Tuesday, July 13, 2010


... oh I had to reblog this one. Look at the gorgeous 'Garden Room' Tara Dillard and her colleague built, out of recycled items. You can see the whole post HERE. Love her blog...  I learn so much every time I visit.  If I was in the same hemisphere I would sneak into one of her lectures. I reckon they would be great.
PS She's got books too! HERE


  1. Amazing that it is out of recycled items. Some people are very clever. Thanks for the links, I will go and have a peek.

  2. Oh what a delightful and serene place that could be used as a mothers retreat/escape. May I have one please, like, right now!!
    Although I would not want to share it with the spiders and snakes who inhabit Brisbane. Hubby was gardening yesterday and disturbed a tree snake or two. That's another positive aspect A-M of apartment living...no snakes!

  3. Oh wow what a beautiful little hideaway. Well I guess not a hideaway with all those windows. Just gorgeous

  4. I had the same thought.....its the most wonderful mummy getaway...right in your backyard.

  5. Now, I'm jealous of our Garden Room. It has traveled to Australia before I have.

    Oh, spiders & snakes in Georgia, USA too. Snakes numerous in the southeast this year due to rains after years of drought.

    Thank you A-M for taking good care of our little Garden Room.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  6. I read Tara's blog every day, and I love this room!! The half-culvert she used over the door --- genius! Tara's lectures are just as delightful as her blog ... maybe more so. A friend and I heard her speak last February. It was wonderfully entertaining!

  7. Brilliant idea - reblogging. There are so many ideas and inspirations that are deserving of having another day in the sun!


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