Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Nice Decor For Pamela

Image Courtesy BHG 

Fellow blogger, Pamela, over at Mountain Living, is having a rough time. Her operation, scheduled for the 19th, has now been rescheduled for today, due to complications.....and is going to be bigger and longer than expected. I don't know if she has her computer with her in hospital but I'm sure some bloggyland love would lift her spirits and take her mind off her "week in what will no doubt be an appallingly decorated room"... her own words!.... still got a sense of humour. Grit your teeth Pamela. We're all here for you. You can visit Pamela HERE.
PS. I met Pamela through her Ebay store, 'My Cushion Covers'. Almost every beautiful cushion in my old place, and here where I am camped out now, was made by Pamela.  She has emptied her store whilst she is receiving treatment, but be sure to visit later in August when she and all her goodies are back. They are the most beautifully made, exquisitely finished, little masterpieces. I am sitting propped up on one now! My thoughts are with you Pamela. xx


  1. Thank you for leading me to Pamela and her lovely blog .... how sweet of you.

    I also took a few extra minutes to catch up on your posts over the past few weeks ........ loved reading about the piano exam and your daytime dates!

  2. What a beautiful, sunny picture. I hope that it cheers Pamela up. Good luck Pamela! The blogosphere is cheering for you.

  3. Wow, Pamela emailed with me recently but I have to admit I didn't realised what a slog she was in for. Sending very positive thoughts :)

  4. She is an incredible woman, even taking the time to personally thank everyone for their well wishes. I hope she comes through ok..Rachaelxx

  5. I've been keeping up with Pamela too A-M & gosh, she's had a very challenging month. The calm & gentle manner in which she is facing this is awesome. This is a lovely shout-out to her, I'm sure it will lift her spirits immensely.
    Millie ^_^

  6. What a gorgeous breakfast nook. It's so wonderfully fresh looking. I love that one chair is green and the other two, blue. Thanks for introducing Pamela's blog to us and I hope all goes well with her treatment. Vanessa.

  7. I hope Pamela knows we're all cheering for her......such a gorgeous lady....

  8. Hi A-M, Thank so much for introducing Pamela to everyone.
    It will certainly lift her spirits at this time. I know when I went through it and still am bloggyland love is truly wonderful place.
    I have been lurking around following you blog for sometime and I must say your home was amazing. Have a wonderful week. Take care. Deb

  9. Thank you A-M, you could not have chosen a better picture for me as I love a good nook.
    Right now, I'm sitting at my little bamboo desk, not faux but the real deal, from my second shop in 1979. The desk is in a nook under a dormer window in my study.
    I also have a garden nook adjacent to the laundry near the back door. Here I have a small built in desk and shelves containing my garden reference books.
    Of course I also have a potting nook behind the garden shed. Doesn't everyone?
    One can never have too many nooks!
    Thank you again for your best wishes.
    Pamela xx


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