Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lighting Update

I have been on a lighting mission the last few days, trying to source something very similar to the kitchen pendants that are in 'The House', for all of you who have emailed me wanting to get your hands on some.

A close up!

25 words or less (including gossip of course).... my wholesaler is not dealing with the factory that made those lights anymore... something about the factory owner not being very nice to deal with.. and I say fair enough. Long story short, no more of those particular lights. Good news, my wholesaler is dealing with a 'nice' factory and is going to get them to make me up a sample of that exact light design. If I am happy with the quality and pricing, I will order in as many as you require. I am hoping to keep the pricing at approx $250 each. Soooooo, those of you who are stalking me in need of these lights, please email me at to confirm your interest. I should have the sample within 4 weeks and the lights in by Christmas. Hmmm, Rome was not lit in a day. 

In the meantime, if you can't wait that long, I have found these disc shaped beauties.... brass, electroplated in nickel, to give an antique silver finish that darkens slightly with age.... just like the ones I had in my house. 
Lovely in real life, in 3 sizes:

Smallest: Diameter - 26cm, Height - 11cm, $179 each

Medium-est: Diameter - 36cm, Height - 12cm, $239 each

Largest: Diameter - 40cm, Height - 13cm, $279 each

These are all available right now, if you're quick! Prices do not include delivery.

There is also this iron, bell shaped beauty, available now - minimum order of 2 at $269 each - not including delivery. It is 50cm in diameter and 36cm high. This one, the bulb is hidden.

Email me if you are interested in any of these. Limited stocks only.


  1. Great lights A-M and very nice of you to hunt these down for people. I am sure they will appreciate your efforts.

  2. A-M I loved your kitchen so much. Exciting that I actually saw it in the flesh!

    Meanwhile how wonderful is this rain? My garden is rejoicing-perhaps the Old Testament Style condtions will now be over? Fingers and Toes.

    Enjoy your public holiday- I've slept in, I'm going to brunch, then lunch, then to an afternoon tea. I expect I'll end up quite Fat.


  3. Oh they are lovely - it would be almost worth building again so I could have those - note I said almost! Beautiful :)

  4. Well done A-M on not only hitting a roadblock but going to the next level to help supply a fantastic looking light.

  5. Nice lightning and the picture on the top of this post from the bathroom was great:) Thanks for sharing:)


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