Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yeah, I know the drum - politics, religion, sex - never..... but we have an election coming up and I am thoroughly enjoying #MoFo ('moving forward') and #ausvotes in Twitter world. Nothing like an Aussie election to bring out the 'best' (wit) in our folk. Thanks Annie for pointing me towards some light relief from my studies!


  1. Nothing beats the silly cat and mouse games they play up to the elections!!
    Thankyou for the compliments on my sons cake! Good luck with your party plans :) We are not big on 'parties' either - lots of work for mums!!

  2. Hi A-M!
    Love love love love ur header! Gosh, it's beautiful! I wish I had one like that.... Happy day dear!
    xoxox alice

  3. Are you actually on Twitter A-M? If so, look me up (it's my full name) and let's follow one another.


  4. ooh I just saw that you mentioned me in your post. Why thank you! Yes the political stream on Twitter is definitely interesting and makes politics just a bit more fun. xx


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