Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Good Place To Chill Out......

Image Courtesy Canadian House and Home

... and wait..... while our nation decides on a government. 3 days post federal election and still no word. As someone said on twitter, "quick, let's drink straight from the milk carton, #whilenoonesincharge".... on a knife's edge... very enthralling. By the way, how beautiful is that ceiling.... and floor!


  1. Did you see this on twitter via Mr_2020 - Maybe Julia can be PM Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Tony can have Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Bob can cover Sundays?
    As you say, enthralling and I don't even live there any more! Great room too... A x

  2. Lately more than ever i have been yearning for simplicity, with the beauty of a room in the architecture, the light, the space - the 'good bones' I suppose.

    This room certainly has them: "I am always satisfied with the very best"!

  3. Hello..A.M!....remember me? waiting anxious to see your new project. kind regards Colette -South Africa (and now fellow blogger.)

  4. My neihgbours kitchen, family, dining room is just like the beams in the bedroom, absolutely gorgeous.
    Mimi x

  5. It's the floor for me...lovely. I can imagine stepping out from bed onto that floor! Thanks A-M..have a lovely day! p.s. my son also has teeth trouble(7yr old)and the things they want to do to bring one forward!!!He has sensory needs so I'm waiting for 'divine intervention' to avoid doing what, they say, has to be done. Tricky business being a parent...

  6. I really love the contrast between dark wood and white walls. That's what I have at home!
    I could have wonderful dreams in this bedroom!

  7. We are on the same wavelength regarding ceilings, white walls and floorboards. As you say still heart!

    Loving the political situation at present. It's been a huge wake-up call for our politicians.
    The Independents are so refreshing with their commonsense attitudes. Time will tell...

  8. Hi A-M,
    ..."quick, let's drink straight from the milk carton" perfectly sums it up - what a cute saying!
    Even my 9 year old son asked "but Mum, who's looking after Australia at the moment"!
    The Courier-Mail has the answer...."Relax Australia, Bob Katter is on the job" (complete with guns on the wall under the split-system - see the article and photo at:

    On a different note, love that floor, the beams...that room! Such timeless simplicity - and I still do love a sleigh bed!
    Have a great day,

  9. Hmmm, let the political argy bargy continue... In the meantime I will admire your gorgeous post with the fireplace in the bedroom - love it! ;-)

  10. Oh, A-M, you really find the most gorgeous things. I love the airiness, simplicity, clean lines, curved wood and that covetable crisp white linen (what thread count, I wonder?). As for the politics, I'm tuning out until the votes have been counted. I don't have the headspace to work out all the possible permutations although I am a political junkie. Let's see what the voters have decided! J x

  11. Omg gorgeous room, gorgeous bed and love the fireplace! Yes the election is very exciting ..... Saturday night was better than going to the theatre! Have a great day!

  12. I know, I just want to know who our new PM will be and I'm starting to get annoyed at not knowing! It's the impatient Gen-Y in me! :) That bedroom look so nice with the light coming in and the floors are gorgeous! Have a great wednesday A-M,

  13. This is very like my bedroom, only rather smarter and shinier (and no mess!!). Absolutely the style I love, airy, light and dark together, beams, fireplace (don'thave that in my bedroom sadly!), and a sense of history somewhere in the background of the space. Love it.

  14. The job sharing idea for PM makes me laugh! I must admit politics and the news have never been so interesting!!! I wonder what will happen??

  15. Hmmm, being held to ransom by three independents.. some democracy..Rachaelxx


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