Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This Is Good

...real good.

It's not that I don't have the time to cook... confession... I don't really like cooking that much. Necessary evil in my books. Paralysed with fear if I have to entertain... but sufficient skills to keep the children alive. So that's good..... right?

Dietetics does not guarantee a love of cooking, cooking skills...... or Dietetics for that matter!  Maybe that's why I abandoned my previous career.....those reasons.... and Queensland public hospitals...blah...(although UK ones aren't much better).... don't get me started (the science was interesting though.. I do still love having my knowledge base!).... waffling..

I have cooked something from this book every day for the past 2 weeks... family is loving me. Still don't like cooking... but thank you 'Donna' for helping me spice it up a bit.....and quickly.
Love Donna Hay. Genius business woman. Maybe visiting her shop would inspire me to like cooking?

I so envy people who like cooking. How do you 'make' yourself like cooking? Any suggestions?
PS. You'll never guess who 'didn't' watch one episode of Masterchef! :o


  1. cooking if fun depending on what the end product is gonna be..that's how i get myself to cook LOL..if I cook - i eat , haha ...I do get bored though with the same meals week after week, gotta spice it up more :0)

  2. How do you make yourself like cooking? Really good ingredients helps - not having to do it all the time helps - teaching kids how to is fun...

    Anything palls if you do it day in, day out~

  3. I only watched the last half of the last season of Masterchef - but I did fall in love with it..I love cooking. Maybe if you try cooking something just for fun or a treat instead of only cooking at mealtimes? Might work..Having lovely cooking gadgets and utensils can make it more interesting too. Let us know how you go..Rachaelxx

  4. Love Donna Hay! Have tried heaps of her recipes over the years and never had a single failure. The thing I have found about cooking is the more my family enjoy my efforts and the more positive comments I receive - the more I ENJOY cooking. I usually attempt to try out one completely new recipe a week. It's fun deciding "what" that will be and gathering the ingredients together. Keep up the good work - your family will look forward to seeing what tasty morsels you have come up with! :)Sharyne

  5. I am really really really into cooking and I didn't watch one episode of Masterchef either.

    I think I find it therapeutic to do all the repetitive movements etc.

    Plus I love to read cookery writers, especially the really good ones who have had interesting lives like Elizabeth David and Nigel Slater so that is also inspiring.

    And finally, an appreciative audience also can help gee you along.


  6. I'm with you A-M. Detest being in the kitchen. Just the thought of cooking a meal, exhausts me. lol.

    I firmly believe you've got it in you or you don't. Definitely the latter for me! lol

    Might take a look at that book though....anything that can make the ordeal easier to bear. Haha.

  7. Well AM i did cook a lot of dinner parties in the 80s when it was all teh rae and releid heavily on the WW cookbooks with the pretty pictures of the end results. now i have streamlind a bit and ventured into other territories with Maggie Beers books, the good Nigella Lawson, even resorted to the 4 ingredients cookbook at times but a tip - if you read a cook book like a story book then you do become inspired to start. Baking is my favourite though - i love the preciseness of the measurements, not a bit of this and a bit of that, that confuses me! my son's 18th party went very well with me doing the catering and everyone raved over the fingerfood! happy cooking, Cathyxx

  8. Inviting friends for dinner once a week - that makes me enjoy the process.. being a stylist, of course I set the table first, ...then decide what to cook!
    A beautifull set table really makes you want to add the meal to finish it off...
    hugs Colette (Afrique du Sud)

  9. Araid I'm over it.
    In the early days I loved cooking and enjoyed entertaining. Even considered training as a chef.
    But alas now I will do anything including bribery, to avoid making dinner.
    Re yesterdays post, I vote dark benchtops, against light cupboards...beautiful.
    Have experienced both light and dark benchtops and dark charcoal is going in the next house. Love it.

  10. I didn't watch masterchef either
    A-M - I hate cooking at home. I do it for a career and love it when I'm at work, maybe it's the fact that people pay me to eat my food that spurs me on, Secretly I would eat take away every night if I could!!! I guess I just associate cooking with working. I know Donna is always a great help at home though! have a great day...Lisa xx

  11. I love cooking, why you ask? Because I find it relaxing, I guess you need confidence there, also because I love seeing my family & friends enjoy what I've created. It's how I show them I love them and that's such a great feeling.

    Another great book is Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Companion - it is Alphabetised by ingredients! So you have some fennel bulbs in the fridge, look up fennel and there's a whole array of ingredients that go with fennel and recipies to try.

    It's been my saviour!

  12. Oh, ditto and ditto. Really don't like cooking and did not watch one episode of masterchef! Luckily I have a husband that loves to cook... the thing with cooking that gets me down is the deciding what to have, getting organised enough to have all the ingredients and then when you get home from work, having the energy to actually do the cooking... however I might take a look at this cookbook... it may solve at least the "time" part of my whinge! :)

  13. Love this book too A-M, and I thought I was the only non-Masterchef watcher in Oz! Unless the food is going to miraculously appear on my dining room table, I'm just not interested. Donna is a genius and manages to write books that help the rest us mere mortals look like we know what we're doing! K xx

  14. Don't enjoy cooking, never have, never will. Just can't relate when people say they find cooking relaxing. My worst nightmare is getting a note home from school announcing a shared lunch and my name is down to provide something savoury (I'll provide it but it won't be very 'savory'). I always feel a jealous pang when reading in magazines how the home owners designed the kitchen with the hours of cooking for their many dinner guests in mind.
    I'm sure my dislike of cooking stems from the fact that as a child my Mum never let me do the fun stuff in the kitchen. I got to stir the cheese sauce till my arm nearly dropped off while she glazed the carrots or layered the lasagne - you know,the fun stuff.

  15. Oh, A-M! You crack me up. I was given this book and ogled it but whilst there is 'no time to cook', so far in our house, it's been 'no time to read it'! Better haul it out again - thanks for reminding me! J x

  16. For a few years I tried to MAKE myself love cooking - and thought buying every little gadget and small appliance from Williams-Sonoma would help. It didn't. I still don't enjoy cooking much, but at least I have good equipment should I change my mind! The obstacle for me is I hate messing up my kitchen!

  17. Try it with a glass of wine! ;-)

  18. Have you seen that movie about Julia Child. Julia and Julie. I enjoyed it, my husband fell asleep though. I do enjoy baking for my boys, but dinner everynight for all different tastes is a challenge.

  19. I absolutely love cooking and find it terribly relaxing to have some quiet time in the kitchen chopping, mixing and tasting.

    I think having to produce meals for disinterested toddlers can kill the love so perhaps it's the appreciation I like?! I also only like to cook the things I enjoy eating so have never cooked a pavlova as I just don't like them so it could also be a little about eating too!

    I have a huge appetite for Masterchef but I think that could be my addictive television personality (I blame my childhood - black and white TV and only ever the ABC so I have no crap filter!)

  20. how to love cooking - decide to spend the day doing it...maybe once a month. Being pressed for time takes the fun out of it( now that I'm working 4-5 day s a week instead of two half days)Can't believe you don't like it yet had a gorgeous butler's pantry and kitchen in last house????

  21. I tend to enjoy cooking more when I'm doing it because I want to not because I have to quickly whip something up for tea. Love Donna Hay - her recipes are always nice and easy to follow and I love admiring all the gorgeous styling on the pages of her books - don't have the book you've shared though so will have to hunt down a copy for myself :)

  22. I am so glad you asked this question!!

    I love love love to cook, because as everyone already knows, Food is Love and Feeding People screams I Love You!

    I do not find it onerous because after a hard day at the Coalface actioning legal advice I long for some mindless repetition- I find stirring, chopping and all aspects of cooking soothing and restorative-essential really in times of stress or anxiety.

    I also like the taste and look of delicious food and I love the way my home smells while things are being baked braised steamed or fried.

    Maybe it's a mindset thing A-M?

    Well done and Good luck with your journey!

  23. Oh wonderful advice here! What I do know is when I do achieve a nice meal and have happy, grateful lads as a result... it does warm my heart.... mindset FF? ... oh yes sir-ee! my Mother hated cooking.. nuff said?! Will try doing 'the day thing' more... I do agree it is a confidence thing too.... and I like the wine idea.....more of that and maybe some soothing music?! Will forge on.. I have 2 growing, forever-hungry lads as my motivation! A-M xx

  24. Cant help you with that one ~ I hate cooking with a passion. So much so that my husband does all the cooking because he is very good at it. So why spoil the balance by me trying to be interested I say!

  25. Dear A-M
    I think to enjoy cooking, one has to have shopped well, allowed onself sufficient time to cook and be prepared to do the cleaning up. I enjoy cooking for dinner parties but the day to day cooking can sometimes pose too great a challenge. I generally find that there is a direct relationship between the degree of care one puts into a family dinner and the likelihood that it will be rejected. Vegetables? Yech. Tofu? Double yech. Even the most calm and well organized mother (neither of which I am, sadly) finds the multi-tasking of cooking dinner, supervising homework and dealing with the 5pm tanties rather daunting. So, A-M, you are not alone. However, do try something frivolous like a crumble or a lemon delicious pudding when you aren't feeling pressed. It gives one an amazing feeling of accomplishment.

  26. I reckon I'd be a lot thinner if I didn't like cooking. If I had my time over again, I would never learn how. Stay thin by cooking as little as possoble A-M.


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