes it hard going in the parenting stakes.

... and speaking of manners.... those snow boarders!.... no offense to courteous snow boarders..... they have no manners. I'm like a lioness if they get too close to my boys. The speeds they go... my little one wouldn't stand a chance if they ploughed into him. Thank goodness for helmets!

Well, it's a fine day up here today and hopefully a lot of those speeding weekend snowboarders have gone. Rumour has it that there are very few snowboarders in Europe. Is that true? it dying out? .. and they mainly hang out 'off piste' I hear? It will never die out here due to our serious surf and skate culture. I think we might need to save our pennies and head to Europe next year!
A-M xx


  1. How fun!! Hard to imagine snowboarding when it's nearly 100 degrees F in the Houston, TX area......we're in the middle of SUPER summer,for sure! and I whole-heartedly agree about teaching your children manners! People DO INDEEd notice, especially when one uses exquisite manners, so GO Boys GO!! :D

  2. Good morning A-M. I've been missing you. There has been a gastro bug in my house this last week so I've been absent from blogland (all getting betetr fingers crossed). Love the new header and all the snow piccies, we're thinking of heading down there this week before we head off to Europe on the 10th, are we crazy!!! Think so. Wanted to let you know, I was reading my new copy of Home Love (book by Megan Morton) and you are mentioned in there in her favourite blogs, so excited for you (too lazy to check which page sorry). Happy skiing.

  3. Thanks for the holiday snaps A-M! We are taking our boys on their first snow holiday in August (to NZ) and I'm starting to get excited! Your posts have reminded me that I probably need to start excercising now or I won't be able to walk! Looking forward to seeing what new ideas you come up with. Tracey xx

  4. Looks like the boys are having fun. You know you are right on the manners thing Our grandson 2 and 1/2 yo Riley stuns people with his manners, especially when he shakes their hands and says Hello it's nice to meet you. He gets all the please, thank you and excuse me's all in the right place. Love a kid with manners.
    Look forward to the blog makeover. katrina has been doing some great blog makeovers

  5. So glad you're enjoying your holiday A-M - after the few months you've had, you thoroughly deserve it! When we lived in Sydney, we used to spend most weekends in winter at Thredbo, and if we didn't have accomodation booked, we'd sleep in the car! Oh, to be young and carefree again! It was great and we've been trying to get back there with the kids for years. Have a wonderful time, and looking forward to seeing you back all refreshed and energised after your lovely holiday! K xx

  6. Its great that your strict!! I'm always being told by 'liberal' parents that I'm too strict! Enjoy they boys now! Unfortunately from my friends and my experience, they don't want to know you during the teen years and getting them to spend time with the rest of the family is like pulling teeth!

  7. I am with you on the good manners front. We do try and drum it in also... And it must be working for us as well. My son got a 'Mr Manners' certificate when he was in year 1 (he is now 12) but still a very well mannered boy. We often get complimented on both which is very nice. Sounds like skiing is just wonderful, I love the shot of the boys trying to catch the falling snowflakes in their mouths. I hear the snow runs are about three times the length of ours in Europe. Best start saving!

  8. How lovely will it be to design a new blog header...look forward to seeing what you decide on. I'm very envious of your snow pics...I do believe you are in one of my favourite places in the whole world and where I learned to ski at quite an advanced age! And I'm with you on the snowboarding thing. The sound they make coming up behind you is terrifying!

  9. My boy has beautiful manners, and said to me in all seriousness "Mum, it makes MY life easier too!"

    The other lovely thing I have noticed about your boys is how loyal they are to each other, and how well they seem to get on. When children bicker or even fight quite bitterly it is just so ugly! Really tragic, when it can be so wonderful to have a sibling.

    One thing I dinned into my lad (since manners aren't everything) is: "Charm is a good lubricant, but a durrrty fuel!" Best said in a Billy Connelly accent, and he says it now himself, bless him...

  10. Hi A-M
    I am a new follower of your blog and had to leave a comment after i read your theory on taking the family on fun,active holidays. I just wanted to say that i am living proof of your theory as my parents have been taking me and my siblings to the snow every year since we were born and even through our teenage years we would not miss our annual trip ski for the world. As i write this our whole family, including my fifteen year old sister and eighteen year old brother are at Perisher for two weeks of fun skiing! I think one of the reasons my family is so close is due to all the bonding time we had when we went away together as a family.
    Thankyou for such an enjoyable blog and i look forward to your next adventure!

  11. Oh A-M - I am currently moving house myself. 23 packing boxes just for my kitchen, and I swear there is nothing old and skungy hiding away in those boxes, its all integral to me survinging and cooking in my new kitchen... when it eventually gets built.... anyways you have inspired me to disapear after the big move happens and we are off to Falls Creek (Big trip from over here in Perth)for a week worth of snow. So please tell your boys to keep the Peter Garrett dance up.

  12. Hello from Europe! I’m living in Switzerland and we are going to ski every weekend in wintertime (starting in early December until beginning of April). It’s so true what you wrote about the snowboarders. One of them crashed into my daughter last winter, because he didn’t know how to stop on his board…I was so angry! Since then we bought for our whole family backshields (we are wearing helmets too). Unfortunately we still have a lot of this snowboarders in the Swiss Mountains, so it’s probably not safer here than at your place.
    I sooo love your blog !

  13. Dear A-M, your boys are obviously having the best time skiing. Really makes me want to go. Snowboarders are a menace as they are on a different trajectory but I also I get cross about people who ski too fast, out of control behind you, I feel like I need eyes in the back of my head. I hear that everyone wears helmets now,even grown ups, good idea.

    Well done on the manners and the eye contact thing, I am still working on this, I find it annoying when my boys don't look at the person they are talking to, e.g. say thank you to Grandma; "Thank you to Grandma" and the eyes don't move off the TV screen...aaaaagh! Bx

  14. you are SO right about the manners thing. Thankyou thankyou for teaching your boys the right way. The number of times I have had to ask young people to step back when I open a door juggling an armful of treasures is mind boggling. They see me there trying to get through and try to push past. It drives me NUTS. So yes I do wonder what parents are teaching their kids about manners, in my experience mostly nothing!


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