Monday, September 13, 2010

Reptile Party

We waited for what seemed an eternity for our guests........

.... and Ranger Fiona, who gave us a wonderful wildlife talk.

This is 'Gripper', Fiona's Bearded Dragon. He's much bigger than our Nigel and Brian. Fiona told us that ours will be that big very soon. Can't wait for that.

Everyone had a pat and a cuddle.

He was very tame and even smiled for the camera.

We listened very intently to what Ranger Fiona had to say....

....and we were very gentle with our touch.

We used our manners.....

.... and got up real close....

... really close.... shudder...

Even our little cousin was super brave.

Everyone was brave....

... with some coaxing and reassurance.

There is an animal under all those hands ..... a bandicoot!

We even got to see a Tawny Frogmouth up real close!

.... and in the mottled shadows, we blew out our candles on our snake cake... lovingly made by 'Tarboon' (Carmen, our old nanny, who has made every one of our birthday cakes over the past 7 years!)

Our cousins were the last to leave...

.. so we had lots of cuddles.

Say Cheese!


  1. Looks like they had a ball. Lucky boys you have. If I were you I would have leapt to the other side of the park when the snakes came out... I did at Taronga Zoo - seeing my boy entwined was rather more than I could take! Interesting that Ranger Fiona brings a bandicoot - hope that's not the snake snack.... See I am paranoid!

  2. What a perfect party, the kids look so happy! So nice to see a qualified ranger sharing the animals with the kids. Can I have the same for my next birthday? Love reptiles..Rachaelxx

  3. These are going to be lovely memories for your children A-M. x

  4. I didn't know you could have a reptile party? What a unique idea. Looks like everyone had fun! ;-)

  5. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous party pics.
    Did you hold the snake too A-M?
    I swear the lizard is performing for the camera, what a ham!
    Beautiful memories here for your 'now 8' young man.

  6. No snake holding for me. When that big one came out, that was my cue to tend to the sausage sizzle! A-M xx

  7. Hi A-M I was showing my son these images this morning and guess what he wants for his birthday - no not a snake we had one of those in the backyard yesterday. A reptile party, great idea I say. Have a wonderful week Sandy x

  8. What a great idea, a reptile party! I wish they had reptile parties when my boys were your boys age. The boys cousins are so cute! Mimi x

  9. Wow, haven't parties changed since we were kids! They look like they all had an incredible time!

  10. What a fantastic birthday party! A reptile party. Your boys have all the fun ideas. Sounds like everyone was really brave and in awe of the treasures that Fiona brought with her. What a lovely day! Happy birthday to your son A-M!


  11. Looks like a fab day was had by all. I think you would have found me "tending to the sausage sizzle" the entire party though; reptiles just scare the life out of me. Have a great week x

  12. That looks like so much fun for reptile fans! Hope you continue to have a special week. Emma.xx

  13. THat looks brilliant A-M, bet they had heaps of fun! jx

  14. Looks like fun! they were indeed brave..snakes..that big! ai! LOL That sure is a cute looking bunch in the last photo :0) I'm glad ya'll had a great time!

  15. Wow, what a fantastic party idea! I might suggest that for my next sons birthday - youngest will be 6 in January, he would looove this! Until Saturday night, I didnt even realise that we have bandicoots here in Australia. While patting my son to sleep on the camping mats in his bedroom (he was having a friend sleepover) something ran over my arm and scared the life out of me... We were out of that room so fast, a few minutes later my husband had caught what I thought must have been a huuuge mouse, but no, it was a bandicoot!!! Just one of the perks of having the bush nextdoor!!
    Hope you have a great day,
    Laura currie xx

  16. Oh, my goodness, A-M! Tell me that's not ahead. At the moment we have the dinosaur obsessed 4 year old. I can just cope with that as they're extinct. But the whole reptile thing! Shudder. Anyway, you are such a good mummy arranging this - he will never forget it. Bravo you! J x

  17. They all look like they had such a great time. What a great idea for a boy's birthday party. And by having it in the park- you don't have to worry about your house. Glad it all went so well:)

  18. They are great photos, it must have been a perfect day. How great to get a ranger and animals along for the party, good thinking A-M! Looks like lots of fun was had by all, although I would have been steering clear of that snake - ekkkkkk!

  19. The photo's are fabulous. My little boy had a reptile party last year, the children really enjoyed getting up close to all the snakes and lizards, I even held a snake!!

    Enjoy your week.

    Katena x

  20. Perfect! Now I know who to call to remove the 2 visitors who have set up camp under my air conditioner..... Even better, they can come and live at your place! :)Sharyne

  21. A-M those smiles are fantastic and that cake! Great job at matching your backdrop of the trees! Could see you were thinking of me! Hehe! Happy Birthday to your gorgeous boy. Leanne xx

  22. hello A-M,
    gosh now you have started dauhter recon that must have been the coolest party ever! hugs Colette

  23. Happy birthday to your gorgeous boy! Looks like the perfect party for him and his friends. What a great idea. Beautiful photos of the cousins together x

  24. Looks like a typical Australian Birthday party - I noticed the men holding beers in the background of one shot... What a fabulous day they had & the lolly boxes look fantastic - great idea.


  25. Your boys are so sweet, lovely photos. Boy 2 went to a party like that once, of course I had to leave because I knew what was coming (snaks) my phobia and all! XX


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