Sunday, July 11, 2010

Totally Random Sunday Musings

1. I don't have a fridge with an ice dispenser anymore so I am going to do this. Thanks Martha.

2. Land in inner Brisbane is expensive. $3000/sqm Ascot/Hamilton, $2000/sqm West End/Highgate Hill, $1000/sqm Camp Hill/Coorparoo. Would Brisbanites (realestalkers like myself) agree with my figures?

3. The Interior Designer/'Fitter Outer Person', of these apartments of ours, gave absolutely no thought to the practicalities of the tiles they chose... you know those rough, porous, matt, creamy/beige numbers that grab onto every stain they can..... that no amount of elbow grease can remove. I wonder if the owners of the riverfront apartments (who paid a squillion smackeroos) curse, as much as I do, when cleaning their floors. Gets the heart rate up that's for sure.

4. That said, I wonder if I will ever want to move again. I sort of love being here. My morning walks along the river are glorious... and people smile at you and say hello. Got a taste of the local farmers markets yesterday. I will never buy a 'grown in China' garlic again, let alone any fruit/vegetable in a supermarket ever again. We walked to the markets and watched everyone who drove trying to find a park. My car doesn't really leave the garage....walk/ferry/bus. The complex pool changes colour at night - the boys love to lie in their beds and watch the rainbow colours until they fall asleep. They are in their element sharing a room. I found them cuddled up in the one bed this morning, reading to each other. I love living takes 5 seconds for the heating to kick in and then we can turn it off. I am loving the residents herb garden and cooking up a storm. Feels like I have 'come home' ... dangerously so.

5. Moving files from PC's to our new Mac's is proving challenging to say the least. Hubby has spent the last 24 hours glued to a computer screen...almost time for IV fluids.

6. School is back tomorrow and I miss my boys already.

Happy Sunday night.
See you tomorrow!


  1. hate to say I told you so, but I told you so: re living small inner city.

    Use a creme cleanser on the tile stains. well try it.

    Jane of Janezworld
    also living small
    but smaller....

  2. How interesting that you like small and inner city - I like small too but it does take discipline and I sometimes wish my boys had vast bedrooms with huge cupboards! We've just had a weekend away in a very posh spot on the north coast out of Auckland and all the holiday homes were vast - people do seem obsessed with big... sounds like a lovely life change for you - nice to know there are upsides to renting nightmares!

  3. Hmm...apartment living has somehow appealed to me but have yet to try it...with two boys of my own i wonder about the space. I do hear you and envy you walking everywhere and everything so close, markets sound just lovely, fresh is so best and you sound like your quality of life A-M has improved somewhat! Joy to you and yours. Cathyxx

  4. Can't wait to live small! Pity we sold our 2500 sqm in Coopooroo though!!!

  5. Definitely agree with you there re price per square metre in Brissie. we moved out of inner city to south of river to get the bigger house and i did regret it at first due to the extra travel involved but i must say that we are more comfortable where we are, across the road from a lovely park and bike track, it takes 15 minutes to get boys home from their inner city school and hubby takes them to school of a morning as he works in the city so i am really not inconvenienced too much. now we have done up the house i do love it and getting in the car to travel that extra mile to do my shopping is not that much of a deal anymore. its what you get used to i suppose. in hindsight we are better off financially as well. Cathyxx

  6. Love the city walking, farmers markets sound Italian family would never let me buy anything other than their home grown really does taste different....better different.
    Nice to hear your new abode is treating you all so well.

  7. Thanks girls. Yes Catherine, with these prices, I will be looking over yonder south too. I wonder how long it will take for the novelty here to wear off! Nice change for a while though...less housework!... except for the tiles! A-M xx

  8. Interesting observations A-M re inner-city living!! I'm having the opposite experience right now in country Victoria and loving all the space, dreaming of a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. It will be interesting to observe your musings over the coming months!

  9. Love the farmers markets ,I never buy supermarket fruit & vege & I stopped buying garlic from China 2 years ago when it was so wooden it broke my garlic press & it has no flavour.
    It is lovely to have a change in life for new experiences. Im not looking forward to my daughter going back to school either.
    Karyn x

  10. sounds wonderful living on the river in a unit. downsizing can definitely have its advantages. It is v.expensive in Brisbane. I'm glad I'm just happy to stay in the one place. I hate moving.

  11. Adaptability of our nature is amazing...sounds like it's all reminding you (us all) it's not about the building...
    and it's hard to have it all at the same time!

  12. I am glad to know your story had a happy ending! I enjoy small towns for its cleanness and quite at night.
    It must be lovely to walk to a farmer's market!
    Good for you A-M. Take care.

  13. Wonder if the landlord would let you seal the tile, and if that would even help?

    Can't wait to sell our "Too Big" house and move into something much smaller in the city. In a couple of years, we'd like to add a small lake cottage (hard to find) to getaway to when it get too hot or busy in the city.

  14. If you're looking on Hamilton Hill maybe, but otherwise you might be a little over on the Ascot / Hamilton guess. I would say around $2,000. And you dont have the charater issues. Blocks with houses to remove sell in the blink of an eye, get onto some realestate agents and get them to contact you if anything comes on. One sold the other day in Ascot on the nice side. $800k 500sqm with house to move.

    But I am bias! Love the northside :)

  15. Oh thanks D. Yes I might be a bit over... based purely on a recent sale of 300sqm for $900K in Ascot, in a street near a school Mum friend, near Bennison. We couldn't believe it. From that moment on I thought, way too much for me if that's what they're asking!... and I headed back south!
    So you're a Northie hey! There was an article in the paper on the weekend about Northies vs Southies!
    A-M xx

  16. If your inner city is New Farm then I complete get the love. We are in Red Hill (inner city) and drive over to New Farm every weekend. The river walks, the dog park, the Powerhouse, the Farmer's markets and of course New Farm park lovely.

  17. ... and now for something completely different - check out land available at Bonogin - fellow blogger Sandy from Paint it White is in that area and it is stunning.
    Lots of large blocks (3000msqm+)and still so close to Robina Town Shopping Centre - which is quite the shopping experience!
    We are considering a move and total lifestyle change ourselves???

  18. A-M,

    Wow! $900k for 300sqm - I wish I was the previous owner! That would have been a nice profit!!!

    Yes northsider now through and through. I lived south for 23 years, now North is my home. That said, I would cross the river for something 'perfect'.

    I did see that article too. I only read the first two paras. And just because Kevin lived in a suburb that doesn’t change the way I feel about it. I had a good laugh about that. I have it on the reading pile to read it completely. That said, I still have April/May/June Mags of UK Vintage Homes and Antiques too. Lots of reading to catch up on!



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