Thursday, August 26, 2010


Car windscreen wipers poke through an overnight dump of snow at Mt Hotham in Victoria on August 26, 2010. Around 47 centimetres of fresh snow fell overnight, Hotham's biggest fall since 2003.

I guess it does snow in Australia when it wants to. I need to get me to Victoria and get on some skis!


  1. Na. You need to come to Canada (Calgary) and do some skiing. But you will have to wait till at least November for decent conditions.

    Maybe a trip some where in your future?

    Looks lovely AM, but it doesn't look like Australia.
    I know it snows, but I have never been able to squash that horrible stereo type in my head.
    Living 10 months in Brisbane and Airlie Beach sure didn't help that.


    Will Hosier

  2. I know Will, hard to believe. Oh Canada is on our 'to do' list, I promise. A-M xx

  3. And so late in the season too...there's hope yet!

  4. WOW was the right word and I´ll repeat that: WOW!! :-)

  5. oh I bet when you saw that you were itching to go skiing! ;-)

  6. Oh, A-M,what a striking photo! Brilliant. And I am sooo there, too. Ah, one day when the pixies are a bit older, maybe. J x

  7. Wow - I was up there (Hotham) just a week ago when there was a day or two of just snow, snow and more snow - wish I was there yesterday though when this happened! WOW, WOW, WOW... love the photo - thanks for sharing.

  8. The Adelaide Hills have just about looked like that this week A-M - it's been sooooo icy. Our coldest Winter in 12 years & it feels like it. MOTH's huge wood pile is not what it used to be! This arvo I wore my coat inside for a couple of hours just to keep warm - I felt like a bag-lady.
    Millie ^_^

  9. Not surprised! It's been bloody COLD here this week. Which would be fine if we were at Hotham..great pic..Rachaelxx

  10. What a gorgeous picture! Enjoy the snow!!
    Bisous, Chantal

  11. HI A-M
    I heard/saw this on the news.. and was thinking same.. need to get to the slopes.. although.. haven't been in 20yrs.. imagine the leg pain!! oooh.. ouch,,

    Have a great week xxx Julie

  12. My niece is information officer at Mt Hotham! Guess she'll be busy...

  13. Oh no! It looks just like my life in Ohio!
    Our summer is saying goodbye already, and we can start to fell the coll breeze every night. We don't need the air-conditioner running anymore, only the windows open to feel cool.
    As much as I love Fall, there's always that feeling that Winter is right around the corner.
    Oh no!!!! Again!!!

  14. Got to love Mt Hotham - had a rather fabulous affair with rather fabulous ski instructor from Mt Hotham in my pre husband & children days...... that really does seem as though it was someonelse's life now I look back on it!


    nothing like outing myself on the www

  15. Gee I dunno AM, when I hear its going to be snow on our mountain all I can think is how am I going to get the kids to school?!! Mind you we do have fun on the taboggin on the church slope next door.
    alicia in Victoria but not the highest mountain!!


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