Friday, August 27, 2010

A Quiet Moment...

... with 'Brian', the 'non-eating', 'non-moving', 'barely alive' lizard. He's still with us. Don't know how. Still doing everything the lizard doctor told us to do. The 'Dr' thinks it's 'classic failure to thrive due to bullying'. Even happens in lizard land. Big son is hand feeding him.. through force... total 'Lizard Whisperer', that boy. 'Twice the size Nigel' is thriving and rubbing it in Brian's face. It hurts to watch. Never have 2 lizards been so loved.... and believe it or not, they do love back. If they could purr in their 'masters' arms, they would. I think we'll go a cat next time... and just one.... no bullying.


  1. Beautiful boy..his face says it all. As sad as it is, it must be teaching the boys so much. Poor Brian..Rachaelxx

  2. Wow...bullying in lizardland!
    Can you split Brian and Nigel up somehow or would that mean another tank?
    That lizard owes his life to your caring lad. Pets are wonderful for children even when there is sorrow involved.

  3. Poor Brian! And poor boys... I hope he has a turn around and shows Nigels that bullies don't win!
    If you do get a cat in the furture can I recommend a 'Ragdoll' breed. My Minky is so sweet and so gorgeous.
    Have a great day A-M,

  4. Poor Brian, what a tragic story. I can't believe he's hanging in there. I can just see the smug look on Nigel's face. Naughty, naughty Nigel :(

  5. Hmmm...seems bullying is alive and well in the animal kingdom. We are having the same trouble with goldfish and the bully has been spending time in isolation ie my glass hurricane lamp/temporary fishbowl.
    Someone needs to put Nigel in his place.

  6. I could send Buffy up if you like...she'd sort Nigel out in a jiffy!

  7. I am amazed at what a wonderful young son you have and all he does for himself and others. Pat yourself on the back and give him a big hug for me please.

  8. Dear Ms A-M, I do empathise with you. We have two tiny turtles and it is clear that one is a bit greedier than the other. We are feeding them separately to give the little one a fair go. I am astonished at how attached one can become to them. I often find myself sitting watching them in their tank doing their turtly things. So, I wish your little lizard the best.

  9. aww, poor Brian -but he has a wonderful caregiver. I think I'd go with the cat next too, or a puppy :0) lol.

  10. If anyone can help a bullied lizard survive it would be your two sons and the love they lavish on him. I'm pulling for Brian! Oh A-M I have an amazing round of pictures to share with you...check back to my blog soon!


  11. oh he looks so happy, that lizard whisperer of yours! jxx

  12. You're boys are so sweet. I love all the creature stories. Poor little lizzard. I thought my dog was on the brink last week (he's 12) but I think somehow I nursed him back to life! Hope you are well, A.M.!
    x Trina


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