Monday, August 23, 2010

They're On Their Way

Big teeth, little teeth.

There has been serious cause for concern here at 'The House', as 'Master Almost 8' is STILL awaiting the experience of 'the loss of a wobbly tooth'. They're still not wobbly and the only teeth he has lost have been his 2 little bottom teeth in an extraction ..... due to the big ones growing up behind (and not pushing out) the little ones. I did not cope well with the 'extraction experience' at all. Little one sailed through and was delighted to walk away with teeth not attached to his gums. Didn't even relinquish them to the tooth fairy... too precious.

Well, good news from Dr Shayne, our lovely Dentist, last week....there they are, waiting in the wings! Aren't they enormous chompers! "Will my head be big enough, Mum?" He will look just like his brother... and hopefully also not require braces! Thank you hubby for your nice, big, symmetrical teeth genes! Stay tuned... this little face is gonna change!
PS. Dear Blogger, thank you for being my precious 'motherhood memory storer'. I will be forever grateful to you for this wonderful medium.


  1. I've said it before- your kids are so cute!

  2. My darling big boy is eight and has only lost three bottom teeth to date, but is very close to losing his first top one. I think I was slow too. Master five will be the same as he has no sign of any loose teeth either.
    I don't think it's too unusual. But you can see that the baby teeth are too small for the size of Master 8's head when he smiles!

  3. Good news A-M!
    But oh.....isn't it painful to see their faces change once they have their adult teeth?
    I always hated that stage - a visual reminder to me of the 'loss' of my babies.:(

  4. My 22 year old is still having baby teeth removed...unbelievable! Good, strong teeth are a blessing in the end and your boys are so cute, I mean handsome :)

  5. 'Will my head be big enough, Mum?' that is just too precious! What a gorgeous little man and he will look like such a handsome little man when his big teeth come through!
    Have a lovely monday A-M,

  6. Wow, what an x-ray! I must say I hadn't really thought about faces changing shape with the arrival of adult teeth, but then I'm not a mum. Your lovely boy will no doubt be as handsome as ever!

  7. My six year old lost his first baby tooth just the other week. He bit on a pen and it just flew out. I think we were both surprised. His gorgeous little smile now exposes a gap! The tooth fairy kindly delivered to our house. ;-)

  8. Ha ha, will my head be big enough? That's so funny! You're right, good teeth are to be treasured. My two little ones will need braces and I need them for the second time in my life! How glam I shall be! Rachaelxx

  9. You do have to wonder how all those teeth fit in around a small mouth!!??

    Children certainly do grown before our very eyes.

    V :)

  10. Dear Ms A-M, As the toothfairy's representative in our apartment, I do get a tiny twinge of sadness when I look at each broken tooth as I recall the struggle and excitement of getting them in the first place. But I do love the roguishness of a gap-toothed smile. By the way, you have very handsome boys!

  11. What a classic, A-M! And what a cheeky grin, small or big teeth. Joshua is looking forward to his first teeth falling out but I'm not sure if I am! J x


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