Monday, July 12, 2010

Stair Ideas

I am drawn to this kitchen from the HGTV house as I really like how the stairs are configured, both upstairs (tucked up in the corner) and downstairs (as a little nook thing). Don't know about the support beam (correction: post, column, support thingy) on the bench (correction: island, counter? centre table? - sorry.... Aussie makeshift system of commmunication) though. Just like the little stair corner.

I think it's all the moldings and panelling that get me (so rare in this part of town). Hmmm,...don't know about the stairwell wall thingys though.

While stalking the HGTV site I saw a picture of the new owners being intervewed by none other than our own Jamie Durie... looking very tanned, and as Aussie as they come... good on ya Jamie! So proud!

Lights are pretty too. Well I think so. Disclaimer: 'all my opinion entirely'.

Happy Monday. School's back so I'm doing paperwork all day... then some study. Luxury.. a quiet day!
Miss them already.

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  1. I agree! Love those stairs and all that moulding! Superb. Enjoy being 'back at school!'KG

  2. Lights are defiantly pretty , do we know where they come from. I had given up finding my dream lights (they are all apparently at restoration hardware) Do we know where these lovelies come from ?
    Enjoy your quite day
    Karyn x

  3. we had to do a support beam in our bench (or so the builder told us) & it drives me nuts! When we did the renos I was a little green & just agreed with what ever I was told - so wish I could do it all over again.

  4. I agree, the way the stairs have been handled is great and I love all the moulding as well. I just can't wait to reno my kitchen!

  5. Is that a nook, or stairs to a basement?

    Agree about that lumpy pole on the bench - may be it IS necessary, but it is annoying.

    I think it is the planking which makes this room, and all the lovely crisp detailing.

  6. I love the contrast between the dark hard wood floor and the white cabinets.
    The natural light is great!
    I think the little stairs next to the kitchen is the way to the basement.
    Your Australian guy is awesome! I love to watch his show on HGTV! So cute!

  7. Yes, agree with all comments so far about the bench beam/support. I do love the dark floors against the white though.... It probably needs a little AM advice on the decor of the stair walls. Happy studies! ;-)

  8. Hi A-M! I've been away again but each time I come back from my holidays I feel refreshed by reading your blog. Loved your insights on the uni residences, wished your son luck in his piano exams and loved that you plugged our own HGTV home in your Monday post. So happy to be back, I've missed your adventures.

    XO, Andrea

  9. Yes, that support post would absolutely "grate" with me everytime I sat at the bench. I wonder if that space under the stairs is a pantry? The mouldings etc. are beautiful. :)Sharyne

  10. Hi A-M .... I love the stairwell but the beam on the bench would definitely not gel with me. I love the lights and of course all the white and timber.... very Hamptons!!!
    How is everything going ... hope all is well.

  11. was talking about your superior taste to Amber today- we can't wait to see your next project!

  12. Hi - I just wanted to chime in that I visited this house in person (I live a couple of towns over). It took me a while to understand what you all mean by "bench", but figure you must mean the kitchen center island with the stools? In person, the column (beam) is less in your face as it appears in this photo. And, it's necessary as the downstairs is an open floor plan and something has to hold up the second story!

  13. Looks like I'm going to have to have that same look with the big supporting beam on my kitchen bench A-M. The Engineer reckons if I try to persuade MOTH to 'forgo' it in the kitchen reno. the whole house will collapse like a deck of cards. I think I'll hold a competition for the best idea to hide the hideous thing.
    Millie ^_^

  14. It's gorgeous, very you..The lights are beautiful..Had to laugh at Millie's comment. Don't you just love supporting beams, bulkheads, steel lintels...Rachaelxx


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