Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who Are You?


Yesterday, big son said to me, 'such and such's' Mum reads your blog. Little one piped up and said, 'yeah, so does 'thingamy's' Mum. I pondered this concept.... that I walk into school and people (if they read my blog) know stuff that I do.... the latest goss at Casa A-M.... that Brian is on his last 'leg' :(

It's a funny feeling... because I am a rather private, insular person in real life... hence the 'A-M' ..... a feeble attempt to retain some anonymity. The boys will sometimes ask to look at my site meter stats behind the scenes, "oh look, someone from New York is reading your blog Mum. "They must be reading about our lizards. Why?" Hmmm, good question son.

YOU know me and I don't know you, my reader, at all. Except for my regular commenters (love you guys) and my 'lurkers' (who come out at 'Home Beautiful' times!), I don't know you... and I want to.

Inspired by the ever so stylish Faux Fuchsia, who asked her readers' how did you find me?', I want to know 'who are you'? You're just a little blip on my site meter at present.... the person from 'Oldenburg, Niedersachsen; Istanbul; Brattvg, More og Romsdal, Indre Arna, Hordaland: Austin Texas and Cleveland, Brisbane!

So who are you? Where do you live? Do you have children too? Do you have lizards? Are you building a house? Did I put you off building a house? Does your house have gables and wainscotting and cornices and all that stuff that I love? Or do you live in an apartment like me? Do you too have storage issues? What do you do? Do you have a blog I could visit? I would love to know more about you.

I would love to hear back from you, my readers. I know you're out there because I see you visiting me sometimes... well I see your country pop up anyway! Oh and I don't have a prize for you, like FF (who never knowingly 'undercushions' by the way... go meet her, she's hilarious!) but if you have a blog, I will put it up on my side bar under a special category 'My Readers Who Have Outed Themselves'.... no.... how about 'My Reader's Bloggys'?.... or just 'My Readers'?

I need a bloggy break too.... good timing for this post... stuff to do...can I leave my bloggy in your capable hands this week please?

Over to you.
Miss you already.


  1. Hello A-M
    I've been following your blog for some time and I found you at Karnas Hus. I think I found most of my blogs which I follow at her blog. She is just so inspirational and so are you :-). A few months ago I started my own blog, which is Casa di Caro, and I will be happy if you follow my blog. I live in Norway with my husband and two children, and ten years ago we built our house. These days we are about to finish the renovation of our weekend/holiday home. I will be happy to hear from you.
    Kind regards Casa di Caro

  2. Hi A-M
    I can't remember how I found your blog but I fell in love with your house as it was being built and decorated. I adore your style and the down to earth way you write and I have to say you are an amazing mother. You asked if you've put me off building a house and I'll be honest and say yes! I don't know if I could be as patient as you with all the stress and workmen around. But who knows what the future holds!
    I currently live in England and have for the past 10 years - before that I lived in South Africa my whole life. We are hoping to emigrate to New Zealand early next year! I have a police office husband and two beautiful boys (aged 8 and 5).

  3. Hi just discovered your blog recently and am intrigued by what you have created and the interesting and funny things you share. I have 3 boys and a girl, so identify with your "raising boys" hilarious moments!

    We live in a converted barn in England and I'm a newbee to this blogging world,(started a blog this April charting my highs and lows as I create a little business selling flowers from my garden). As the season comes to an end in september, other interests may creep in...

  4. Hi A-M,
    Well...I *think* I found your blog after reading a post in the Home & Garden forum on Essential Baby?? Someone had posted a link.
    I live up near Bundaberg in QLD, grew up in northside Brisbane though.
    I have 3 children, all girls!
    We're not building, but we have a 'delightful 1980's brick renovators delight' by the beach that I am slowly doing up.
    Sorry I don't have a blog....jsut facebook where I sometimes post my inspirations...

  5. Hi A-M, interesting post today and you have outed yourself in that picture, what is going on? LOL. You have a lovely blog which many people enjoy and continue to enjoy. You have great style and I think you have given many people inspiration and plenty of helpful tips. So I say thanks! Enjoy a blog break ;-)

  6. I came across your blog because a friend posted a link on Facebook, knowing full well I would love your home and of course I did =)

    I live on Hope Island and have 6 children..all boys *gulp*..


  7. Hi....
    I'm a 'lurker', I don't read every single word you write, but I like all the photos. We have just finished...(almost)...building two apartments and I adore mine. My children are older and have left home. I have a blog, and I enjoy the 'blog world' very much. I am a local....well, local in blog terms, I live in Tasmania.....I too am a builder, but in a smaller scale, call by my blog, you will be most welcome.
    Regards, Linda

  8. No clue as to how I found you but I am sure it was a comment you left on someone else's blog. It is and was how I found so many blogs. I built a very large addition on my house and plugged in laundry rooms from there I found my very first blog and now I read about 150 a day via Google Reader. Most of what I read are design or build blogs. I love how everybody is so generous with information, pictures, products and ideas. I especially like when bloggers tell the good and bad. I remember so many times you having a problem with your building process and I was sitting at my house in Pennsylvania shaking my head yes, that happened to me too. No blog here, not enough to say or show.
    Please let your boys know I think they are amazing with everything they do, sports, school, music but especially how they seem to treat each other. I don't know if it was your parenting skills or you luck out and God just blessed you with the 2 best kids in the world.

  9. hi AM

    it is certainly amazing when you look at site meter and see someone from Warsaw or Taipei is reading about some little thought one had, or looking at a photo of a dish I cooked. Makes the world very small and yet really huge. It tells me that in spite of our differences, we all have many many interests in common.

    I don't need to tell you about me you know some stuff already.. I live in Melbourne in an Edwardian house with son, daughter, husband, and I am a solicitor. I think I found your blog through the Laurel Hedge or Glimpse of Style which is how I found most Aussie blogs originally.

    Beautiful photo.


  10. Cheers! I don't recall how I discovered your blog ... maybe Vicki or Joni? I'm just glad I did. I find you refreshing, funny, talented and intelligent. A delight to read! I love your country, visited once for two weeks, got to Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns.

    I live in Bend, Oregon which is high desert country. Located on the east side of the Cascade Mountain range, we do not get the rain our friends on the west side do. Mt. Bachelor (10,000 ft) is about 20 minutes from my home .. a great place to ski which both my grandchildren do frequently. I've lived in many parts of the US and really love living here among this incredible beauty. I live in one of eleven 3-floor town homes, fireplace, tons of windows, two decks which overlook a yard just full of huge pines. I've been divorced for many years (22-year marriage) and luckily for all of us (four children) we remain the very best of friends!

  11. Well, A-M, I'm a follower of your blog and have been for a long time. I leave comments every once in awhile. I don't remember how I found your blog....probably through blog hopping. I have a blog. Currently we are traveling in Alaska...a trip of a lifetime for us. We live in Pennsylvania, USA in a colonial style house (they are everywhere here). It''s not a historical home ...built in 1995. I love colonial homes with the center hallway. No children but I do enjoy reading about your handsome boys and their animals. I must admit I haven't told any of my neighbors about my blog yet. Just a few friends and family know abut it. LOL! Hope you come over to visit sometime.

  12. Hi A-M, I was doing research on kitchens early last year just before we moved into this old house. I googled "subway tiles Brisbane" and somehow managed to find myself on your blog.

    You are so brave to out yourself - and such a nice family photo!.

  13. I would have come to your blog via another, although it was a while ago. I have never had the chance to build my own house, I've always been obsessed with the idea. As early as five I dreamt of being an architect and I still can't walk past a vacant block of land without starting to plan what should go on it. So I live vicariously through you! There is a perfect piece of waterfront land near where I live in Nth Qld (maybe something like this and I dream of building a home that's a cross between Queenslander and Hamptons and Cape Cod and Shingle....Gawd, that sounds like a mess, but wouldn't it be fun to try?! I also thought that I wanted my own blog but have been very lazy and only managed one post.....maybe I will resurrect it one of these days. I enjoy other aspects of your blog because I also have two children so there are common issues that I can relate to. Most of all, if I don't get to look at some pretty pictures every few days I crave you definitely help me with that! Please don't stop posting beautiful pictures.

  14. Yeah, we finally get to see your pretty face! I cannot remember how I discovered your blog but I loved reading about your last house (and your boys). My husband and I are southerners (GA and LA) who now live in a 1937 cottage minutes from downtown Austin, TX with one large goldendoodle, two cats and a baby on the way in February. Space is always an issue for us. I stay super organized (my neighbors call it something else...not very nice) but its the only way I can fit anything into our tiny closets. Lots of baskets, bins, labels, etc. Thank you Container Store! I really love how Australians decorate and have enjoyed reading your entries on the trials of building a house. Also, tell your boys that I too had a lizard in college so I know what they are going through with Brian! If you make it to Texas we hope you come by for dinner (hubby is a restaurant chef and loves to make cajun food).
    Have a good weekend!

  15. Fabulous photo AM, you are as beautiful as I imagined - when one looks at those boy's there really wasn't any alternitive! Oh, I guess rather handsome MR AM may have had a hand in it as well......


  16. Well, you know a bit about me but since I love to read what the others are reading, I´m going to respond anyway. :-)

    I´m Tina; a swedish wife, mother of two redhead sons, the master of a dog and the wannabe master of a cat (maybe one day she´ll pretend I am...).

    Former pre-school teacher, now working in an office. Have Multiple skleroses since 4 years back but doesn´t suffer from it (yet, knock on wood) due to good medication.

    Have always loved creativity in every form! I love to sew, chrochet, write song lyrics, paint and renovate furniture, decorate my home, photograph, bake and so on and so on... Doubt that will ever stop.

    And I seriously LOVE the possibility to meet and talk to people all over the world through blogs - reminds me about the days when I had pen pals everywhere! :-)

    To wrap it up; I have a wicked sense of humour! :-D

  17. Hi - great photo!

    I don't mind the mystery readers, it's the people who know me and read my blog that I try not to worry too much about when I am spilling all!

    I've been reading your blog for about a year I think and it was one of the first I happened upon. When we moved to Auckland last winter it rained and rained. I knew no one and started to spend quite a bit of time online, blog hopping... so thank you for giving me a new hobby and saving my sanity!

    I am an Australian journo living in New Zealand with two boys who likes to travel vicariously through bloggers and get the chance to bang on about things I like....

    I am rather enjoying the chance to 'meet'' your other readers too.

    Ann x

  18. Hi A-M, How i found your blog....
    I have a friend who is setting up an orphanage in Kenya. She has a blog about it. When i was reading her blog i just pressed 'next blog' in the top, right-hand corner and discovered other blogs = and yours was one of them! I have always loved houses, design,graphic design and your blog about building your house resinated with me deep inside. Somewhere that doesn't get much light when raising a family! I guess I have similar tastes to you so that's why I follow when I can.I'm married to a great man and we have a 12 yr old girl and a 6 yr old boy with ASD. We are from Victoria but my husnbad's work has brought us up to the NSW coast for a while.I'm a primary school teacher by trade, but since our son's diagnosis I've spent all the time with him making sure he was ready for mainstream school - and he's doing sooooo well:-) I'm now working at our early intervention service where we help chn under age of 6 -and their families- with a disability or developmental delay. Your blog is often the highlight of my day as you're just a mum with a story like all of us. The way you write is very grounded and peaceful and you are very generous. You sound tired tho...take a break. Looking forward to your next build!

  19. Hi A-M, I have been reading your blog for a couple of months since I followed a link from the decorating forum. I am a SAHM from Perth and have just recently built and moved into the home of our dreams. I love reading your blog so thanks for sharing it with us ♥

  20. I am coming out, I have been reading your blog since the beginning of your build and have so enjoyed it. I am fairly private and find the internet scrutiny challenging but nevertheless have begun a blog of my own. We share similar taste in the east coast american thing, I have always loved old houses but in recent years have imagined building one from scratch, all white and grey etc. etc, dream on. I live in Melbourne and design patchwork quilt patterns and make quilts, fairly obsessively I admit.

    I look forward to your next project and wish you success in your new career.

  21. Hi A-M

    I found your blog a few months ago. I'm not quite sure how I stumbled across it, but I'm glad that I did!

    I live in Adelaide, SA and I am married with an almost 2 year old daughter.

    My husband and I spent 7 years renovating and extending our home, which we now have on the market. We have purchased a block of land and are in the planning stages of the build. We will be renting while we are building. I am not looking forward to moving - twice!

    I contacted you recently to find out some information about your butler's pantry (because I was looking to include my fridge in mine as well, and wasn't sure about how much space I should allow), and I must say that you were most helpful, thankyou.

    I don't have a blog, but have been thinking about starting one for quite some time...

  22. I am a 60 year old mother of 2 and grandmother of 3 and live alone on the South Coast of New South Wales. I don't remember how I found your blog .. it was a while ago ... when your house first got framework. I am fond of the little old fibro holiday houses on the coast and bought one in a sad and sorry state which I have given a new lease on life. I like that you post early every day because I read the blogs I follow in the morning and yours is a delightful way to start the day. Thank you for posting the family photo. I can now put faces to names. Keep up the wonderful work.

  23. So happy to see your face up here A-M, it kills me not knowing what my blog friends look like! What a lovely smile you have.
    You know a far bit of my story already so will leave a little update.
    Firstly I can't remember how I came across you so long ago. Surely was in my cyberspace travels when researching real estate.
    Tenents lease expires early '11 and then we attack. Been doing some yard work on the jungle of a backyard and it's coming up a treat (snake and bush turkey territory and only four km from the city). Only used four sample pots of paint to choose the exterior colour, a miracle. Am fine tuning my kitchen design using white, s/s and deep charcoal colour theme with a generous island bench-be still heart. Interior walls to be a shade of white. Bathroom floor tiles- can't decide but have to tie in with polished boards-any ideas?
    The vibe I hope will be hamptons
    A-M you have given me the inspiration to tackle another reno. I was determined to not go through this nonsense once again but if you can build a house from scratch then I can surely summon energy to give one a facelift and I'm now finding the old feeling of challenge and excitement has kicked in and I'm ready to start!
    Have enjoyed reading everyones comments :)

  24. Hi A-M! I've been following your blog for a long time - maybe 2 years? I found your blog through my sister's blog, but I don't know how she found it. I love seeing and hearing about your home adventures. I'm just starting out with my husband and a little baby on the way. So we live in a very small apartment in New Jersey where I dream about renovating one of the old homes here and giving it new life. Someday! That's what I keep telling myself. Oh, and I just adore your boys even though I don't know them! I'm very musical - a piano teacher - so I love hearing about their practicing! :)

  25. Hi A-M

    I think I stumbled across your blog when I was googling for inspiration for our new house. I really enjoyed reading about your last house and look forward to the next house building stage! My blog is more about baking, cakes and parties. I have 3 children 7,4 and 10 months. Oh and I am in NSW so you aren't likely to bump into me when collecting your boys from school!!

    Would love for you to stop by my blog when you have a spare minute.

    Enjoy your week.

    Katena :)

  26. Hi A-M,
    I have been reading your blog since your house was just an idea and there were pictures of your bare block of land. So I followed every little problem you encountered and all your triumphs. I am a Brisbane mother of 3 (12, 11 and 7). I am not good at leaving comments - in fact it has been so long that I just had to sign up to google again because I couldn't remember my password. I found your blog after a friend told me about it - I didn't even know about the 'blog world' until then. Anyway, enough from me. Keep up the brilliant work, it is such a delight to read your blog and adventure away from my life of housework and running children all around Brisbane for just a little while.

  27. I found your blog via Kerry at the Tranquil Townhouse. She introduced me to a whole other world of reading and decorating sources. I had never read a blog before hers. I live in a small town in Ontario, Canada so love reading and noticing the differences and also the similiarities in decorating styles in Australia and Canada. Years ago when we visited Australia, our daughter (8 at the time) had to do a project about how Australian and Canadian houses looked different from the outside. Reading all these blogs really emphasizes this. And I laugh when I read about complaints of cold weather in Australia! I love reading about your family and your new house search. I started reading just as you were finished the house and selling and going through the nausea of renting a place. I must admit that I don't know how you could have left that beautiful home. but it will be interesting to to read about your adventures with the building/renovating of the new house when you find it. I am quite in awe of all you bloggers who put so much of your time and yourselves and letting us readers into a small part of your lives. I wish I had known about blogs and all the great ideas when we built our first house 3 years ago (14th house we lived in but the very first one we built). Enjoy your break.

  28. Time to formally introduce myself? I'm Catherine, I'm 27, I live in Melbourne's eastern suburbs with my partner Tim, no kids or lizards yet. I think I originally found you through Homeone when I was looking at the possibility of building. Our current home is a renovated unit originally built in the early 70s so it comes with lovely timber floorboards and a functional layout but unfortunately also features a textured yellow glass window, right beside the front door (gross).

    I have a blog, but it's currently being neglected due to work craziness.

  29. Im not sure how I found your blog, most likely through blog hopping. But I remember the day that I found your blog was the day that you moved into your home. I love reading about all your adventures with your house and kids. I hope my boys (8 & 6) grow to be as lovely as yours!!

    Im still waiting to find the perfect piece of land to build my next home!! This time I am definantely having a butlers pantry and wayyyyy more storage!!

    You are my one and only follower of my blog, one day I hope there will be more!! One day I hope to have more to say aswell!! lol

  30. Interesting post AM! Hmmm well I'm sorta the same, I mean who would be vaguely interested in what I have to say. I dont know how your local peeps found your blog as I'm pretty sure no-one I know around here reads mine (but you cant be sure can you!) Anyway I just like to ramble on about our house on the hill and keep a little journal basically for ourselves in the end. I do feel like I am yapping onto myself half the time and also like you I am a little shy and keep a lot of my own stuff off my blog. I think thats one of the reasons why I like you blog as we nearly lost our own home early in the year for economic reasons so I could relate to the tearing away you felt from your home. Anyway no we dont have lizards just a stack of really annoying roosters! You dont want one do you??
    ps. any further question do ask ;0))

  31. Hello A-M!
    I found your blog through blog-hopping around the time you were moving into your house. I fell in love with your gorgeous home, and have been reading every since! I'm a 20-something from Texas, married, but no kids and definitely no lizards. I have three brothers though, so I always love to read about your boys, they remind me of our childhood. Husband and I live in a rent house, but dream of building our house after grad school. I do have a blog, but it's pretty boring! ;)

    I'm looking forward to seeing your next project!

  32. Hmmm, I don't remember how I found your blog but was fascinated by your build as I'd just bought my house which I try to blog about - not that much reno happens at the moment. I've been pretty obsessed by blogging for over a year and love that everyone is so friendly out in blogland.
    For the record, unmarried with partner, no kids in case you count the furry one, work in the arts eg art gallery stuff and trying to be an artist :)
    I'd love to be added to your bloggy visitor list!

  33. Hi A-M
    Dont really remember how I found your blog. I have been a constant reader everyday since I found you I think it was last year when you started building. You are truly an inspiration. We are currently renting, we were due to build last year but was diagnosed with cancer twice in the one year so has been put on indefinate hold for now. Dont own any lizards just two scruffy little house ruling dogs. Am married with three kids, two boys and a girl, work fulltime at a local high school as an assistant. Your home is gorgeous and you are full of inspiration. Thank you.

  34. Hi A-M, I am new to blogland. It was actually your beautiful blog that inspired me to start one of my own! My husband and I live in Brisbane and we are currently in the process of renovating our first home. I stumbled across your blog almost six months ago and I have been following it ever since. I have always been to shy to post a comment - until today! xo Tash

  35. Hello A-M,

    I've been reading your blog for quite some time now and this is the first time I've left a comment (exciting!). I found your blog jumping from renovation blog to renovation blog. I felt compelled to read yours because your house was just absolutely gorgeous, and to know that there is such a beautiful house in Brisbane is just amazing to me. I am from Hong Kong, but I did my degree at UQ a couple of years ago, so Brisbane is like a second home to me. It has been a nightmare trying to find student housing that isn't infested with dirt or ants. Man, am I glad that's over.

    I'm looking forward to see your next project!


  36. Hi! I found your blog link in the Home Beautiful magazine, so I'm a relatively new follower/lurker. I live in brisbane and love all things building, decorating and renovating. I also have a blog with a massive 6, yes you read that correctly,6, followers. Given that I've only been able to drum up a handful of followers in the few months that I've been blogging, I can't promise that it's a brilliant or even interesting read, but still invite you to become follower number 7!

  37. Well...I picked up the June edition of HB at Brisbane airport and then spent the next 2 hrs on my flight home to Cairns drooling over the beautiful home featured on the front cover! That was my introduction to you A-M and your fabulous blog. I then spent the next week reading back over past blogs - sooo disappointed that the earlier ones had been archived! (I must admit - being new to blogging I did feel a tad stalkerish" and slightly obsessive). I also wondered whether you would receive some sort of email alert about some random from Cairns secretly reading about your life!) Obviously not, because I'm still here. Anyway, when I finally finished reading all your posts I felt as if you were someone I had known all my life. Reading your blog is a bit like re-living my life particularly your posts about your boys and family (the bush band, Les Mis... so many similarities). You were my first ever blogger friend and yours is the first blog I click onto in the morning whilst I am having my early morning cup of tea before heading off to work. I love your easy style, honesty and outlook on life and seriously wonder why you haven't persued a career in journalism? You have become my "Clayton's" friend and I look forward my daily instalments of your life. (If all of a sudden I'm barred from making future comments on your blog - I'll know why!!) Seriously though - thank you for your blog. It is a breath of fresh air! :)Sharyne

  38. Hi A-M,
    I am fairly new to your blog. I have a home beautiful subscription and when I received your issue in the mail, I fell in love with your house!
    I am a mum of 4 and have recently gone back to school to study nursing, but my favourite hobby is decorating my house. Painting, changing, wallpaper, it drives my hubby insane! We recently looked at moving but have decided for the next few years that we'll stay put, but do some renovating & put in a pool etc, and then build or American style "dream home" when I am back at work. So for the time being I am now hooked on your blog and keep referring back to the pics of your house when I need inspiration! Thanks for having such a great blog and always giving me ideas when I have no clue of what I'm doing!!!

  39. Hi!

    I found your blog the other week via another blog that I can't remember now (sorry!) I decided to follow cos
    1) you are in aussie and I am in nz (close enough for me); and
    2) for inspiration and because we are thinking about doing our house up.
    and I found your blog interesting :)

    I am new to blogging and sort of writing my own one but not really getting very far yet - have a little read and you'll find out a bit more about me :)


  40. Hi! I'm Breanna! I found you through and fell in love with your house! I want one just like it! I'm excited for the new adventures. I live in a little town called Apple Valley in Southern California. I have 2 daughters and I'm a stay at home mom. Just a puppy for us!

  41. I found your blog when I was researching ideas for my kitchen renovation, which incidently is due for installation in a couple of weeks. I have chosen a style quite similar to yours by the way!

    I am a mother of 3 from Christchurch, New Zealand; a 14 year old daughter and two boys aged 11 and nearly 7, so can identify with a lot of your anectdotes about your boys. I live in a house built in 1990 and have nearly finished a 7 year renovation.

    P.S. The spring is sprung the grass is riz, I wonder where the birdies is....A beautiful spring Sunday...I love feeling the warmth of the sun again and the daffodils have just begun flowering. The best time of year in my opinion!

  42. Hi A-M, I have been following your blog for a while now and sometimes leave a comment. I dont know how I first discovered you but it was probably through another blog. We built our first house 9 yrs ago and I want to do it again with all my new ideas! Love your blog and have had my own for a couple of months now :)

  43. Hi A-M!

    I found your blog via the Decorating Forum. It seemed that you and the 'house that you built' were a bit of a celebrity legend around those parts, so I set out to find you and haven't looked back since. I started reading post-house sale, but read back and looked at photos and gained much inspiration along the way.

    I enjoy the challenge of working out where and what you are talking about (as I do when reading FF) given that you live in my city, the city that I love.

    I've just started my own little blog:

    I look forward to your visit and hearing about your ongoing adventures.


  44. Oh AM I feel so bad that I haven't commented for a long time, new business ventures, new restaurant projects for husband blah blah blah and all that but I never miss a post know I found you via the armchair trader when I got my chandelier from you...I don't post much because my family and business life is OUT OF CONTROL!!!
    Still love your blog girl!!!What a gorgeous family you all make. Take care. Lisa xx

  45. Self confessed lurker - not sure how or when the lurking started back it was quite some time back, just when you had a newly empty block from memory.

    I visit each morning, sometimes each afternoon if your mornings have been delayed - I love a daily blog updater, puts me to shame - i admire you greatly.

    Other when I haven't got my hands inky stuffed down inside an 117 year old printing press, or designing away in our studio im dreaming about our mid west modern home with a red barn on 10 acres. Want to design it?


  46. Hi A-M...

    I'm definitely what you call a 'lurker'..but not in a creepy way. We both live in Brisbane and are raising boys but we have totally different lifestyles and that's what I find intriguing about your blog. I love having a sneak peak into other peoples lives and what makes them tick. I found your blog after starting mine. I have a little business/hobby called Kate's Corner, that I run from home and decided to blog about it.

    Thanks for sharing your life and passions.

  47. Hi A-M, I am a relatively new follower, but did buy some beautiful beads for a gift from Armchair Trader some time ago! I fell absolutely in love with your house! I am a mother of 2 boys 5 and 3 and live on a farm on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. We built our house 4 years ago and have tried to build in a style sympathetic to country life. I started a homewares and design business in Feb this year which I run from a shed on our farm and love the fact I can work from home and spend so much time with my boys! I started my blog a few months ago and love the inspiration you can find online. Letitia

  48. Hi A-M

    I caught a link from another blog to yours but I can't remember from where, sorry.

    I loved your style and then came to the happy realisation that you were living in the same suburb I was in 10 years ago.

    I am a mum to daughter 4 and son 7 and now live in Sydney. I turn 40 this year and have started Uni for the first time, hopefully to attain my BEd in primary school teaching (previously worked in investment banking).

    Although I follow many blogs, I mainly look at the pictures. Yours is one of the few I read word for word.

    Thank you for your openess and I understand your desire for anonimity when writing your blog. I started a blog to collect my own interests together but friends/family wanted to read it and I wasn't prepared for that so stopped.

    Many thanks for sharing your life.

    Kind regards

  49. Hi A-M,

    So nice to see a family pic with you in it too, such a gorgeous photo :)

    I can't remember how I found your blog, it was waaaaaaay back in the beginning when the fences had just gone up around the newly vacant block of land. Your blog is the first one I ever added to my bookmarks and pretty much haven't missed a day since.

    I think you know a bit about me already from my blog but here goes... Sydneysider, with my gorgeous little William, gorgeous hubby and gorgeous cat Minky too in a crappy little weatherboard house that I love and hate all at the same time. Also my business My Sweet Prints which is keeping me way too busy at present - not complaining though :)

    Have a great little bloggy break!
    Take care,

  50. Hi A-M,
    Discovered your blog and the world of blogging quite recently through Home Beautiful.blogging new addiction!
    i live in Melbourne in a 1950's white weatherboard home with colonial pane windows and a beautiful bay window. I have a neurotic english cockerspaniel and two beautiful children. I would love to do a blog but enjoy reading everyone else's so much that I feel I would not know what to write about.
    PS If anyone can help me figure out how to upload a pic instead of this anon head I would be grateful.

  51. Hi A-M,

    I have just finished building a new home in beautiful Melbourne and am still in the middle of finishing touches, which I assume will take me forever onwards!

    I found you through the wonderful story done on your gorgeous home in Home Beautiful, and through you I discovered the world of blogging, which was until then, unknown to me. I have been addicted to following blogs since that day and look forward to hearing about you and your lovely family since then. Thankyou so much for allowing us to be a part of your life.

  52. first off - love this post. In fact, was just thinking about how I might just "freak" a tad if someone was reading my blog that perhaps I knew from the kids school or from when I went to high school. I too am a bit guarded or private.
    So I have been reading your blog for forever, but don't always comment, so technically I'm a scattered lurker.
    I'm from a suburb of Chicago, Illinois (U.S.A.) I'm a 44 year old mom of 3, married, blah blah blah. : )
    I adore your sense of style and have been inspired as I renovate my "ugly" house. Which, thankfully, doesn't have too many "ugly" rooms left. I love to cook and sew, scrapbook and read, and of course decorate.
    Enjoy your week!!!


  53. Well now. I honestly can't remember exactly where I found your blog. I know I linked to it from one of my favourite design blogs - which one I couldn't say. I loved your house, your design style and the ups and downs. I do remember that the first posts I read dealt with the painting disasters and your Master Painter. (A story with which I could identify:)) We were (and still are) completing a rebuilt of an Arts and Crafts house in Toronto, Canada. I have truly enjoyed following along.

    I began our blog in 2008. Our home had been slated for demotion before we purchased. We wanted the neighbourhood (all of whom were very concerned about the destruction of this property) to be reassured that we were preserving the house and the property. The blog also became my chronicle of a very long road.

    The blog is at

    There you are - I am out:)


  54. This is one of my favourite posts of yours as it is one of the few where you have shared a photo of yourself :) It's nice to be able to see the lovely face behind this amazing blog. As you know, I've been reading your blog for a long time now and I so enjoy reading about all your family/ renovating /house hunting /lizard adventures. You are an amazing Mum and a have fantastic style with all things interiors and it is in both these areas which I find your blog so inspiring. As a regular commenter you already know who I am and thank you for always leaving lovely comments on my blog and being supportive. Hope you get lots accomplished this week. Big hugs xx

  55. Hi AM I am a stalker for sure. Admire your beautiful blog, your beautiful house and not sure how I started making frequent virtual drive bys when you were in process of building your house.

    I have lived in Argentina for 7 years on a sabbatical of sorts with my husband and 4 kids. We have 3 boys and a girl -between the ages of 7-14. So as I know you know, i am busy!

    We did build a house in Patagonia which in retrospect should have been documented..It is our favorite place in the world, unfortunately, the children require an education and that happens in Buenos Aires (which I love, my husband not so much).

    Anything else? Why dont you just stop by for some cafe?

  56. A-M, I think I started reading your blog soon after you started. I was looking for ideas about our new house and was searcing the net for ideas and started reading blogs. Yours was like the 3rd or 4th blog I read, and from that day have come back almost every day well every day if Im home.
    At one time you almost made your blog private and thats when I started with the blogger dasboard April 2009. I try to post often, but since I dont have my own blog sometimes I just read and dont post.
    I dont have lizards ( for the boys) BUT I do have some fish in a pond in the backyard. The other day a crane ate one :( .
    Thanks again for sharing your time and your ideas with us and your family. Julie in HOlland ;)

  57. I've read your blog since your house was half way I think. Found it through Absolutely beautiful things I think. Loved reading your 'nook' posts on random spots in your home. I check back from time to time now and see what new adventure you are up to.

  58. Hello A-M!

    I have been following your blog for several months now; I believe I found it through the Laurel Hedge.

    Life is good here in the foot of the Cascade Mountains outside of Seattle, WA, USA. We are a multi-generational family, by choice, and designed and built out current home 16 years ago - 12 gables, lots of wainscoting, and hand-stenciling. Now we are in the midle of designing and building another home on our property that we'll move into and give the much larger home to one of our daughters (we have two), and her growing family. I'm thinking beautiful German-style windows, underfloor radiant heat with rustic red toned terra cotta 8 X 8 tiles, and marble and soapstone counters in a vaulted kitchen; we'll see if it all happens! Thanks for the inspiration that you are providing as the design work continues....

  59. I can't for the life of me remember how I found you but I was with your every step of the way through your house building joys and woes! loved that house and can't wait to see what you build next. If I ever get to come to Austrailia I wanna meet you in-real-life:) You are one intelligent, tallented, beautiful woman. Your family is so blessed to have you as their wife and mum:)

  60. A.M.,

    I've been reading your blog so long, I can't remember how I began. But I love anything about houses and design. And though I live in Nashville, Tennessee, my favorite place in the world is Australia. I've visited six times, though I've only been to Brisbane once. (I came mostly on business.)

    But the first day I came upon your blog and felt right at home. You were doing what I wanted to do: building a house just the way you want it. I'm 57 years old, so I'll probably never build my own house. But I have had the pleasure of owning a 1787 farmhouse in New England, a brownstone in Brooklyn, and 1930's stone bungalow in Tennessee, so I have enjoyed houses with real character.

    I love reading about your family. I'm warmed how much you love your husband. Yours is the first blog I read every day. When you were done building your house I was stricken: would you stop blogging? Well, I was relieved to find out the adventure goes on! Ilook forward to your new opportunity to create the house of your dreams!

  61. Wow! So many comments!
    There were comments on the Vogue forum about your house and I remember reading through them and thinking that your house looked and sounded familiar.
    Pulled out my Home Beautiful mag and there it was on the cover!
    I'm a newely married woman (does being 30 make me a woman now?) about to renovate our little terrace in Sydney and will I'm sure have a baby on the way before long (if things go to plan)
    I find your bog inspiring and I think you have great taste! I'm thinking my terrace is going to have many ideas stolen/borrowed from you!
    I have just started blogging myself! I thoguht the whole newely married and renovations could be interesting and I'm looking forward to keep some type of record for myself and maybe I will get a follower or 2 along the way.
    Love FF's blog too! She makes me laugh and gives me a smile.

  62. Hello A-M, I stumbled upon your blog via good old Google some ways a back when you were pulling together that amazingly gorgeous house of yours. *sniff.* I love reading your blog, terribly fascinating and inspirational. I have a blog, a random musing, everyday domestic ho-hum kind of blog...please do stop by some time.

    Keep up the wonderful blogging, it starts my day with a wonderful kick of inspiration!

  63. Hi A-M, I found your blog after pouring through Home Beautiful's expose of your lovely house - I was inspired, and continue to be by your regular postings. I keep a file of all the things I'd love to do in a home of my own and I earmark some your postings as part of that (things like the staircase, loved it).
    I'm married with 3 gorgeous children who keep me on my toes while I work full-time in a regional public library in nsw. We're currently renting a rather small house whilst renting out our home in another town. There's nothing I'd love more than to go back there and finish what I've started as far as renovating and redecorating goes, soon I promise myself, soon.
    Thankyou for your blog, sharing your insights into not only your beautiful family but the highs and lows of building/renovating/etc continues to be a delight. Your blogroll has proven to be extremely useful as well and through you I have found so many other blogs of note.
    I am inspired. Be well.

  64. Hi A-M,

    I discovered you via Home Beautiful. I picked up the issue with your house on it at the checkout and fell in love with your beautiful creation. I live in Perth WA and live in a renovated cottage circ 1926. We have rosettes on the ceiling, decorative cornices, corbelled arches,polished jarrah floorboards and bullnose verandahs. I love your sense of style and have my eye on the house over the road as the elevation would be perfect for a new home for us - you've inspired me.

    Thank you :)


  65. Hi A-M

    I found your blog a few months ago, clicked on a link from another local blog. I'm a Brisbanite too and I have a sneaking suspicion we may, up until recently, have lived a couple of suburbs apart.

    Mostly I read crafty, recipe or parenting blogs but I like yours because you are local, provide great tips (like the passionfruit cupcakes at Bulimba Bakery are divine), and like everyone else I love your house and your new endeavors. I even enjoyed your window cleaning post and I'm sure my windows will shortly too!

  66. Dearest A-M,

    I have to confess I might come under that category of said "lurkers"!
    I found your blog (and the whole "Blogworld") about a year ago, compliments of "Mr Google".

    I think I was looking for some inspiration for our renovation (...a "white kitchens" "Google Images" search to be specific) and, from this, found myself on your blog doorstep...and from there, the whole "Blogosphere"!
    It was such a revelation to me - I had absolutely no idea that this whole "BlogWorld" existed - But I must say, I am now totally hooked!

    I now follow your blog everyday. There are other blogs that I look at intermittently (mostly at the pictures), but yours is the only one I always seek out - and really read & digest. (...though, I am a bit partial to "FF's" quirky and fun blog, too!)
    I love your intelligent, honest and perceptive style of writing (and your way of optimistically looking at the world) and love hearing about your life - not just your building escapades, but all of your day-to-day activities (my 2 youngest boys sound so similar to yours!)
    I haven't made any comments till now (maybe because I feel I am reading a (great) book - and don't need to partake...(sorry, poor excuse)...or maybe it's just that I'm a bit paranoid about this whole "internet" thing! (more likely)..not sure!)

    Anyway, I now feel that it's not fair for us to know so much about you, and you to know so little about us…..
    So, here I am:
    I live in an old (1864) rambling villa (which is about to undergo an extensive renovation) in the foothills of Adelaide - with my husband, four children (aged between 9 & 14), 3 rabbits and 2 fish …(but no pet lizards - though we do share our garden with masses of them! ….as well as kookaburras, possums and the odd koala!)
    I love looking at (and hoping to emulate) beautiful homes, gardens and spaces (especially that "East Coast" American Style - with a touch of Danish/Swedish/Belgian/English and French thrown in!) - I also love art, nice food & wine, music, friends, flowers, holidays, reading and last (but by no means least) my husband and children (woops, should have put them first, but I was talking Design!)
    I studied Interior Decoration & Design about 15 years ago, (after a Marketing Career) but have let my skills slowly slip since having and raising my children. I am hoping that my skills (and confidence) will be re-ignited by renovating and decorating our home.
    You have played a huge part in inspiring me (as I know you have so many others) so, for this, a massive and heartfelt THANKYOU!

    Enjoy your bloggy break, A-M.

    Put your feet up (or is that your fingers down?) and enjoy hearing from all of "us" - your appreciative readers!

    Looking forward to you being back on your Blog (and very excited about your new on-line Store and seeing what your next home "project" is, too!)

  67. Hi A-M

    I actually met you at Carindale shopping centre standing in line at Earthborn. We had a bit of a chat and from memory you were actually buying something for your sons bedroom for the Home Beautiful shoot. So I have been reading your blog ever since then. I just love it!!!

  68. I have been reading your blog for about six months and love your sense of style. I think I discovered it on the home one website.

    I have started my own blog "Miss Vintage's House of Pain" and am in the process of building a house and although my house is going to be a slightly more modern design I still return to your blog for little bits of inspiration.

    We dont have kids yet but a gorgeous little schnauzer called Lacey. She is the light of my life and lucky for me - she hasnt yet crawled under a rock, instead she causes Chaos on a regular basis, well her and my darling husband.

    Oh and I went one better than an appartment, we sold our house and moved back in with mum and dad(within the last month) and I am still adjusting to having mum pull clothes out of my wardrobe to iron and trying to tell me off for buying clothes and other house'y items.

    Looking forward to seeing your next house built, I love design and yours is Fab!

  69. Hi A-M

    I found and have enjoyed your blog ever since the day you told me all about it one day at the local supermarket! Great family photo above.

  70. Hi A-M, I visit your blog every now and then through other local blog links. I like your style and I like that you also live in Brisbane. I am a designer/screen-printer of fabrics and homewares. Lovely family pic btw.

  71. How nice to see your family shot!

    Gosh, I can't remember how I found you. It was probably as a result of following web rabbit trails as per usual. I've been visiting here for a good year I'd say, drawn in by your gentle writing style and a vicarious enjoyment of your construction project (you get the aggro, I enjoy the results)!

    I'm over here in the island of Jersey, off the coast of France and England. We live in a 1950s dormer bungalow now but are well-versed in small space living. 'My gang' are a husband (childhood swseetheart), two grown-up girls and 5 cats. (Yes, I risk becoming that batty old lady with all he cats)! :D

  72. Hi A-M! Lovely to see your beautiful face up there!! Well, I am a relatively new blogger and follower of your blog. I "discovered" you when I first laid eyes on the cover of Home Beautiful and exclaimed to anyone that would listen that "I want a verandah like this"!!!! I have spent many a day oohhing and aahhing over your house since!! Thank you for letting me into your world, I look forward to following you as you head into your next adventure! Thanks also for following me and your encouraging comments! Enjoy your mini-break. Christine xo

  73. Hi A-M,
    I have put my hand up as one of your lurkers... I may have commented maybe once or twice... possibly even three times, but that's probably it. I honestly cannot remember how I came across your blog, but I am pretty sure yours was the first of many, many beautiful "home/decorating" blogs I've come across since... I've loved following you on the process of building your home...and the stories of your boys...

    As for me, I'm just a twenty-something here in Melbourne... my partner and I bought our first home a couple of years ago, which we completely gutted and renovated... a process which I totally fell in love with... stress and all. We hope to make a second purchase next year... fingers crossed.. shabby looking house on the best street in a beautiful suburb... I am itching for another renovation...

    I love your style... the whites, the shabby chics, the vintage, the Hampton/New England style... complete inspiration for when I build MY dream house one day. Oh, and can you just let your "big" one know that I am completely envious of the fact that he gets to play a grand piano? That is my other dream - to have a dream grand piano in my dream house :)


  74. Thank you for revealing so much of yourself A-M - scary I know but you always blog with such grace.

    I am from outer east Melbourne and stumbled across your blog either from a google search for something house related or from another blog (not sure which) about 6 months ago while planning our dream home. We've lived in our very little, old, falling apart home for 10 years while I was studying and popping out 2 gorgeous children. With such distractions it took us 10 years to work out what we wanted to do with the house!

    We spoke to some builders & architects, got really depressed about not being able to do what we wanted (despite knowing exactly what we wanted through lots of research online - pretty similar to your last house, gables and all), then stumbled across a display home that we both fell in love with. We're now in the middle of the knockdown/rebuild rollercoaster, awaiting our final plans & contracts, dreaming of our dream home.

    Blog only exists as 1 entry at the moment - DH wants to wait till its all approved by every man & his dog (esp. the bank) before he tells the world what we want to do.

    Keep up the inspiring posts - always love to read about you & your family.


  75. Hi A-M, you know me already, since we exchanged ideas about houses and architecture. I don't know how I found your blog, but I decided to stay because it's interesting to know what happens on the other side of the world. And your blog has a great amount of good energy!
    I am a Brazilian woman living in the US for 18 years. Caught in the middle of a different culture and trying to adapt, sometimes successfully, sometimes not!
    But my passion for art, architecture and traveling has brought many blogger friends to my site. That's it!

  76. Hi A-M,
    I think I found you thru Jodi or Brooke's blogs a while back. I'm a steady reader, sometime commenter.
    I'm originally from the New Jersey shore and love all things beach. I've lived in Alexandria VA 40 years. My blog "Pat's Addition" is about my new (to me) house, family, DIY and things that catch my eye. I don't think anyone I know ('cept family) reads my blog.
    I have two grown kids and am a grandmother to four. I take pretty much full time care of my daughter's twin boys age 8, so I have a lot in common with you despite the age difference ...down to the nerf guns and soccer.
    I love your style and think you are very brave to move to the apartment and leave a house I'd die for!
    I've been to and loved NZ, but not been to Australia. We have NZ friends from grad school days at Peen State. We've been lucky and done a lot of traveling with my husband's job...Paris many times, Greece, Finland, Spain.
    I also work part time with theatre design/tv editing stuff at the local school system. I love your design ideas and all the pictures you post. One of the best things about the blog world is seeing/connecting in a small way with like minded folks from all around the world. I can enjoy your ski trip while we have 100 degrees on the pool deck.

  77. Hi A-M, I can't rememeber how I found you - maybe the happy home blog , but i loved reading about your trials building your house as we are in the process (for the last 10 years) of extending, well that's done but it's just the fiddly end bits that are still going on. I was sad when you sold but hey onwards and upwards, as they say !!! We live in Sydney, have four kids. You visited my bog years ago ( )but I just haven't been back to it -I like reading/following on the side lines not yet brave enough to jump in and blog just yet (not to mention have enough time yet).You are inspirational and have lots of patience and persévérance to get things just right. I love that!.

  78. Hi A-M, I have been following your blog (one might say religiously), since discovering Your House in the Home Beautiful magazine. Like quite a few others who have written above, I feel completely in love with your house. So did my husband, actually! I have now signed up to quite a few other blogs which I have found via your blogs. I am a lawyer living in Canberra (oh, we so don't have the same houses as Qld)...sigh. I have two kids - a girl and a boy. They are 4 and 2. I also love hearing about your boys adventures - kids are pretty wonderful, aren't they. I am pretty new to blog world. I did do a blog for my daughter when she was little, and I now host one for my Mums Group. But otherwise, I just enjoying reading your blogs (and others), and pouring over the beautiful pictures. It is like receiving a Home Beautiful magazine every day. Thank you for sharing your ideas and inspiration. You are a truly generous spirit. I am looking forward to your new house (having missed the process with the last). I hope you are having a well deserved rest! Take care, Lindsay

  79. I guess it's only fair! After all we seem to feel we know you so well. I was in the process of creating my blog when my subscription to Home Beautiful arrived. When I saw your home and the address for your blog it opened up a whole new world! I am really dissapointed that I found your blog right when you had sold and were moving out! I felt like I'd picked up the book half way through. I have trawled through a lot of your previous posts but most of the building process is archived. Anyway, my husband and I have 2 young boys and we are in the process of building a custom designed home 600 metres from the beach in Victoria (Australia).
    The most amazing thing about this post is actually reading what other followers have written! What a diverse yet similar group of women we are. You have helped make the world feel smaller!
    X Briohny.

  80. Hi A-M - wow look at all those comments - you are going to be busy now! Well you know I have been around for a while and you know you were actually one of the inspirations for me starting my blog! I can't remember exactly how I found you - I think via Millie - it seems like so long ago as it was while you were building. So lovely to see a family photo of you all. I have tagged you for an award over at my blog - would love to hear more from the world of A-M if you get time! Leanne x

  81. Hi A-M :)

    I found you because you were lovely and gave me some advice on my blog! So we can basically blame Katrina Chambers for this one ;)

    The whole "my life is out there" is a funny one isn't it? Because I find that with Facebook. I am quite happy with all the info I do/do not put on FB, but I have had many a heated discussion with my dad about it. Having retired from a profession where privacy, anonymity and general suspicion of everyone was the norm, he gets very irate when people approach him and say "I see Lauren has done such-and-such" because they read it on FB. It's tricky because I want to say that I have the right to share what I want with people, but if it compromises his privacy then I have a duty of care to him. Hmmmm interesting. Anyway, you wanted a comment, not an essay, so I will leave it there...!


  82. I have to come out of 'bloggy respite care' to say I am LOVING meeting all of you... wow!.... you are real!... and thank you for all your emails too. I am getting family photos, life stories, pictures of houses and floor plans! from all around the's a wonderful experience to get to know all of you. I promise (might take me a bit of time) to visit you all back and link up your bloggys on my side bar... give me a week or two... but thank you. After 2 and a half years of spilling the beans, it's so nice to learn more about yours! A-M xx

  83. Dear A-M

    We met when I turned up at your sale with a cake but I don't think I told you how I found your blog. My friend told me about it, and how you'd kindly told her the colour of paint you used.

    I have no kids, no pets, no husband and I live in the same town as you. I've never built or renovated, but I've done sort of easy surface things like shoved up chandeliers and redecorated. I live in an old cottage style thing close to the city with really tall ceilings that my parents used to live in. I love it 1 million out of 10. Opening the door and coming home after work is one of my joys. The house loves me and I love every bit of the house! We are very happy.

    You already know about my blog- thank you for the shout out.

    FF xxx

  84. Hi A-M,

    I am so far down on the comments list, don't know if you'll read it or not. As you know I don't have my own blog, maybe that will change early next year, we shall see!! I have three children, girl, boy and girl. Eldest one is in high school, middle one will be starting high school next year and youngest will still have a couple of years of primary. Live on a family farm....don't live in a house with wainscotting, beadboard and all the architectural details I LOVE. Don't know if I ever will! Can't really remember how I came across your blog, maybe from Brabourne Farm (hi Leigh). All I can remember is it wouldn't load properly and I would have to keep reloading and read really quickly before I would lose it again. No we don't have lizards and at the moment have given up on pets as we live by a busy road and have lost the pets we love and as my husband puts it, hates the funerals (I'm not sure who sobs more, me or the kids). My job is doing the books for the farm and that is full time. I would love to do something with interior design/decorating but really have to question whether or not I could fit it in at the moment. Hope you haven't fallen asleep reading this. And yes, finally figured out how to go about a google account!!!!!!!!
    Bye for now

    Loved seeing your picture A-M. You look lovely. Good for you, you done it in your own time when you felt comfortable!

  85. Hello

    Thank you for the invite, i have been wanting to have a little chat for some time now (i think about 6-8 months)

    I first came across your blog whilst checking out Ish & Chi (by accident) I found you and have never missed a day!

    Your inspiring me to keep going with my OLD home, two kids, hubby and my own business it was wonderful to witness how capable you can be from sheer determination!

    And I think you do it so well...Congratulations! Not just for this blog (my first and only) but for living life positively and sharing each day with me.

    I wish you and your family health, love and happiness.

    Im 35, have an inspiring 15 year old son and a daughter 13, who makes me laugh and cry every day. A husband that loves me and a shitzu i adore.

    Every design you enjoy blogging about is so helpful and I hope to use your triumphs to prevent any of my own design disasters when I one day have the chance to create a beautiful home for my family.

    Love Kylie x
    (using my sons google account because i can never remember anything!)

  86. Hi A-M! You are SOOOO Cute!! Now, you already know me, as I am one of those regulars! But had to comment as I loved this post! I too am really private- no one in my neighborhood knows anything about my blog! And I too get hits from places (like small little tiny towns that mean something to Dan or I ) and I want to scream through the computer, and say "who are you? how did you come here? tell me more....!!"
    So, I hope you get lots and lots of feedback. I only wish that the regular lurkers knew how much their comments mean and motivate!
    Oh, and for the boys....I do NOT have lizards. In fact made sure NH didn't have any lizards before we moved here as they scare me to death. It was difficult to be a gardener in Texas and having lizards running around and making me scream! Reason #857 why I love NH!! I have to close my eyes when you make lizard posts!!
    enjoy your time off!

  87. Hi A-M :) I found you through a link in a forum thread where someone asked for weatherboard house inspiration. I've been lurking ever since. I'm single with no children, and dream of one day building my dream home. I love french doors and beautiful windows; large functional alfresco areas; and light, bright spaces filled with the sounds of a happy family.

    I can't wait to see your next building project! xox

  88. Hi A-M,

    It all started with a search for lights when I landed on your gorgeous pendants...and the rest is history! It has been a few months now and I have found, the design elements aside, I love hearing about your daily life and your beautiful family! See, now you are like an old friend but I do realise how weird and one-sided this relationship is.

    I am in Lake Macquarie (NSW) and have three gorgeous boys. 'A' is 6 and my budding scientist,'C' is nearly 4 and a wise old soul and 'C' is 18mths, has huge eyes and a wild streak. My wonderful husband commutes regularly to Boston. I have had a private blog for the last two years to keep my brother and sister (in the U.S. and Switzerland respectively) up to date with the boys. I love your natural energy and the sweet, honest references to family that resonate with me. Thank you xx

    Now, off to find some good looking lizards...

  89. Hi A-M,

    Another lurker coming out of hiding! I found your blog when I was searching for inspiration while building our own home, and have stayed long after our build was finished! I love hearing about your boys, and the new journey you are on, and can't wait to follow you through a new house.
    I have a small photography business, which keeps me too busy to build or decorate these days :)

  90. Oooh, hello! There you are! Nice to actually 'see' you! I can't remember just how long ago I started following your blog, but it was quite early on in your build. Another blogger suggested I have a look...and I was hooked!

    I demolished my home of 12 years in the SE suburbs of Melbourne to build our dream home, so it has been wonderful to 'compare notes'! I went through all the trials and tribulations with your build, as you have done with mine. Thank you for all of your support!

    I have been married for nearly 14 years, and have a daughter who is almost 9 and a Son who is almost 7. I was a Beauty Therapist, but haven't worked for 10 years, as I opted to stay at home with my children. I dabble a little in photography and crafty stuff and I LOVE reading the many inspirational decorating blogs. 'The House That A-M Built' has been, and will continue to be, one of my favs! I'm so looking forward to your new chapter, and if your last project is anything to go by, it will be just stunning!

    Thank you for all your help over at the old Armchair Trader too!

  91. When did my admiration start...I'm not so sure...but you certainly are inspirational and your style has me catching my breath each time I pop by!

    I'm a quietly creative soul who has big plans for a little project...I just need to be brave and reach for the stars!

    Ingrid x

  92. A-M! What a stroke of inspiration for this latest blog posting. I can see based on the 90+ comments that you have going (and counting) just how many people love your blog. Please count me as one of them - ever since we met that day in Manly in 2008. Fast bloggy friends. Someday soon I want to show you my home personally. I await your visit!


  93. Hi A-M, I'm Jenny, an Aussie mom of 3 (11,9,6) and I have been blogging for 4 years now, mostly as an expat family enjoying (and enduring lol) living in Indonesia.

    I loved hearing about and seeing images from our home town while we were posted in Jakarta.

    I have been reading (lurking) since before you moved in and love your taste. I can't remember how I found you, but I am very pleased I did!

    We are now back in Brisbane and counting down the days (24!!!!!) until we can leave our rental (dog box) house and move back into our own magnificent home (whose current tenants are filthy....).

    We are on 1.5 acres in the inner north west of Brisbane.

  94. Hi A-M

    You kindly helped me out when I emailed you late last year, asking about the caesar stone you used on your bench tops in your kitchen while renovating ours. We have since finished and am loving it (and the benches, thank you)! I have followed your blog pretty much from the beginning having found it from another. I don't have a blog myself (hope to one day), but so enjoy reading others all over the world. Such a great medium to learn about other cultures,foods,seasons,and most importantly the people! I LOVE your blog - it is the first one I read each day - perhaps because we live in the same city but also I loved reading about your honest account of house building and so love your decorating style. You are witty, talented and a delight to read each day! Thank you for sharing and so look forward to your next project.

    Take care,
    xx Julia

  95. Hi A-M, no idea how I found your blog, but glad I did. I'm a mum of two, I live in a pink fibro house (no gables, no wainscoting, surprising I know) on the south coast of NSW. Have a great break!

  96. Hi A-M,

    I started reading your blog a few months ago. I adore your style and I love your warm and friendly posts. You really inspired me to make my home a nicer place.

    I am a Mum with five kids. I have four boys and I love reading about your boys.

    Thank you for your knowledge!

  97. Hi
    Probably found you through Joni's blog. I am from Austin,Tx and have 3 college kiddos. We spend summer vacation in New England We have remodeled 1l homes... so I thoroughly enjoyed taking the journey with you. Thanks for all of your inspiring stories.

  98. Dear A-M,
    I found you and consequently the world of blogging through Home beautiful magazine. I was inspired and became a daily reader. You have been so supportive of my new blog with your beautiful encouraging comments and I really appreciate you.

  99. Hi a-M:0) well, I found you through bloggy land..on someone's list, I loved your style and your humor and your family so I added you to my list-so I wouldn't miss anything:)
    I'm just a plain girl, prego as you know with our first baby, married to a wonderful and brilliantly crafty man! We just bought our first home a yr ago and are slowly adding our touch to the place. We will prob be done with it around the same time we outgrow it -then we will probably do it again! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  100. Hi A-M. Yours was one of the first blogs I found when I started blogging only a year ago. I was fascinated to read your house adventures, and it was nice knowing you were in Brisbane. As I read through your blog (I did it one full sit-down!) I realised "I know that house!!" - I walk past nearly every day - so I was even more interested in following your story. I'm still a loyal reader, although don't have as much time as I'd like to comment, and can't wait until Cape Cod launches :) Jenx

  101. Hi A-M,
    Great idea getting us all to come out of the shadows...
    About a year ago I bought a handbag through Armchair Trader and as I was telling my friend about the gorgeous way it was packaged (thank you) she introduced me to your blog. I lurked for a while and then became a follower when I realised that I was regularly logging on follow the latest and to seek some inspiration from you. Yours was the first blog that I think I had ever read.
    So a bit about me, I live in Brisbane, having moved here from the UK about five years ago. I have been married for 15 years and we have a wonderful eight year old little girl. We share our Cape Cod home with two crazy cats, lots of music and laughter. I don’t have a blog, but maybe one day.
    Oh, and I came to your the mystery cake giver!
    Thank you for sharing your stories.

  102. Okay then, who am I? Your latest follower, long-time admirer, interior design crazy, Melbourne-ish based Aussie girl! Love you beautiful home and sweet quirky posts. I just started my blog a couple of months back and have been stalking you (and many other gorgeous bloggers) from afar over the last year or so.
    Sooo, in short, I'm Kristine - nice to meet you (kinda...finally!).

  103. Well you know who I am. I live in Tassie with 2 little men and a big one, two dogs in an old well loved house from the 1880's which I am over renovating. I found you as one of the first few blogs when I started this blog journey and I am glad I did.
    Ness xx

  104. Hi,

    I definitely check out your blog on a regular basis. I am infatuated with decorating and find your ideas classy and inspirational. Sometimes I wish I had majored in interior design rather than journalism! ;)

    I think I recall finding your blog off of someone else's blog ... who knows! I appreciate your wit and down-to-earth writing style. Keep up the awesome blogging!

    Jenny in Virginia, U.S.A.

  105. At last! A photo of the gorgeous A-M! I don't remember how I found your blog, it was long ago, when The House was still an empty block. I loved following along as it became the beautiful finished product and envy you your ability to have given it up after all that work (would have been too hard for me). But happily looking forward to the next project as well as the bits of every day life in A-M's world. Hugs from Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

  106. Can't remember how I found your blog but do know that it was an instant hit for my renovator's spirit. Having lived in Cape Cod, the style has a special place in my heart. Travelled around the world, reno'd a few places and always enjoy seeing what others are up to their own projects.

  107. I wonder how you'll 'work' through these 100+ comments :-)
    Anyway, I have been reading your blog for a while (don't remember how I got here in the first place) & not even sure if I ever left a comment...
    I'm Dutch, 41 years old (still... turning 42 tomorrow!), married, an 11 year old son, a Golden Retriever, live in France now (since January this year), arriving from Brazil, where we spent 6 wonderful years! As you can imagine, moving quite often, we live in rental houses, which is challenging I must admit! A rental house had its advantages & disadvantages, but I try to make the best out of it!
    We still have our own house in the Netherlands, which is rented out. If we'll ever move back there? I don't know, time will tell!
    Take care & please keep posting, I really love your stories!!
    Bisous from Versailles, Chantal

  108. Hi A-M, Ive been reading your blog for a while, I just love your style... I am also building a house that I have designed myself. My husband contributes by saying "whatever babe, do whatever you want", extremely helpful, hey!!!
    I am a mum to 4 kids & live in the Hunter Valley, 30mins from Newcastle.Your inspiration pics are divine!!!
    I have a blog called"A dream house for Trish". Thankyou for being such an inspiration.

  109. Hi A-M,
    Looks like you had a great holiday. Loved the pics especially seeing your kids enjoying themselves so much. They seem like true little gentlemen.
    I have been following your blog for quite some time now. Can't remember exactly how I came across it. Possibly via Anna's Absolutely Beautiful Things?
    I'm a health professional wanna be interior designer. Am currently trying to fulfil that desire. I live in Newcastle, NSW. Am child and lizard free. Am hoping to build a house once I obtain a decent block of land - am working hard on that. Have loads of ideas and absolutely loved your house - full of inspiration and it has not dampened my desire to build a house of my own. I got to see building dramas when my parents built what is their dream house 14 years ago. Was living in my apartment but have decided to rent that out so someone else can contribute to paying my mortgage and have moved back 'home' in the meantime.

    No storage issues for me except my magazine collection of the past 15+ years that I refuse to discard - currently residing in my double garage at 'home'.
    I did start a blog this year after deliberating for over 12 months - it's only brand new.
    Love blog posts like these, as I just found Trish's blog who's comment is above mine and lives only 30 mins away from me. Small world.
    Thanks for both your blogs, I enjoy them immensely.

    Sandy K

  110. Hi A-M,

    I am a lurker. I'm too scared to comment, far less have my own blog. I do appreciate those that do put themselves out there though. I've been following your blog for a long time. Almost 3 years I think. I first started when we were looking at knocking down and rebuilding. I have to admit your experiences did put me off more than a little. I really can't remember where I came upon it.

    I am married with 2 children and live in a 1950s house in the western suburbs of Melbourne. We've decided to sympathetically renovate and keep the decorative ceilings and 50s style fireplaces etc. Storage is a constant issue in a house of this era, so I share your angest.

    Thanks A-M for sharing, and for taking the blog into the post house build stage of your life. I always enjoy your warts'n'all entries as much as the glamour shots.


  111. hi there

    i have come across your blog via a link on an essential baby a week or so ago. since then i have been staying up late and reading all of the posts that you have up. it's been like reading a book that you just can't put down. i'm nearly at the end or up to date with your blog now. thank goodness you have archive the earlier posts. i'm so tired, must have an early night and catch up on sleep. then to start on all your favourite blogs...

    like many of your readers i am hoping to renovate and extend our home. although maybe we should knock down rebuild. i want it to be perfect for our family but have no idea how this is going to happen and on our budget. but now that i have found bloggyland i think i can start the journey.

    thank you

  112. Hi A-M
    I found your blog through the lovely Janette at My Sweet Prints and my friend Ann at My Villa Life. I live in Hobart and have been blogging for a month at lifeonplanetbaby. I am a solicitor and a stay at home mum to three children under five. I adore your gorgeous blog and the inspiration it provides. I would be thrilled to be added to your bloggy roll.
    Jane x

  113. Hi A-M,

    I have been reading your blog for quite a long time now - think I came across it via Anna Spiro's blog ABT.

    Sometimes I think that I must be the only 24 year old male who reads your blog! I work as an interior designer at John Croft Design in the valley. My older brother and I actually went to Churchie, too.

    I live at Teneriffe with my partner and am at the very early stages of turning our apartment into something special (I need to keep reminding myself that these things take lots of time AND money...)

    I have been following your journey for a long time now and thought that your house was absolutely gorgeous. I'm not a big lover of contemporary design and was very excited to see someone create something so unique as your house!

    Keep up the blogging - it's always a pleasure to read! Perhaps I will start commenting more often!

    Lloyd x


Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave me a comment. I love hearing from you. A-M xx