Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Holiday Stuff

 My lads at the Canberra Zoo - how great it that place! - school holidays and no crowds - another reason to move to Canberra - our list is getting longer!

Well it was a big day for the blogger error: bX-o3qgph, yesterday. I don't know about you but I couldn't publish any comments from midday on, yesterday. Not even my own comments. So if you left me a comment and it's not there in the comments section - I tried! Anne-Marie, yes that was us at 'Samford Christmas In The Village'.... many times. Wow, someone who knew us! It's amazing how many comments I received about the recurring Uni dream... we're all traumatised by something caused by the pressure of exams.... and yes my dream does take on the form of having to sit all my exams again in a different permutation of my dream, I never really got my degree... or I was one credit point off! Nice to know I am not alone... but it is rather a tiring process.. to be continually studying in one's dreams!... especially when none of it makes sense and you are just studying gibberish!

Beautiful gesture last night. Our real estate agent dropped around a bottle of Veuve, a gift from the new house owners.. to us.. for leaving the place nice. Brought tears to my eyes. I wanted it to be perfect for them... as brand new as I could make it. There is one niggling thing though. I never got a letter box key from the builder, when he installed my letterbox. I have emailed and emailed him... over the past year!... no response. I think they lost it. We always had to just drag the post out of the front of the box. I am rather embarassed though, not being able to hand over a key!

We've well and truly settled into our cosy little digs. Had to attend Ikea yesterday for some kitchen bench stools... shock, horror .. they're super modern, tucked up not far from my little 4 seater cream French breakfast table and chairs (our only other dining option... oh and the couch!). I was marvelling yesterday at the fact that I still have the same number of sinks and toilets to clean here, as I did in the house ....and a flight of stairs to run up... so things aren't too different. You will laugh though... my kitchen contents can be found in my old 'Cobbler's Wharf' rattan sideboard at the entrance/foyer of our apartment. Rice cooker, slow cooker, serving platters and bowls, oven trays and cake tins, all hidden in that thing.. as the kitchen just has enough room for the standard stuff that you would possibly only need on holiday... not for heavy duty, family living. Good thing is ... house work time has been cut 10 fold.

Off to the Gallery of Modern Art this morning, as it is just down the road (love this super inner city living thing.. I could get very used to it).... oh, after big son has a piano practice. He has a piano exam in 10 days and is super stressed. The move and holidays has set him back somewhat in his practice. We even resorted to searching for a piano in a hotel foyer on our holidays in the hope for some practice time! I'm trying to be a loving Mum and praising every scale I hear that is spectacularly perfect. There have been some tears though. And this is why we alternate exams each year.... guitar one year, piano the next. Tried to ditch an exam one year but my son suggested that he was getting nowhere as he had nothing to strive for and work towards.. so he is an agreeing party (disclaimer: no children were harmed in the preparation of this piano exam). Oh it's hard having to relive stuff that psychologically damaged me though... I had horrid music teachers and HATED exams. At least his teacher is a loving soul... and she wears treble clef earrings... a total groover.
Have a great day.


  1. It sounds like the new home owners just love the house and I'm sure they'll look ater it well. That's nice to, a bottle of Veuve is such a lovely gesture.

  2. Blogger Gods failed me yesterday too- I lost a lot of comments and am quite cross. Enjoy the gallery. PS if you want to do coffee in the city call me x

  3. HI AM! I hope you are all settled in well! We are still in the snow, back soon. I feel like our lives are parallel at the moment, moving, skiing, music exams!! I hope you are all loving your urban life...see you soon! amberxx

  4. Oh, and loud, second born 7 year olds..geesh where do they get that energy!!!xx

  5. We keep meaning to take the boys to Canberra. I think there is so much for the kids to do:)

  6. Blogger issues all round I think but it all seems to be back to normal now. What a lovely gesture to send you a bottle of Veuve, some people are very kind. Enjoy the gallery!

  7. Glad to hear you've settled in to your new home, and what a lovely gesture from the new owners of 'The House'! It's nice to be appreciated for all your hard work. Oh, and I wouldn't worry about the letter box key - I'm sure it can be easily fixed. Enjoy your inner-city digs, and enjoy the rest of the school holidays with your gorgeous boys. K xx

  8. Morning A-M,
    Glad you are home and enjoying the day in your new home. All the best for the piano exams- brings back memories for me of many hours of practicing, standing outside the exam room wearing gloves to keep my fingers warm before I went in, books covered and pencil marks rubbed out! Hope it goes really well for your darling. Emma.

  9. This happened to am all day so I gave up with it all! Bet the weather is chilly down in Canberra.

  10. Did you see Ron Muecks exhibition at GOMA. Fascinating!
    Hmmm you have perfect pitch, will be sure to never ever break into song in your presence LOL.
    Re the bush band, I do recall you play a mean violin A-M!!!!!
    Best wishes to your son today. Oh the memories of ballet exams and feeling sick with nerves.

  11. Ha, Anne-Marie, so dedicated to it that I can't even find it... storage shed perhaps?
    Amber - so parallel our lives! Hope the move went well and the snow was good! Emma - he's improving every second. Beach V, Jenny - so annoying, I gave up too. Kerri - referred a reader to you for paint advice. Simone - I want to live there. Sarah B - made my day! A-M xx

  12. Well I'm sort of glad to hear that blogger is having problems with comments as much as my typepad is (in a weird sort of way!) I can see the stats to say people are visiting lots but comments nearly zilch. Hmmm maybe my posts are really boring ha! Anyway I digress, so glad to hear you are settling into inner city living so well. We go into melbourne quite often but its about an hours drive for us, still we get the best of both worlds.

  13. Sounds like life is pretty good in the 'inner city'.
    Good Luck to Big Son for the piano exams

  14. Hi A-M,

    Still trying to sort myself out with a google account. My gorgeous daughter has been a huge help in this. Where would I be without her? Anyway, glad you've had a great holiday. Will call in again soon.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  15. Bought HB to take on a beach break to dog friendly accommodation. Adored your home....went home and was bored and discovered BLOG!!! I am soooooo addicted, have not put the laptop down am a home interiors will be a faithful follower...

  16. Your boys are sooo sweet, and I love how they are dressed, so chic, very French, Bx


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