Friday, September 24, 2010


Well, we're back from our rainforest jaunt. We had a wonderful time.

Some serious frog hunting was done.

We found a very rare Fleay's Barred Frog... almost extinct these days... the 'Under 8 Girl Eco Rangers Group' was suitably impressed as they passed by. There were lots of 'eewws' when proudly shown the mornings find. 

We came across a Satin Bower Birds Nest. He was in there tidying up! He collects only bright blue items to decorate his nest and gets very upset if you try to remove anything. Apparently there is an order to his chaos. 

When it rained, as it does in the rainforest, we donned our wet weather gear....

... and climbed trees...

...swung on vines...

.. came across creeks...

....scuttled along creek banks...

.......balanced on rocks...

... in search of this... the rare Blue Crayfish'. 
We put him straight back after we examined him!

When not in the forest, we fed the Crimson Rosellas and King Parrots....

.... played a bit of pool..

.... Uno...

... and watched the sun set.
A glass of red wine and my e-reader (Bill Bryson - "The History Of Nearly Everything"... unputdownable).... the end of a perfect day.

Even on the way home, we had to stop for every Bearded Dragon we spotted.
No we can't keep him, we have 2 already.

Now to work off all the food we ate. Oh the food! It was sensational! :)
So in summary: gained 2 kilos, lost one sock, removed one tick (yep, on me.. it hurt!) and many leeches, totally destroyed one pair of boy's shoes (they were too small anyway), did 3 loads of very dirty washing.... and learnt how to tell from a whip bird's call if "he has a girlfriend".

One more week of school holidays.... so we're going to go to the movies, eat sushi and play in the park.
See you next week!


  1. Those rosellas! In Murwillumbah they would lift the lid of the sugar bowl to get to the sugar inside, eyeing us all the while as if daring us to stop them. Sulphur crested cockatoos too, further south, would take a chip from our hands...

  2. What a fabulous outing. I love that they're wearing matching outfits. Makes for better photos. I'm totally going with that on my next holiday. :-)

  3. our school holidays start tomorrow - lst school day today! I am the kind of mum who loves to have my kids at home so I love the hols! day outings for us but no 'big' holiday until next weinter when we plan to go up north...
    Glad you are feeling better A-M..I feel like I know you although I don't.

  4. Sounds like the perfect holiday for a couple of nature loving boys! We had to enlist the help of Steve Irwin's wildlife warriors yesterday, to help rescue some ducklings from our half-empty pool. They do such a fantastic job. Thought of your boys actually - maybe a job for them in future years?? K xx

  5. Loved the bower bird, was wondering what kind of blue bits he collected? Looks like plastic and buttons. I also love the blue crawfish. Looks like you all had a fantastic great time. Any boy's dream vacation for sure. Heidi

  6. Oh look at the bower bird, he does have a bit of a thing for blue doesn't he! Looks like a great break for the whole family and I agree with you on the book! Cheers :)

  7. boy heaven no less - lucky my husband wasn't with you because he would have been BBQing that poor crayfish before you could utter the words wilderness conservation!


  8. I am sure I heard Tarzan calling as the boys swung from the vines. Looked like a great adventure.
    The E reader sounds interesting. I had a play with a apple ipad the other day and it was very good fun. I s yours one of those?

  9. Looked like lots of mushy fun A-M! Must say my girls would love it - pity their mum is the keep clean type which spoils all their fun - must try and overcome my fear of dirt! Enjoy week 2 of the holidays - we finished up school today so let the two weeks of craziness begin here in Sydney! Leanne xx

  10. What a great place, my boys would love it too.

  11. Love hearing what you and your boys get up to - all sounds so strange and exotic, loved the bird with its blue interior design theme; and then suddenly, Uno - yes, that's something my boys play too! Hope you are feeling better xx

  12. Heidi, the blue bits the Satin Bower Bird collected consisted of blue bottle caps, plastic and metal, blue straws, blue mentos wrappers and any piece of blue paper he could find. Before we left, the boys left one of their little blue origami cranes just outside the nest. We hope he chooses to use it! The M's - my e-reader is the Sony one, the touch pad one, smaller (easier to hold, more compact) than the Kindle and more functions than the Kobo (have to click a button to turn the page with the Kobo)... just love it.

  13. awww i've been up there a few times, glad you all had a lovely time. I must admit that i hate the drive it freaks me out ! Gorgeous once you are there though :) enjoy the rest of the hols xx

  14. Sounds like the perfect holiday with a little bit for everyone - good food for you, frogs and critters for the boys, and games for the whole family.

  15. What a fabulous adventure. I bet the boys had a fantastic time with all those critters to check out. You have to love a bird that decorates it's nest- that is so cute. Glad to have you back in the land of internet though:)


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