Monday, June 7, 2010


'Ralph' is so coming with me. I don't know where yet but there is no way he's going to be eaten by moths in a storage facility - main bedroom perhaps - it's quite big, surprisingly.

Bear with me. I am probably going to just 'waffle' a while before we move house. I'm changing my mindest - out loud - and this is great therapy - as you all send in the most wonderfully helpful and comforting comments and emails.

I feel much better, about the size of our 'postage stamp' apartment, after watching 4 episodes of the UK show 'Open House'. A little house in Bath in the UK (2up, 2down) had such a tiny 2nd bedroom that it would only fit one single bed! Thank goodness Aussie rooms are bigger in general. We have 4 bedrooms... so we'll cope. It's just the living area that is small. See the process? - change mindset change.
(NB. 'postage stamp' terminology credit - Faux Fuchsia - her terminology is purely 'visionary' and 11/10)

I am popping in there this afternoon, to pay our bond and measure every room.. so that I can plan what I am going to send off to storage. I think some floor plans with cut out furniture shapes will be required tonight. I have had some fantastic 'think outside the square' storage brainwaves that I will share with you once we have moved. Where does one store the treasured rice cooker and slow cooker in a 'holiday unit sized' kitchen?... ah-ha... I have answers/solutions. Every single piece of furniture and household item has to be schemed. Plenty of blog fodder - not really house build fodder  .... but that will come again.... sooner than later. Can't wait to move in so I can have a 'brain holiday'. I need a 'scheming break'.... it's mentally exhausting. I wonder if I can use any of this scheming in a course subject further down the track... please let there be a 'Design An Apartment That Will Comfortably Fit A Family Of Four, That Currently Lives In a Super Largish Home' subject. "Draw a floorplan to scale, choose essential furniture (remembering that you only have a 3 x 5m space in which to store the remaining), place furniture representations on plan". I'll find somewhere where I can use all this scheming.

I gave the boys one 'book box' for them both to fill with all their absolute essential treasures. You should have heard the negotiating! Little one wanted every insect/reptile book they own included. It was great to hear them bargaining the space and compromising. Hubby and I hid outside the door and just giggled. They are now referring to the storage shed as the 'toy library' as we are going to rotate their toys. We have stored their toys in see-through containers which will be stored at the entrance to the storage shed for easy access. The storage facility is just down the road, on the way to school. They have loved going through all their belongings and choosing their necessities.... and finding long lost treasures. "This is the best Mum"... they're happy..... so I'm happy. Mind you, I had to compromise too....the Bionicle lego box is coming with us... maybe I can use it as a coffee table.

They're all I care about.... their happiness... feeling safe and loved.  I was just thinking as I was packing up their little belongings.. what would I care most about if the storage shed went up in smoke (more 'process of changing the mindest' and living away from ones belongings).. their baby and school photo albums... that's it... oh and of course them... but they won't be in the shed, they'll be with me... no their photos... so the photos are comin' with us.

Oh, and 'Blighty' darling, Nigel and Brian are Australian Bearded Dragons (the boy's little pet lizard type thingys)... we will be keeping them 'on the rock, in the sun'... not the children. Oh you make me belly laugh, you do! Head over to Blighty for a good laugh and my friend Faux Fuchsia. Those girl's blogs are my daily 'smiles'.

Have a great day. I'm hanging around for customer deliveries today..... lights. Oh I might have 2 spare... I'll talk about them over HERE.
A-M xx


  1. Dear A-M, thank you for clearing up my misunderstanding about Nigel and Brian(excellent names by the way); I'll just go fetch Boys 1 and 2 in from the garden where I stuck them to a tree trunk,thinking I was following the latest in Australian parenting; please don't tell anyone..Bx
    p.S. v impressed with your "scheming" and drawing out of plans, I come from the school of "won't it fit if we push it a bit ?" and once had to get a man called Colin* to take apart a brand new sofa to get it into our flat, oh, happy memories
    *the fact he was called Colin is neither here nor there

  2. A-M I moved last year from a massive Queenslander to a tiny little box. I sold all of my big furniture and started all over again. I have never been so happy. It's such a cosy and inviting home. I can get all of my housework done in the time it used to take me just to sweep the verandahs. Enjoy your break in your little unit x
    ps I too follow FF and Blighty - so good for your daily smiles. Although what that FF does with a baby and a scarf :p

  3. Very funny - I admit it took me a minute to remember who Nigel and Brian were :)
    It's amazing what you can fit in a small home. I moved from my tiny apartment into my much bigger home and do you know I virtually filled the big house with all the stuff I have collected in my tny apartment. I have no idea how that happened. I'm quite skilled at hoarding, obviously :)
    ps love your chair

  4. You are right about the boys being happy, so long as they are happy and well adjusted then nothing else matters. Things always fall into place

  5. Hi A-M, I feel your pain, we are renting a very small 4 bedroom house while we build, I have 4 kids & tonnes of stuff in storage...we have a cupboard in the garage for the kitchen overflow eg. slow cooker, frying pan etc. I downloaded the IKEA home planner & made little maps of my rooms to place my furniture, I found it was hamdy for designing the room sizes for our new home as well. Good Luck!!! P.S if ralph doesn't fit anywhere I would love to make a space for him, LOL

  6. thanks for the shout out and good luck with the move xx

  7. Come to NYC, and you'll feel a lot better about your small apartment, I promise!


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