Thursday, September 30, 2010


Images Courtesy Robert Paul

Ok, so the penthouse, here in this apartment complex that we are living in at present, has finally been finished. Yay, hopefully no more broken glass, nails and other life threatening paraphernalia making its way into our ground floor courtyard... from 6 floors up! (we have a little collection of things, we have 'surgically' removed from feet, in our 'dangerous items box'). Rumour has it that the penthouse price tag will be between around 6 million dollars..... I know! ... and they have to use the same feral building entrance (currently in a state of ruin due to muddy booted workmen) as us 'renters'! ... and share our pool... and gym... and herb garden! For 6 million dollars, I'd want my own entrance... pool.... gym.... herb garden.

Same place - close up

... and so I was 'realestalking' last night (as spouses do during the European Soccer Highlights on Foxtel... yawn..... #thethingsyoudoforlove).......look what you get for 6-7 million in Cape Cod!

...and our dollar is sooo good at the moment! ... sigh... any good boy's schools in Cape Cod?


  1. Living in a dream and work hard to fullfil it, A-M? You been there and soon your in the track again.

    I know you'll do it. Believe your instinct.

    Oh yeah... fotty here---fotty there. Hard to cope men's desire. Champion League...Heyyy Hahhh!

    Happy Thursday, gorgeous girl, hope everything goes well downunder.


  2. Your game is better than mine. I use the WSJ real estate section. Force myself to buy only 1 home per page. But the catch is, I have to live in it.

    Makes a huge difference what you choose.

    Crazy stupid & I haven't had time in ages to play.

    Love your Cape Cod 'purchase'.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. Yes, sadly 6 million dollars spent here is so often not worth it. What are our architects doing? What are our councils thinking? We've spent a lot of money on our home but I don't know what to do with the facade - 'federation style' red and cream brick. A little imagination wouldn't have gone astray when it was built.. Beautiful house you've shown.. You belong in Cape Cod I think. Rachaelxx

  4. Excellent value IMO !!! lol

    Seriously, Strathfield NSW (where I grew up) just saw the most expensive house on a suburban block go for $5 mill. You gotta be kidding me!!!!

  5. You're a woman after my own heart...

  6. For 6 million I'd want my own pool, rose garden, gym and butler thanks very much.
    Asking prices like this just make me laugh.
    Tell em their dreaming A-Me

  7. Wowsa!! Heck for $2m here, you could be living in luxury. It's amazing what a penthouse will go for, yIKES, is right. They probably have their own elevator?

  8. Nope, they will be using our elevator, with workmen scuff marks and scratches all over it. I am sorry, but this town is too expensive. No offence Brisbanites.. but really...what's going on with our land/housing prices? A-M xx

  9. AM I have just been chuckling about the stick insect post.
    Before we left we put some stick insect eggs in a jar and forgot about them. Then the adults died and I must admit I was looking forward to not having the ugly enclosure floating around for a while. Then yesterday the darn things started hatching!! I now have two babies. I am not sure if more will hatch but if the boys would like me to send up some eggs I would be happy to.
    We think they are Children's Stick insects.

  10. Dear A-M, I would definately go for the Cape Cod, love your realestate finds.x

  11. Come and live across the road from us A-M, only $975,000 and we have The Armidale School for your boys:) Oh please note, our house is the tiniest and cheapest in our street:( But the one across the road is a LOVELY!! I do love the look of the Cape Cod home...gorgeous:) Hope you are having a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  12. Well A-M, just make sure you buy something huge and palatial like this, to accomodate all your Aussie blog friends who drop in for a visit! But you're right - when we moved here from Sydney twenty years ago, it was so affordable in comparison. It's a totally different story now. Crazy. K xx

  13. For six million dollars I'd want my own land. There's no way I'd be sharing ANY of it. And I'm with you, moving to Cape Cod as soon as that $6 million shows up.

  14. How do we get there??? Love the idea of realestalking....must do me some of that! xv

  15. What happens if the power goes out and you are living in a 6 million dollar penthouse?!!!
    I like my place where 6 million would buy you the whole town!!!!!

  16. Very suitable. Very Kennedy-compound-esque.

    Are you watching this Gillian Armstrong doco on the ABC AM???? Rivetting stuff x

  17. Dearest A-M, I've been a lurker almost since your blog began and have been fascinated by your journey -- not to mention the snaps of your lovely family ; )
    I've gotten a bit bloggish myself of late, do stop by.
    Cheers, Alcira

  18. Buy that house! There are some great private schools on The Cape. And I'm only 4 hours away, we could have great visits!


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