Saturday, August 28, 2010


2nd from the left!

Oh we had a great day today. Little one played in a soccer carnival, to celebrate the end of the soccer season. 4 intense games over 4 hours... he was fearless!

Leaving a trail of destruction in his wake... that was a goal!

When not scoring goals (secretly bursting with pride I was) he was mostly taking spectacular, melodramatic tumbles... putting his well rehearsed Italian soccer skills to good use.

Yes, down for the count again, the one down on the left, in spectacular fashion.

Yep, in most photos I took, he was on the ground clutching at some injury. He was carried off, injured, by a lovely Dad in the 3rd match, screaming, "he chipped my bone, I'm sure he chipped my knee bone"..... after a few hugs and kisses and a bit of drink bottle water splashed on it, he ran back on, the other parents exclaiming, "gee that chipped bone healed mighty fast".

"Chipped bone" incident, 2nd from right.

He's a little bloke but he gave the big boys a run for their money, went in hard in every match..... so by 5pm he was asleep in his chicken casserole.

I had to blog about this day as I want to remember him at this gorgeous age.... forever.


  1. No way! Our eldest used to play in the same club. It is a big day, isn't it? Good on your little one!

  2. Oh, A-M! Very cute. Capturing his histrionics at this age should make for some funny memories at his 21st! J x

  3. Unabashedly ready to be a hero - I love this age too, my youngest is still just there! Now you will have it forever - memory canned by photography!

  4. Fantastic photos A-M, that determined streak will see him well though life! Mel xxx

  5. So divine! My boys don't play soccer but they've got those dives down pat. Must be a boy thing.

  6. Hi A-M! Cute pics, Happy Saturday! xoxox alice

  7. :-D thanks for making me smile..I'm very glad his chipped bone was able to heal up so fast. :0)

  8. Beautiful post and such great photos. Thanks for the emotional mummy pangs you've given me so early in the morning! He's so lovely and very brave! Rachaelxx

  9. He is lovely. I do know what you mean about secretly bursting with pride. Sometimes, however, it escapes in an over-enthusiastic cheer that makes your husband roll his eyes at you.

  10. Oh he is delightful... I love his claims of having a chipped bone that's a classic!

    Have a gorgeous weekend! x

  11. Oh A-M he's just adorable! Of course you wnt to remember him at this age forever. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Oh what a day to remember, I loved the photo's of the little fella doing a fantastic job by the looks despite bits of bone coming of left, right and centre.

    xxx DJ


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