Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How Cool Is This

...looks easy... this modular stuff. No waiting for a roof for 3 months in the torrential summer rains, while your uncontactable building company celebrates their end of year holidays in Tahiti. It all comes in pre-made 'roofed' modules. Instant character!

Love it. 

Pretty as a picture.

Hmmm, modular homes and hubby with a building product import business
...surely they're making these things in China these days?

More HERE :)


  1. Love these pictures. Quite a few of the American bloggies have modular homes and they are beautiful, much nicer than the facade we have. Rachaelxx

  2. Oh yes, the weather...do not get me started about weather and delays right now. ;)

  3. Love the insta-house!! WIsh we could afford it! LOL Such a gorgeous house though, I love the awning shutters!

  4. If we ever move again I would seriously consider building a modular home! I've seen some amazing ones in my travels.

    Kat :)

  5. A very sensible idea A-M, love it.

    Did you catch a Grand Designs episode featuring a Huf Haus?
    Pre-made then assembled on site.
    The German builders took just 7 days to erect the whole house!



  6. This would be as close to instant gratification as you would get building a house! Love it! Hope you are feeling much better. Coffee when school goes back! Ax

  7. That's the best pre-fab I've ever seen. I want one. Would save me 'monster moving' a house with character into the perfect spot. Not that I've got the spot - or the house to move - just yet. But give me time...

  8. Oooh, now there's an idea A-M, I'm sure you'd have lots of takers. So clever, and fast too. And, most importantly, it looks great. K xx

  9. are you kidding me? that is truly fabulous - i think you may have a new venture on your hands.....


  10. How gorgeous...makes it all look so easy! Tracey xx

  11. How absolutely brilliant:) It would make the process so much easier. Although it's not something that will take off here in Perth- people here build double brick homes. Timber framed houses are very unpopular- supposedly because we have a termite problem. I sometimes wonder if it is just a clever marketing campaign by the brick companies lol.

  12. Its great - I went for a further look. The window seats from kitchen cabinets are a good idea.
    I love the Huf-Haus on Grand Designs also.
    What a pity you can't get decent pre-fabs in Australia

  13. Wow, this is exactly what we want to do, we're looking at ModScape, only shipping to the ACT is super expensive. Love Posie

  14. How clever. We desperately need more options here in AUS.

  15. ...so Cape Cod Designs will be doing this style of Mod. house then A-M?? I love it. The finished product is gorgeous.
    Ness xx

  16. I don't know why more homes are not built like this, it just seems to make so much sense.

    BTW I've just sent you an email on this and I'm only mentioning it here because it has web links in it, so might get stuck in email No Man's Land. :)

  17. Now that is AMAZING - definitely going to read a little more...great post!

  18. A-M, looking at the materials, they are the same used here in US, but I had not seen it in its modular shape yet! A 3500 sq. foot house here takes about 9 months to be built, how about over there?


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