Friday, August 13, 2010


All images courtesy Ann Sacks

You know my Canadian friend, Andrea, the one I met right here in Brisbane very briefly before we became eternal bloggy friends, well I also keep in touch with her Canadian Aussie travel buddy, Will. He emails me from time to time with some beauties (Canadians are so ridiculously friendly and sharing and nice. Note to self: move self and family to Canada). Will sent me a link to one of his favourite Canadian bloggys which featured the most glorious tiles from Ann Sacks. If you are into tile art, the Ann Sacks Website has some great concept examples under each tile style in the ceramic tile section. I could spend hours clicking on each little tile and studying the concepts featured (well.... actually... I did).

Look at this one.......

.....close up! Sigh.

I could see this one in some stylish bachelor pad.

So simple and so elegant.

Look at those mosaics!......

...close up!

They do plumbing... isn't this darling little sink gorgeous (disclaimer - personal opinion only)...

.... and vanities...oh and all the lights in the images, they do them too... sigh

This would be so gorgeous in a traditionally styled white bathroom... a bit of personality without strong colour....there's something for everyone... wouldn't you agree! Worth giving up the telly for a night.... if you're into tiles that is.

All this gorgeous-ness is HERE. All images courtesy Ann Sacks.

Yes, so you can imagine hubby's delight last night when I kept interrupting his favourite TV program ("sorry darling, just pause it one more time, oh you've got to see this one") to show him tiles. He was considerably underwhelmed, unlike me who thought they were worthy of a post. "Straight to the blog", I always say. My children tremble when I use it as a disciplinary threat...... works a charm. Oooh it's Friday, have a great weekend. Yep, you guessed it for me... soccer!


  1. I totally agree A-M ,gorgeous!
    Have Fab weekend.

  2. I love these tiles! I stumbled upon this website a ittle while ago, and can't believe all the gorgeous goodies that we here in oz are missing out on. No wonder you're thinking of moving to Canada if this is the sort of stuff you'll have at your fingertips. Although, I still think you're the perfect person to bring a bit of style and substance to Brisvegas! K xx

  3. Those tiles are to die for! And I love that mirror vanity! Letitia x

  4. What a great post! The best part were the very kind comments about us Canadians! Great big thank you! I was raised in Ontario, Canada. And I will never forget the great people who surrounded me as a child.
    I must say though, that during our stay here in Grand Cayman, I have met many from Australia who have been the sweetest people I have met. Wouldn't it be great if we could just move the countries closer together and be neighbors! haha

    Have a wonderful evening!

  5. I LOVE Ann Sacks tiles, they are truly works of art!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

    Kat :)

  6. OMG... tile heaven.
    I'm sure this is why I'm having difficulty choosing tiles A-M.
    Tile selection in Oz is soooo booooring.

  7. I'm fond of the mosaic tile. I love black and white in a bathroom as opposed to vanilla custard yellow with a hint of heritage green...Thanks A-M for the nice comments and link love! xx

  8. surely if someone asked what was the diff between a good bathroom and a great one, you would show them this post!!

  9. Gorgeous... all! But I really adore the last one!


  10. I'm sorry A-M, but you've been warned before about doing Bathroom posts, you know what effect they have on me. Off to the Sin Bin for you girl - you've been red carded.
    Millie ^_^

  11. i love those last tiles, and the marble vanity with slim steel legs. just stunning! jxx

  12. Ooh love that vanity in the second last photo - very flash - bet your pleased about now that they didn't put that in your rental otherwise you would be seeing that sewage from every angle!! Hope things are smelling rosey and the soccer match was a success! Leanne xx

  13. Well I'm not underwhelmed..I came across her tiles somewhere in my extensive tile search and forgot to go back to them..They really are gorgeous. Rachaelxx

  14. I am a long-time Brisbane reader, yet it's my first comment.
    Absolutely stunning...what more can be said!
    Your blog is gorgeous and gives so much inspiration! Keep up the great work.


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