Monday, July 5, 2010

Back Home

Feels like we have been away for ever. I think it must have been the high level of activity. I find that active holidays seem to go slow and lazing holidays go fast?

Still on dial up back here at the 'Shoe Box'. Disclaimer: I say 'Shoe Box' in the most endearing way..... it's our home now..... we love it here, it's big enough...but a 'Shoe Box' compared to the last place. We're a nickname family so 'Shoe Box' it is until someone comes up with something better. I have comment moderation (without anon) on again so 'nasties' leave me alone on this one ok!!!

So Telstra where is my ADSL modem? 3 weeks ago you said it was in the mail, 3 business post days away. I am about to call you again for ..oh.. the 11th time. Last call was 58 minutes in duration, I kid you not... something about their computer not being able to 'bundle' at my address. The time before they kept calling me Mrs Focker (no joke)... as the number was still attached to someone else. They asked for my residential address and I said, "only if you promise not to send anything there in the form of mail, as I only want my PO Box as my mailing address". Guess what was waiting in my mailbox when I got home?... mail from Telstra... but NO modem! So the objective of my day today is to get one. I think I will start perched on the counter in the nearest Telstra shop. I will stay there until someone throws a modem at me. Now if only I could access the internet and look up the nearest Telstra shop!
Happy Monday!
A-M xx

Oh and super P.S. Katrina has made over my Cape Cod Designs bloggy too. I did get a glimpse of it when I had internet access on my holiday! ... but now the page takes too long to load.... on dial up. Let me know how it's looking! I kid you not... that one was only one draft... exactly what I asked for... no changes!... she's so good!


  1. Oh you are too nice. You were easy to work with! Loved every minute of it... got anything else I can do for you hahaha. Have a great day!

  2. Telstra, Banks, Councils, Tax Office..they have their own charter and it doesn't involve customer service.. Have lovely time settling in..Rachaelxx

  3. I hate moving because of this problem with utilities. There are so many stuff ups when reconnecting telephone, electricity and gas. It really is unbelievable! Good luck. I hope it gets sorted quickly.

  4. Welcome back A-M! Katrina has done a wonderful job with your blog layouts. They look great! xx

  5. Welcome back A-M, so nice to know you had a lovely holiday. I love the work Katrina has done to Cape Cod Designs.
    Good luck with Telstra today.
    Have a fantastic day. xox

  6. Welcome home, hope you get that modem, reason we're not fans of the big T, we had similar probs on our move 4 years ago. Love the new look of both blogs, Katrina did a great job.
    Have a happy and hopefully productive day.

  7. WE maxed out our limit last month and it was so painful being on slower internet...I know how you feel. Re your last post...can you send some blog love to WHen I picked up some goods form you from your old store, you encouraged me to start a blog so I did and here it is!! Thanks.

  8. Sounds like a plan A-M, a visit to the Telstra shop in person might deliver a positive outcome. Good luck!!

  9. Dealing with a phone company will make the trials and tribulations of a house-build seem like a walk in the park, good luck with that A-M.
    You must be enjoying the warmth of the sun after your time in the snow:o)

  10. A-M you think Telstra is bad try doing without a fridge for 3 weeks ! Hours of phone calls between David Jones customer service & warranty repairers & all because 3 years ago I took out a extended warranty with Maytag who then apparently sold to Westinghouse , & no one could figure out the warranty even though it was there in black & white. Was there any sense of urgency , NO!
    Of course David Jones Customer Service ladies were trained in using the right words with me to keep me calm (which only worked for a week). Pheww I think I needed to vent. You stirred up a hornets nest in my head.
    Big Companies you need to get with it !!!!
    Karyn x
    P.S Glad your back & I love the new Cape Cod Design Layout.

  11. Katrina has done a fabulous job on Cape Cod - she is one clever cookie!
    Good Luck with Telstra.

  12. I got sick of the Telstra/Optus runaround and went for 3 mobile broadband. I have a plug in wireless thingy that somehow makes the internet happen. I don't know how it works I only know that it works. We're a 3 laptop household so it works well. Nothing quite like a comfy chair, sunshine in the garden, cup of coffee, and blog browsing!

  13. Ah moving. The agony. And it does seem to be the telephone companies that are the very worst whatever country you're in. It just should NOT be that hard... love both the new looks on your blogs too. Very fresh and clean. A x

  14. Cape Cod Designs looks fab too....

  15. Hi there,

    I've given you an award. It's on my blog for you to pick up!

  16. Man, poor service is really the limit isnt it. Just spent a mortgage payment on a car service, only to have it worse than when i picked it up! how can that happen on a new car??!!

    hope your DSL arrives soon darl!! so frustrating.

    Love the new look, very clean and cool! jxx

  17. I love the look of both blogs and you're inspiring me to refresh my own (it may just take a long time to get there). So happy that you're back from holiday ~ I get used to your daily updates!



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