Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Boy Heaven

We spent yesterday at the museum. They had a live stick insect display which had my youngest in raptures..... as his favourite living thing on this earth is the stick insect. He even got a whole book on the subject for his birthday. Riveting stuff.

We met a really interesting museum guide who is doing his PhD in Paleontology... small mammals.. so he spends his days digging in caves.... looking for fossilized rodents. My boys were fascinated. They had a very in depth discussion, on the evolution of dinosaurs, bearded dragons, blue tongue lizards and birds, with Mr PhD man. I wandered off and found out the real name for the 'Blue Crayfish' we found in the rainforest... 'The Lamington Spiny Crayfish'... riveting.

We always make a special school holiday trip to our favourite sushi place. Something to look forward to at the end of each term. Tobiko ship ... and make that a double! Just as well it is once a term. Those boys can put it away.

What are you up to these school holidays.... got any great suggestions?  .... they're discussing school holidays over at the Decorating Forum too.


  1. adorable that your boys love sushi!

  2. How sad our lives would be without sushi.
    What's the record number of plates your lads have stacked up A-M?
    It warms my heart to see inquisitive kids enjoying learning.
    A holiday suggestion - a trip tp the library. My two would happily spend hours sifting and reading and getting lost in another world.

  3. A-Mi, 10 plates between the 2 of them yesterday! Off to library again today!... and a thrilling expedition to get a new kettle and iron. Lightning strikes yesterday gave us a surge that blew everything up! A-Me xx

  4. We always try and get a theatre trip booked for the school holidays and will then go to our favourite sushi/japanese place as well. These holidays we went to see The Nutcracker. The museum/art gallery/library is also a firm favourite and we were there last week.
    PS I have finally got around to starting my own blog...

  5. Oh, my son would have killed to be in your boys shoes on this adventure, he loves creepy crawlies. He lives to meet Bear Gryles from the man verses wild series.Enjoy the holidays!!

  6. Precious, precious boys! And you're such a good Mum... I would have had to have said No insects, and NO lizards!!!


  7. Well we did the movies this holidays as so many are out at the moment it was a hard choice but so far we have seen cats and dogs and despicable me which i enjoyed! my boys wont touch sushi but would love to get them to actually experience just one to say that they had actually tried it. a favourite of hubby and mine.

  8. I'm glad your boys had fun with the PhD man :0) I love the look on your little one's face in the photos :)


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