Monday, July 19, 2010

Back To It

My study corner, in our little apartment. See that wall out on the terrace.. that's the wall of the complex's like our own private gym... no one uses it.. it has tons of great equipment and machine thingys... I have NO excuse now. It taunts me every morning when I am having my coffee! We're on the ground floor, in the corner, so we have a lovely large terrace on both sides of the apartment... lots of light and greenery. The gardens are beautiful here. The bedrooms upstairs have large balconies overlooking the pool... sort of 'Melrose Place-ish' in layout. 

Oh, it's sooo hard getting back into study after the distraction of the move and a holiday. I have found every excuse under the sun NOT to get moving this morning. I have cleaned and exercised and made lists and lunches and washed, ironed, answered emails, placed orders... all the while my strategically placed books are sitting there calling me. Just fleetingly another excuse just came to mind!.....I can't start until I have all the old files from my old clunker computer loaded up onto my new one. Just use the old clunker for the time being A-M. The planets will never align.... just start. NOW. HERE. Done the blog post.... no more excuses left. First... a cup of tea.
Be back soon!


  1. Haha....I love that it still started with a cup of tea.;)

  2. AM, your apartment looks fabulous - I am quite jealous!

  3. Well I do hope there is no shenanigans and cavorting at your apartment complex like there was at Melrose Place!
    Yes I can find any excuse to have another cup of tea, just like I'm doing today, blogland is soooo distracting.
    Understand perfectly your dilemma re study. Travelled the same path ten years ago. Hard slog especially with kiddos. Have considered more study but the only progress I make is to boil the jug :)

  4. Finished that cuppa yet? Best get into it..... ;-)

  5. Knowing exactly how you feel however just do it then you will wonder why ? why you put t off so long no big deal usually all in all and it feels so good to be rid of that nagging feeling! You will/can do re: that gym well.........

  6. You can dooo it!!!
    I am not a morning person, so getting motivated is always a little tricky.... you made a start, and cups of tea are a vital part of study, right??


  7. I am a master at the art of procrastination - but your efforts are impressive, and a lot more stylish than mine.

  8. Sounds like you have that same procrastination gene I have. I have so much to do, but I'm reading blogs instead. Hmmmmmm. Best I get into my work or I will be here all night! Have a lovely day. xx PS Love your study corner. Apartment looks lovely.


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