Friday, July 30, 2010


Old photo taken when we were so proud that we managed to squeeze the piano in

NB. LOVING the rain....... but slept here on the couch. That's all I'm going to say about the 'bongo drum awnings' outside our bedroom...... for fear of further reproach. Note to self: go to storage shed and get fold up bed.

Happenings? not much really.

Looks like poor old Brian (lizard) is on his last legs. Two very distraught lads.

Nigel is thriving and twice the size of Brian. Nigel eats everything in sight... every last lovingly prepared grated morsel of carrot and zucchini, delicately chopped strawberries and heaps of live crickets thrown in for good measure. He bolts down his calcium powder and specially prepared 'lizard food' mulchy stuff. Big son, budding scientist/medico, is meticulous about lizard dietary balance and has researched the topic to death.

Speaking of death, Brian is not good. He hides under the heat rock and never comes out. He's half the size of Nigel. He was never good from the start. There's always one isn't there. Brings back memories of the traumatic passing and touching burial of 'Pocket', our first and much cherished Graceful Tree Frog. Brian falls on his back and makes no attempt to roll over. It's heartbreaking to watch... well actually I don't, I can't, I'm just informed of every painstaking movement of the poor blighter. So big son has force fed him, as per lizard manual instructions... (a procedure also not for the faint hearted... so I hear).... with no success.

So despite hubby's ginormous workload, following his trip to Melbourne, he is making a mercy dash, Brian in arms, to the Pet Superstore this morning to have the 'Lizard Specialist' have a look at him. Yes there are 'Lizard Specialists'... and even 'Lizard Food Reps'.... I spoke to one last time we were there... sort of like a 'Lizard Dietitian' of sorts... fascinating.... if you are 12 years old. I pretended.... to be fascinated. You have to.

So it's Friday.. apparently my big boy's favourite day...not because it's the end of the week... but because good subjects happen on Friday... like drama.. yep, my budding scientist is embracing drama with gusto... and chapel ("'cause it's a bludge"). We're off to watch Mr A-M play soccer tonight... another thing I can't watch.. really... after 7 knee reconstructions and implicit directions from Orthopaedic Surgeon NEVER to play soccer again, I feel we are all being 'really naughty' partaking in this activity. Kids have fun though... totally ignoring their Dad's match ("did you see my goal, did you see my goal"... aaah...  "nope") and running around madly with all the other kids, searching for lost soccer balls in the bush... in the dark.

Nothing else to report really.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Lucky I'm not their mother..I'm a hopeless mess if anything happens to an animal..Hope Brian recovers! Have a great weekend..Rachaelxx

  2. Wow, it'a sll happening up there at your place! Poor Brian! Very difficult for your boys but hopefully the visit to the specialist today will be of some help.
    Here's to a good Friday :)

  3. oh dear I hope Brian is ok and the Lizard Doctor can fix him up. Kids get so sad at the loss of a pet. My boys will be so jealous that your boys have reptiles (even at their age - they still ask for pets). I will cross my fingers for Brian.

    Mr A-M is very naughty - but I guess it is very hard to keep a soccer player down. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  4. Hi A-M,

    I had to laugh at this post. So well written!! Have a great weekend and hope Brian survives the weekend and is okay.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  5. 7 Knee Ops, Oh my goodness....
    Please feel free to express what you like about rain on tin, its your blog and heaven forbid you mention your opinions on your own blog....anywhooo.....
    I hope your lizard speacialist is able to offer some good news and some thing for tonight, I always enjoy a great game of sudoku when I watch the boys play sport.

  6. Your couch and piano look great, nice and cosy and home-ly. You make me laugh when you talk about the lizards thankfully my boy is not yet big enough for those type of pets, don't know if I could handle it, he has been asking for a rabbit so we'll see! Have a lovely weekend and hope the soccer match goes well tonight, Jx

  7. Everything looks better on Friday. Maybe even Brian? Here's hoping.

  8. Loved reading about your boys fossicking around in the dark looking for soccer balls.
    Hello Mr THTAMB nice to see you here. Good on you for conducting a mercy dash to the lizard specialist. The things we do for our kids.
    Hope you knew A-M my drip comment was tongue-in-cheek :))

  9. I had a friend who was a country girl, very pragmatic, who said . "Pets die. That's what they're for."

    A bit like saying into each life a little rain must fall, but maybe not the most tactful right now! Oops, sorry!

  10. AM
    I think it looks lovely even if it is a smaller area- those cushions look lovely!

  11. Have a great weekend as well A-M. Luck to your hubby in his soccer match and here's hoping Brian pull through the weekend!

    XO, Andrea

  12. Hope Brian gets well soon. Have to say, I don't envy the lizard, tree frog pet thing. Thank goodness my girls are happy with the cat and goldfish! Enjoy the soccer- things we do!!! Kisses, Emma.

  13. Poor Brian!! If there was ever a lizard who had a chance of surviving, it will be Brian with all the love and care your boys are giving him and with his mercy dash to the lizard expert. Hope you have a lovely Friday and that you have a comfortable sleep tonight xx

  14. Oh, poor Brian! We have a cute little water dragon that lives in our shed, and is so tame you can pick him up and move him off the home gym - his favourite spot. Sorry that your boys have to go through the heartache of losing another pet too - as an animal-mad kid I was devastated every time one of my mine died, so I can sympathise totally. Have a great weekend - hopefully rain-free so you can get some sleep - and I'll keep my fingers crossed Brian makes a miraculous recovery. K xx

  15. Glad Friday is #1 Sons's fave A-M. I loathed Friday's at High School -we had a whole arvo of Home Ec. with Miss S. the Dragon Woman. I still shake & assume the foetal position at the thought of it, what a horrible, miserable old bag she was. I hope Brian makes it through another w/end.
    Millie ^_^

  16. Oh poor little Brian! I hope he gets better... Enjoy the soccer!
    Happy day sweet blog-friend!
    xoxo alice

  17. Well I'm thinking those awnings cant be any worse than a fat possom running across our tin roof, or the rats inside our bedroom roof!!

  18. Have a really great weekend too A-M....I hope Brian makes it through, xv.

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