Friday, July 23, 2010


This is rather gorgeous. The blue tiles stopped me in my tracks. It's straight from the pages of the June issue of House Beautiful, that has winged it's way to me all the way from Canada and the arms of my Canadian bloggy friend Andrea.

Look at all the goodies she sent us. Thank you Miss A.. oh it's working Andrea, we're gonna get there! Andrea and I met very briefly one day down at the beautiful Manly harbour here in Brisbane. She was on her way around Australia with her friend Will (hi Will!). My boys were doing some serious fishing with their Dad and my job was to buy the fish and chips for dinner :) ... Andrea and Will were watching a storm roll in and we got chatting.... I think this was all before 'the house' had even started?.... it's all a blur now. We exchanged bloggy addresses and have kept in touch ever since. One day we will meet again in Canada. We so want to ski over there.... and see Andrea's home town and meet all her fabulous Canadian friends. Wouldn't that be a blast. I'm going to make it happen.

Big son got 'Honours' for his piano exam. So proud. He was bursting. He headed into his piano lesson yesterday afternoon and then promptly came straight back out to the car with his teacher in tow... both were beaming... I knew it was good news. We celebrated with sushi last night.... any excuse.

Hubby is in Melbourne for the next 3 days, as he has a stand at the 'Home Buyers and Property Investors Expo' at the Exhibition Centre. If you are walking past 'The Dream Deposit' Stand... that's him... say hi... he'll have a name badge on...not 'Mr A-M', most likely 'Luke'.

My study is limping along... hard to get motivated over the 'Timber Utilization and Marketing Act of 1987'.... even the ironing is looking appealing. Just get me to the good stuff please. I reward myself with a cup of tea with. each. excruciating. milestone. Next subject should be much more interesting.

Well that's it from me folks for this week. Off to the markets again in the morning, with 2 lads in tow... no sleep ins tomorrow!
Have a great weekend.


  1. Yay! So glad you're enjoying the goodies and I can't wait to have you visit Canada. I will tour you wherever you want to go. Have a great weekend A-M!

    XO, Andrea

  2. Love the Canadians..we had one stay with us for 6 months - very funny! Lots of Eh! Have a great weekend my darling..Rachaelxx

  3. Dear AM
    don't you love overseas parcels??? Which markets do you visit? Is it West End? You should check out the new Black and Spiro it is very chic. Isn't your son CLEVER????? x

  4. Congrats on your son getting honours in the piano exam. What nice goodies you got from your Canajun friends.

  5. the blue tiles remind me of Oliveux's chair on your sidebar.
    I love blue and white, so summery!

  6. Im obsessed with blue and white hand painted tiles, but not an easy task to find here I'm afraid, looks like we may need to fly to Morocco or Spain!

  7. Big congratulations on the Honours - that's great!
    I like the magazine image. So luxurious for a bathroom - and I love the ruffled chair cover.

  8. Now this comment has nothing whatsoever to do with your blog entry but I wanted to post it while I remembered. You simply must get your hands on the books of Sarah Susanka. She's an architect who started the whole 'not so big' movement. She believes we should spend the same amount of money on a home but put that money into smaller, better quality spaces. With your mention of loving the smaller lifestyle I thought I should mention her to you.

    She has written a number of glorious books including 'The Not So Big House' and 'The Not So Big Life.' A mix of architecture and simple living really appeals to me and I thought you would love to have some study distraction. Let me know if you do hunt her out, I'd love to hear what you think.

  9. Went to Canada a few years ago - gorgeous! What a lovely story, and hope you get to visit Andrea. Have a lovey weekend.
    Rebecca x

  10. Pressies in the mail is always good fun and how nice of your bloggy friend. Congrats to your son, what a star! Enjoy the weekend.

  11. Oh and the comment from The Training Place is me mistakenly using my alter ego- sorry!

  12. Have a great w/end dear A-M. Congrats to #1 son for such an awesome result in his piano exam.
    Millie ^_^

  13. wow!!! I'm so admiring your blog A-M! You take great photos too and the contents are just nice.. feels like i'm reading a real home magazine.. feels like i'm always on a journey reading your posts!!!!


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